Saturday, 29 March 2014

Getting Started: PHR Unit Overview

Well hello everyone Joe here and my first ever blog post.
Before I jump straight to the PHR, here is a little on me. I've been here from the beginning of Dropzone from the very first salute show, where if memory serves me right (scratches head) that the Hawk team had a preview of a good range of stunning models for each faction, mainly the dropships. Team Hawk were at this stage still completing the rules set, which to be honest I didn't think was going to be as good as it turned out to be.
So from then I got a call from my local gaming store saying team Hawk have got Dropzone on the shelf and are running demos all day, get down here ASAP! So loaded on excitement I got a demo game of UCM vs Scourge under my belt, and then left the store with a PHR starter set and a rule book signed "to Joe you big loser" by Hawk David.

For UCM, Scourge, Shaltari and Resistance overviews just click

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bring me a base line

The first bass propelled motor vehicle

For this post I have decided to give the penetrating questions and tactica a miss and instead will be brining some more pics of my WIP Scourge, most specifically their bases (hence the incredibly a
amusing title to this post...). My Shaltari were my first army, and as such my first real crack at painting 10mm models. I am very happy with the way they have turned out but feel that their bases lack a little (even with painted roads on a few). As I don't have a time scale I need to stick to (as I have a full army to play with already) I thought that I would take a little more time on the painting, modelling and basing of my Scourge.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Getting Started: Expanding From The UCM Starter

Mega Mike back again for part 2 of the UCM tactia.
Mad MS paint skillz!!

Part 1 is here if you want to check it out

So you have bought the UCM starter, it's all glued together and you've played a couple of highly enjoyable games - I bet you have had some really close battles! You want more, but what should you get? 

To start with, I'd suggest expanding to 1000 points (well 999 really). This stays within Skirmish level and is not too expensive (money wise) to jump from starter to 1000 points. The UCM starter set, with missiles on all the condors, comes in at 557 points. Therefore you have 443 - 473 points to play with (missiles can be removed to free up 10, 20 or 30 points if required). 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

March release round up

Brand new shiny toys for our dirty little fingers!
Another month has raced past us, with time almost willed forward by the many impatient DzC fans out there waiting for the next Hawk update (myself included, and my over-inflated sense of self importance makes me think that we definitely affected the physics of time in some way). Well wait no longer! On the 14th as many predicted were given our prize, the line of numbers for the newest 4 units; the Birdeater, the Fireblade, the Helios, and the Ravager.

One thing I have enjoyed about this release is that we haven't been expecting the next 'big unit'. There was no Hades, Caiman or Eagle on the horizon and instead what we have been left with is four solid alternative choices which fit snugly into their respective race lists.

I will also reinforce the point that they are all good and seem pretty balanced as well. As quiet as the release may feel I think it is possibly the best since Christmas, as it expands the armies very evenly and will go towards making lists even less similar.

Anyway, lets get down to business!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Getting Started: UCM Unit Overview

can I get a ‘hoo-rah?’
Edited: 6th May 2014 to include Fireblades
Updated 10th July 2015 to include Phoenix, Mortar teams and other errata changes

Good day to you all, today I want to talk about the UCM – the good guys. In this post I will go over the army and the units that comprise it.
I will follow that with how to expand from the starter set, followed by battle group synergy and advanced tactics. 

I started off playing UCM way back in October 2012, just after the game was released and all because of the Archangel models. I loved them – they are so sleek and menacing. I have grown my collection to probably more than 4000pts and I still don’t own any Scimitars (you will see why later) - I do now have a pair!   

Obviously this is will all based on my experiences and opinion, which is neither right or wrong………..but I am right. 

For Scourge, Shaltari, PHR and Resistance overviews, you are in the wrong place!! Just kidding, click on their names!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How much is too much?

Does this man have too many guns, or just enough?
As anyone who has played this game will know, Dropzone Commander is a game of balance. Unlike other wargames there are certain parameters within your army that must be filled; anti-tank, anti-air and enough infantry to win you the game. This particular balance is part of what draws most of the gamers in, as it forces people to field a very even spread of units. The question I pose is: is it possible to 'spam' units and remain competitive, and if so, should it be?

Friday, 7 March 2014

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Aw, it's just a Fast Mover...

The new resistance Fast Mover in full swing
Hawks thought process when they first started developing the idea for Fast Movers must have been one full of excitement. The prospect of cinematically calling in air strikes and having 27th century sci-fi jets flying around the board, taking out aircraft and being intercepted by a foe's fighter is, to be honest, pretty damn awesome and also something that more or less all war gamers cannot offer. Having the ability to create something so swish and fresh from the very foundations of your game is something well established games just don't have the freedom to do.

So want went wrong?

Sunday, 2 March 2014


Arachnawesomebia – The completely justified fear of a totally awesome badman spider.

The release of the Tarantula was widely seen as a blessing to us Shaltari players; finally, we would be able to bust some armour instead of simply shinning elaborate gaus torches at it! Sometimes when models and rules are released it can end up turning out that what reads well doesn't actually play well, and even sometimes what reads badly plays well (like the unloved Yari). From the couple of games I have been using this adorable model I am happy to say that it is ticking both boxes! Not only does it read well but it seems to be getting it done on the business end of things too.