Monday, 30 March 2015

Now That's How You Command People's Attention!

Now here's a commander who knew how to grab attention
We were teased with words before Christmas. We were teased even harder when the models were displayed, but with very little information. We and were even teased as to when the rules were going to be released (Hawk you said today, but not at lunch time? That's just mean).

Friday, 27 March 2015

OB Podcast Episode 5.5: Robotnik Vs Sonic

It may be a little late, but it is finally here! We finally get to see Mike and Ed duel it out in a fight to the death, clothed only in chainmail and armed with nowt but sharpened spoons!

Wait, what? That didn't happen? Balls. Guess you'll have to make do with our latest podcast instead.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Q:Falcons or Scimitars? A:Falcons and Scimitars

With the new errata being devoured by hungry wargamers, Dropzone Commander feels like a new game. I don't say this lightly! 
It's an amazing feeling. I wasn't getting bored of the old game (pre-errata) and it wasn't stale, but the errata breathes new life into units that I thought I'd never use, or never use again, and in turn - it changes the game. 

With just a few simple tweaks and points increase here a decrease there the budding UCM general can happily go to his units and legitimately choose ANY of them to play with. 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Losing the High Heels

Do you feel lucky punk?
You may have noticed that fairly ironically after our 100th post, declaring that we going stronger than ever earlier in the week, that we haven't posted anything since... Well, between general life stuffs and waiting on a few things (five to be exact...) we have been a little light on posts.

So, what better time to tell you about the pain staking, almost-not-worth-it conversion I have done on my Annihilator!

Monday, 16 March 2015

100 and Counting...

“Guys. Hey guys! Can you believe it? We reached it. We finally reached it! The peak of Mount Century. It only took us a year. Well, a year and month. And it was all easy climbing. Well, mostly easy... Alright, we may not have planned our way up thoughtfully enough, or packed enough provisions for the long journey (leading to the unfortunate cannibalism of GetToDaDropship. Thank god we brought the BBQ sauce). Vast snow slides may have knocked us for six, leaving the group in such a state we didn't know what to do, or even broken down into fights over who was going to go on first watch, but we did it. We reached the first peak- That's right, first peak. I thought I said... I didn't mention this was the beginning? Oh well, we've started now, we might as well keep going...”

We've hit another milestone people, one that thousands of blogs dream to achieve; this is our 100th post! It seems kind of mad that we have had enough material to write and talk this much about a single game, but there you go. Call us what you will- Enthusiasts, Fanboys, Champions of Geek- but we have enjoyed every second of our climb, and judging by the response we have had, especially over the last six months, all you beautiful readers have too!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

How You Torment Me

"No way, we actually get to shoot some troops this game? Yeehah!"
“A sudden change in the winds of DzC is causing mechanics to clash against one another, creating an unsuspecting spark. This spark is buffeted around in the gales of meta and catches something, an unsuspecting gamer, which lights an ember within him. Slowly but surely this ember burns brighter and brighter, and becomes an inferno within the vessel!”

This is how a bard may have spun the tale of flame weapons becoming a little more useful, and myself deciding to give them a go (pre-FAQ I will add). Although these days we would just probably write something like;

“Flame weapons? Eh, they're alright, I'll give 'em a go, although I don't expect anything special mind you.”

This is all a bit vague and wordy, so let me actually explain what the hell I'm talking about. After Invasion I decided to give generally unloved units in the Scourge army a little more attention, with the aim of finding possible undiscovered uses for them and also for fun. I have always been a little sceptical of flame units in general, so decided to use this opportunity to use some Tormentors, and critique both them and how flame units stand in the current meta at the same time.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

OB Podcast Episode 5: What da FAQ?!

This whole FAQ thing has kicked up quote a sand storm in the desert of the DzC meta, so we decided to take a deeper look into the whole thing! For those who need our thoughts on everything in not only a visual medium (see here!) but an audio one too, this is the podcast for you! Also we have a brand-new-hush-hush-secret to tell you... it might be to do with a show model this year...

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Getting Started: Resistance Unit Overview

I think enough time has passed and enough games have been played so we can take a proper look at Dropzones newest faction - The Resistance. 

In this post, much like we've done with UCM, PHRScourge and Shaltari, I will go through each unit and describe some pros and cons in their use. 

The Resistance are quite unique in their design, firstly you can choose to be either Allied or Feral, with each side getting specific command cards to use. Also, the Resistance don't have much in the way of Dropships. This might sound strange in a game called Dropzone Commander. 

How am I supposed to get to the 'Dropzone' without dropships?! Well, if you read on you will find out

Friday, 6 March 2015

Just the FAQs mam, just the FAQs...

Brucey Dubyah is obviously a UCM player, just look at that grin
Aren't Hawk kind to us. Not only have they given us four new commanders, and the rumour of new units to come, we now have a new set of updates for both current rules and units! What is even better about these changes is that I can't spy a single bad one! That isn't to say that some aren't going to frustrate people, but hey, some good things had to end. Anyway, let's get down to what team OB think (and I will be speaking on behalf of all us chaps).

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beautiful Blotz Buildings Become Board

Hello fellow enthusiasts today I will be showing off my work-in-progress board. The premise behind the board will be for 4 versatile 2'x2' sections. What I mean is, that they can be positioned in multiple ways. This leads me on to my first problem - designing a map, or many maps that will work. The designing of the layout will have to wait though; as I need to buy the roads and lay them out to see where they will go.  
The 4 2'x2' sections will be hardboard with some 20mm thick insulation foam. This will give the board some depth.