Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Winter Invasion 2017 Round-up

Laughing, whining, celebrating, commiserating, agreeing, arguing, queries, answers, smells, worse smells, air-con, less smells, sounds, silence, dice, luck, swearing, eating, drinking, conversing, hugging, more hugging, more hugging, restraining ordering, contemplating, calculating, spending, boasting, sulking; the list of activities which took place over the weekend of the 28th & 29th January could go on and on, although I have run out of suitably descriptive words, so maybe it actually can't.

Winter Invasion, that's of course what I'm referring too! As is always the case, the OB boys landed (no walk on grunts in this force, we strictly travel by dropship; it's built into our cost) in the war zone of Croydon bearing our war grimaces, primed and ready for the ensuing two days of battle. Well, most of us were, I was instead deployed in a 'war reporter' type role, as I wasn't in the mood for a tournament but did want to re-engage with the community and Hawk Wargames.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Is the Broadsword getting some Flak?

Good morrow avid readership.

It is I, Lord MegaMike, back to regale you with stories of artistry and war......

Almost an age has slipped past since (as some of you longer-term readers may remember) I was reviewing the newer units from Reconquest Phase 2.

The Broadsword was one of the units that I was not immediately smitten with. Well good news - I have grown to like it. So much so that I have even painted it.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

January 2017 Errata, FAQ and Tournament Pack Review

The entrance to Hawk's Botanical Gardens
BuuzzzzzBuuzzzzzBuuzzzzzBuuzzzzz-Buhh?-BuuzzzzzBuuzzzzz-Just 5 more weeks- BuuzzzzzBuuzzzzzBuuzzzzzBuuzzzzz-Fine, fine, I'm up! Tech Boy, did you set this thing wrong? It's only meant to go off when Hawk get some Zone content out! Oh, they have? Hang on, how long have I been asleep? 3 MONTHS?!? Alright lads, time to get up. Oh, Mike's up already, and Bethany's bed looks hardly slept in; Joe, don't worry about it, you lay in for another 4 months and dream of fantastical posts which will never happen.

I wouldn't have called what's been happening here a total black out, cryo-sleep stylz, more that of a prolonged hibernation (the bear is the OB spirit animal, in more ways than you could possibly realise). It's no secret that nothing has happened in Dropzone Commander since, realistically, June, and we had been pretty much scraping the barrel for content which wasn't negative (read R:P2 release reviews...), and that was made even harder by the delay in DfC!

But, butbutbut BUT, there is content! Not strictly new content persay but instead the trifecta of rules updates; an errata, an FAQ and a glossy new tournament pack. That's right, a 2017 tourney pack at the beginning of the year! Before Invasion!

I've had a thorough read through the three, so shall we walk hand in hand (yes that much touching is necessary, and no gloves, I want to feel your greasy palms on mine) through Hawk's Botanical Gardens, where all rules are grown and nurtured? Of course we should, now stop pulling away and link fingers with me!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Rise of the Phoenix

Title and pic is a bit overly dramatic

Basically, I'm playing UCM again, and I'm taking them to Invasion at the end of this month. Mainly because there is not a lot of love for them, they are the perennial underdog.

I'm not sure in the current meta (do I even know what it is at the moment??) that the UCM are that effective, hey ho, I'm taking them anyway. I'm going in.....