Friday, 30 May 2014

Getting Started: Shaltari Deployment Part 1

Good day fellow, er... Droplodites? Dropzonites? Dropzonians? Dropzonians will do for now! It is tactica-o-clock again, and this time I will be looking into the finer points of Shaltari deployment. I have mentioned many a time in the past, just how tricky it can be to get things right when using our spinney friends, so I am here to help as best I can!

In this guide I will bring up a few key points, and discuss the importance of each one. It's time to prepare your note pads kids!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Mayhem 2014

Let the games (and the funk) begin!
Some of you may be shocked and amazed to hear, that it is not only Dropzone that your friendly OB team play! In fact, before the first rumblings of Hawk producing our much loved masterpiece were heard, our club were very much Warhammer players!

Yes, that may be a dirty word to some now, but never the less most off us continue to play the flawed masterpiece. Why do I bring this up on a DzC blog you may ask? Well, I thought it worth sharing the a few pictures of our Biannual tournament which has just passed, the Mayhem!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

To Prowl Or Not To Prowl?

We're coming for your women and pancakes!
So far my journey in the Dropzone universe has been limited to the Shaltari. Since we first started playing as a club, the rainbow hedgehogs have been my army of choice, due to a mixture of limited finance, love of the models and the stubbornness to want to master them. I now stand on the edge of change though, and although I love my Shaltari I am thoroughly looking forward to it!

The Scourge present a whole new style for me play with; I play my Shaltari mostly on the counter, coiled like a Cobra ready to strike at the first weakness. Scourge however are the polar opposite, and play like a cheese-grater to the face (this metaphor may not be as poetic as the first, but I'm sure you'll agree it fits).

Sunday, 11 May 2014

It's Orbital Monorail Laser time!

This needs no explanation
A little earlier this week the much anticipated rules scenario rules for the Monorail and Orbital laser terrain packs were released, so I thought I would take a little time to go over them and give my thoughts! We were one of the lucky ones who were at Salute, and picked up a Monorail for the club. It is almost fully painted now (I've popped some pics below), and we have been chomping at the bit to use it!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Battered and Knackered: How to.

AA has no respect for a fresh paint job. 

Lets face it, war makes everyone involved a little smelly, a little dirty and often leaves nasty chips. But all too often we leave our models painted in stunning and pristine fresh off the line schemes. Sometimes though you just want to add a bit of grit. Here's my tutorial on how I do mine.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Yo ho ho green Scourge

Mega Mike here, and I'm taking a break from UCM for a bit (I say that, but I'll probably still be playing them loads - they are just too fun to put down) to concentrate on Scourge.
A few of the Orbital Bombardment team will be high-tailing it to Croyden this Saturday for Heroes and Legends Dropzone Commander tournament. SkullSword will be testing out his Smurf Blue UCM and Edchopp with be bringing the pain with his red UCM. I want to see these to fight - Red vs Blue!! I will be taking my newly developed Scourge and guess what, they are green!  

That's my sweetcorn eating days over!

I have been playing Scourge for about a month now and they are a completely different animal to the UCM. It is an understatement to call them fast, but with it they are fragile, so so fragile. You know if you get hit something invariably dies. Staying out of sight is absolutely crucial to staying alive (ha, ha, ha, ha, staying alive, staying alive.....sorry couldn't resist)

Monday, 5 May 2014

UCM: Jack of all trades; Masters of WIN

Me again, popping up to say hi and delivering the third part of my UCM tactica. In case you missed parts 1 and 2 they are here;

Part 1: UCM Getting Started
Part 2: Expanding from the UCM starter

Pass me the PHR can opener

This time I will be focusing on battle-group synergy and list building. I will get on to deployment strategies later. Now obviously it is all based on my gaming experience and how I play, which is quite aggressively. Sometimes I try to be cautious, but it just doesn't suit me.