Friday, 28 October 2016

Space… Where no one can hear you curse your dice

Time for us here at OB towers (in Orbital Bombardmentonville) to hand over the reigns for a guest blogger. We have heard from him before......... it's non other than our south coast talon Mr Michael Russell.

So without further glittering of the faeces, enlighten us in the ways of Dropfleet Mr Russell

Oh, I got my dispatch notice today (Friday 28/10/16) So happy!!

Someone's been busy with his Admiral pledge
With the skies beginning to darken as invasion fleets around the world are arriving at their destinations it seems time to get a few words out regarding this phenomenon.

After having managed to get a few games in with the starter fleets, one or two larger games and doing a whole lot of reading it was decided that I’d be the perfect candidate to write (another) blog post for Orbital Bombardment mostly because I was stupid enough to make a throw away comment taunting the illustrious Mega Mike so here it is in all its gory glory.

Now that is a BIG box of goodies
I’m mainly going to focus on my impressions of the game so far and what I’ve experienced from my models and reading of the book so if you’re looking for a full write up of what’s out there that’ll no doubt come later.

So without further ado, let’s hit the launch button on this warzone destined post.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Always Against The Grain

I can't help it guys. There's just something inside that forces me to do things differently to everybody else. By striving to be unique though, I often tend to make things difficult for myself (and everyone else around me, after I begin the whining that is sure to come). I've been told I play life on Hard mode, and it's probably true, I'm a gluten for punishment. Yum, punishment. The Scourge are finally in a better place, although those of you who have listened to the latest Podcast will know we think they are far from being fixed, but I just find myself yearning for something a little different. I did experiment with Resistance briefly (although it was a failed experiment, and was aborted early) just to break up my gaming a bit. I love you Jellys, but I think we should see other people for a while.

Hogs then.

Before you start thinking "Oh yeh, hard mode yeh, with the broken Shaltari, real hard." I have my own morals and benchmarks which are dictating my list builds. For a start, I've never liked lists harshly inclined towards demo, a little is fine, but a lot is sure to take the jam out of not just my opponents doughnut but mine also. It's just such a dull way to play the game! This opinion scores a hard line through a multiple Caiman and Ocelot build. Next up is Infantry; I still believe four is optimal for the Hogs, so no taking just three Pungari for me. Coming in hot from Scourge it's hard to go cold turkey on CQB, so Firstborns are a must for every list. Lastly, in order to avoid the greatest of hypocrisy, no Panthers. I'm whiny enough as it is, and we can't be subjecting my opponents through two hours of why the unit is bullshit.

Monday, 10 October 2016

OB Podcast Episode 17: Out Of Hibernation parts 1 & 2

The titans have slept for what seems like a thousand years, but an unknown voice causes them to awaken, and as they stand the rust caking their joints cracks and shatters, causing orange rain to fall down onto those below. It's lucky OB Towers came with umbrellas (branded brollys of course), so us boys don't get covered in that rusty, rusty rain and ruin our lovely grey t-shirts.

Look, I'm not doing a very good job of it, I'm just trying to say that we're back. Good, right, that's done, grand.

Our latest instalment features exciting topics such as sweating in a bag, Invasion, a Wild West Mike, R:P2 mission and unit opinions, and an unusually chatty Joe.