Thursday, 27 February 2014

On the merits of burning things...

I’ve been a Shaltari player from the start, and like everyone else I’ve been loving the new releases (redesigning my army already to include mini-walkers). As a race we seem to be on to a winner at the moment, with more and more tournaments having high rankings for Shaltari, and any holes in the battle group being plugged with new releases or changes in tactics. 

But I’ve always looked at the other races with envious eyes when it comes to one thing: flame weapons.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Alpha Strike tournament review

I shouldn't complain too much 

On Feb 23rd, 3 of the Orbital Bombardment team descended upon Guildford and the SmogCon convention. SmogCon is a Privateer Press event run in a hotel from Friday to Sunday with stuff going on 24hrs a day - mental!! 
Alpha Strike was a 16 man, one day Dropzone Tournament, I took my UCM along and here is how I faired.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Getting Started: Shaltari Unit Overview and Tactics

Time for some shenanigans.
Hello my wonderfully coloured spiney friends! In today's tactica I will be reaching out to my squiggly alien brothers and sisters to pass over some of the knowledge and craft I have collected while playing with the confusing, but excellent, Shaltari. I will be going through do's and dont's, a breakdown of most of the units available to us and a few hints and tips for deployment and mission trickery. 
For UCM, PHR, Scourge and Resistance overviews just click 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

INVASION 2014 the UCM are ready to mobilise

The dust has settled on an absolutely fantastic weekend and firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Hawk Wargames for putting on a hugely enjoyable tournament and open weekend. 
I play a lot of tournaments (40k mainly) and by far this was the most fun. I think the whole Dropzone community are on average just nicer gamers to play!

I took my beloved UCM. I really like the diversity in the units and how versatile the army is. Every unit has their job, they may not be spectacular but they get the job done. Below is my list – I have practised a lot with it and practised the missions – which helped design the list.

Monday, 17 February 2014

The Unloved - UCM

Ugly Sisters... geddit?
Sometimes units sit in their little boxes on the page of a rule book but, like most of us gamers they just don't get picked for the football team. Left behind in the hangars their well trained drivers and gunners sit about and get fat and lazy. Meanwhile their more popular comrades become veterans on the battlefield before coming back and getting all the bunk-buddies they could want.

The Squidmen cometh...

Brutal, and squishy

While I sit here, amidst the chaos of my painting desk and the eating of my peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches (which are the god damn bomb) I can't help but think of one thing; my newest project, and with it the urge to claim host to all with my slimy larvae!

No I'm not going to Amsterdam, I am instead starting a Scourge army! In fact both Mike and I have started at more or less the same time so you may end up with double the Scourge love on the blog (ooOoo I hear you say. Damn right ooOoo, it's going to be electric!).

Quick and dirty 'new' unit review

New releases are imminent

As Hawk were so kind as to gift us some new units, it would be rude not to have a stab at a review. Obviously this is only a review based on the new experimental rules (which can all be found here), no play-testing yet as no models have been released.......soon though!

As the UCM are my favourite faction I will start with them;

Friday, 14 February 2014

Getting Started: The Foundations To Awesomeness

We will be forming a slightly different foundation, but just as awesome
So you have picked your race (and if you haven't stop reading and choose now!) and the urge to spend your rainy day money / max out your credit card / invest your life savings in some beautiful tiny resin models is becoming unbearable; but nagging questions beckon in your ear - how do I play this game, and what do I get first? What really works in the game? How do I make friends to play this with?!?

Dropzone:London - a gamers tale

"Winner winner chicken dinner"

Continuing my tournament write ups from last year, this was originally posted on the hawk forums.

So Dropzone:London has been and gone and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will run through my army and the armies I faced, I won't go into too much detail, just the major points in the games.

My list has evolved a lot over the last few months and I think it is pretty tight, everything has its job to do. It can pack a punch and be quick to claim objectives.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Getting Started: The first step

They are all so beautiful, so which one?
So, your down your local games club and one of your friends show you some bitching new models you don't recognise – in fact not only are they bitching, but in a universe of hero sized models they are to scale too. Of course the first question that comes to mind is 'Yo dude, where's those models from?! They're totally bitching!' (insert appropriate real life banter where appropriate). This friend is then as happy and enthusiastic as a new GW staff member to tell you 'Bruv, they are Dropzone Commander models, get on this shizzle! (once more, with the appropriate speech). At this point you of course started crying with joy and immediately jumped on the net to start throwing your money at the screen.

Invasion 2013 - one day of almost glory

Who's gonna clean up all the mess?

Hi, I'm Mike (MegaMike on the Hawk Forum). This is me venturing into the murky world of blogging about Dropzone Commander. 
My first post is a write up of the Invasion 2013 tournament (the first official DzC tournament run by Hawk). I did this last year, but thought it might be handy to revisit so the evolution of my UCM can be seen. 

So my first Dropzone tourney has been and gone, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Here is a quickish write up of my battles and thoughts on my army.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014



Hello, and welcome to Orbital Bombardments new Dropzone Commander blog! These upcoming posts will be full off unit and army reviews, battle reports, and general thoughts and advice for the suburb world which Hawk Wargames have created. 

A few games in full swing
We are a group of gamers from South West London who have been playing wargames together in Tolworth for more than 15 years, and have been massive Dropzone fans from when it was in 2012.

This blog will be focussed on all things Dropzone and Hawk, and will feature news, advice, battle reports, and anything that we deem worth blogging!

I hope you find some wisdom in future posts, and look forward to all feedback!