Friday, 29 July 2016

Through The Eyes Of A Host

Being the odd man at a tournament can be a little, well, odd. You never really know if you will be playing or not until the event starts, so you can't get the normal tournament sickness in the week building up to it. We all know the illness; a feeling of constant lethargy, causing procrastination on a dangerous scale during the week, which heats up into a sweaty and panicked fever the night before as you realise you have models to paint and / or repair.  As The Ringer if you prepare your force and don't end up playing it's just disappointing, so I made a very wise (and lazy) decision to not bother and leave the Jellys at home.

As it turned out we did have a single flake (a 99er if you like) and I ended up playing. I can feel your cries resonating through the screen; "But Dan, what did you play if you didn't have your beloved Scourgeywurgeys?!?". Before I get into that, I need to share with you another oddity about being Ring Man Dan, in that you can't, or rather, shouldn't win too many games. Ideally your Odd Man will be mincing about in the mid to lower tables, where the final placing isn't so key. I'm not saying that players at lower tables aren't competing for a higher finish, but they might be striving to beat their personal best rather than kerb stomping others for a podium finish. With that in mind, if I played my Scourge it could have caused issues. I have a strong track record my tadpoles, and as I don't have it in me to hold back to much (if I'm playing, I'm playing to win dawg) I didn't want to steam roller anyone.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Critical Engagement: The Videos

The most glorious of all the generals from Critical Engagement
I go away for one week, one single week, and I come back to dust on the mantle, cobwebs in the pantry, and worst of all no new posts for all you lovely people! They mumbled something about work and honeymoons, but if you ask me their just a bunch of stinky slackers.

As my holiday is well and truly over, it's time to get the feather dusters out and give the bunker a good ol' polish with ample amounts of elbow grease (y'know, that weird sweaty stuff that your elbow bend produces), and bring you all some video footage from Critty E! Tech Boy put together some two scrap books for our visual pleasure; the Day Of Spray, a grand day of scenery constructing, and content from from tournament itself. Enjoy!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Critical Engagement - The Results

Well, we all had an absolute blast

24 gamers turned up to play 4 games of Dropzone Commander - it was a hard fought battle, but in the end the Resistance were victorious.

Full results are below along with a faction breakdown.
I will be doing a full post on the tournament with pictures of the winners and more photos

Friday, 8 July 2016

Critty E This Weekend And Our New Missions

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! We can finally stop banging on about selling tickets, and actually enjoy the event!

Critical Engagement 2016 is taking place tomorrow and we will be infrequently posting updates to our Twitter (@OBDZC) and the Dropzone Commander Community page over the day. If you haven't followed us or joined the page, what are you doing? Leave, go and do it now! All done? Good. Those of you still resisting the bright lights and indecent proposals of social media will unfortunately miss out on this content on the day, as we will not be posting pictures on the forum due to the awkwardness of it. We are sure to stick up a follow up post some time soon however, so you won't completely miss out.

As the tourney is on Saturday we may not have a post ready for Monday, but will back to normal on Friday. If Tech Boy manages to find the time we may even have a scrapbook of the event ready for your visual entertainment next week!

With this tournament we have attempted to be a little different in order to make it a little more accessible for new players with 1000 point list limits, but also by mixing the standard mission format up a bit. You can find our new mission set here.

Why bother changing the missions? Well let's have a little goosey gander at them and we can tell you why...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Reconquest: Phase 2 - out end of July!

My new favourite image. I'd love a poster of this in my war-room
Wow, what a day yesterday.
Tons of new info about Phase 2 of the Reconquest. If you are not up to date then you can take a look at the video here

I'm gonna go through some of my favourite bits from the 42 minute video, so if you can't be arsed to watch it (shame on you first of all) then you can get the highlights from me below.

Monday, 4 July 2016

OB Podcast Episode 16: Getting Real Close to You

Much like busses our podcasts are large, sweaty and un-apologetically uncomfortable. That, and they also come in two's. Yesyesyes, it is time to revel in the audio musings of the OB gang once more, and this time round we will be answering some of the questions you have asked in our brand new segment; Permission To Speak Freely!

Ed and Joe also chinwag about their recent(ish) visit to Firestorm Games in Cardiff, where they took part in a tourney, but more importantly engaged the Hawk Wargames team in what is now on writing of this intro known as the Super Wales Challenge Cup 2000!

We would like PTSF to become a bi-regular segment, so if you have any questions at all, from how to make custard to tips in stopping Hazard Suits doing their thang, either comment, email ( or tweet (@OBDZC) us!