Tuesday, 30 August 2016

First Impressions: Phase 2 The Environmentals

This guy Reeeeeeealy likes the Environmental rules.
Now when I first read the Environmental section I wasn't all that excited, it took a couple of reads before I started linking elements together and start to see the real potential in these rules. Hidden in the mix is a lot of fun to be had I think so I'm gonna break down the sections and evaluate them.

It should be said that being in the middle of Invasion Prep I haven't had a chance to actually try out the rules as yet so I'm only taking them from an on paper look through (although I'm also fairly sure these rules haven't been vigorously play-tested anyway). So basically be forewarned I could be talking drivel here, as per the usual really. But mainly I'm looking at these from a 'What can I do with these' point of view.

Monday, 22 August 2016

First Impressions: Phase 2 Resistance

I've been patient, but was it worth the wait?
Yep that's right, it's my turn to give you my first thoughts on the newest units we can now get our grubby mitts on.

Friday, 19 August 2016

First Impressions: Phase 2 Shaltari

We're as angry as you are! What are we angry about again?
Next on the review conveyor belt, and I sense the most anticipated of the lot, are the cosmic Galagos (google it) and the most recent additions to their roster. It seems that in order to not break tradition these new units have been designed to be somewhat controversial, a trait that apparently the Shaltari seem to love being! We have touched on a couple of these already, but thought it worth a full review for the three newest units (and a couple of extras thrown in).

Unlike my positive review of the Scourge, before I even start writing this post I know it is likely to be full of cow pats, so grab your wellies and shovels and let's get knee deep.

Monday, 15 August 2016

First Impressions: Phase 2 PHR

I choose you! (Old UK Lottery reference)

So here we are in one of the good bit of the poop sandwich that is the reconquest phase 2 review series. After Dans 'Yay Scourge!' and Mikes 'Boo UCM' here's my 'Yay PHR!' review.

Unfortunately due to the vagaries and shenanigans of the UK postal system I have yet to receive my copy of Reconquest Phase 2 so I've had to nab some info off those in the know. I'm also on occasion crouched in the corner next to my front door biting my nails and crying out 'WHY?!?!?!'. But that’s just my average Saturday.

Now it must be said that the PHR before receiving the duel hard infantry double whammy of the Medusa and the Valkyries struggled quite a bit to keep up with most other factions and relied on the Helios to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Now PHR are a real menace on the field able to respond and strike hard in some key areas, while still keeping the doctrine of being hard to kill very much in mind. The PHR if played properly are an extremely difficult faction to grind down. If only I was a better player, ah well.

Anyway onto my thoughts.

Friday, 12 August 2016

First Impressions: Phase 2 UCM

First off I want to start with an apology. I'm sorry for what you are about to read. Second off I want to remind you all that I am not Dan. It's Mike, Honestly!!

Third off, and roughly back on track; I get to do the UCM first Impressions of Reconquest Phase to? too? two??? 2??????? you pick.
Bringing sexy back

UCM are my first and long time love in DzC. Even with pants infantry, no area effect for the Kodiak and an abundance of E10 shots, I still loved them. Then they got good, powerful some might say (not many might say). Have they peaked already? Did the UCM reach their pinnacle and it's only downhill from here?

Read on to find out......

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

First Impressions: Phase 2 Scourge

Kids get Christmas, proper adults get that two day payday feeling (before it all gets spent on bullshit, like being a proper adult with responsibilities) and those of us that are balanced somewhere in between, the man and woman-childs of the 21st century, get new toy releases. With the release for Reconquest: Phase 2 finally here and Dropfleet landing on the next pass of New Eden, it's our pseudo-Christmas to spend all our payday earnings on! Balls to responsibility!

To celebrate R:P2 we will all be delivering knee jerk, mostly un-tested reactions on all the new units, missions and rules over the next few weeks. We were entitled enough to have moderate access to the beta rules, so have had time to mull over some of the rules, but some opinions are so knee jerk that I accidentally caught myself in the chin sitting at my computer desk.

In true Danphabet style, we will start with the Scourge.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Dropfleet Commander at GenCon2016 and Reconquest: Phase 2 release

Fleet Carrier Croydon this is Battleship Birmingham. We are anchored in the orbit of Celstion IX. Provide co-ordinates on your location to align commencement of insertion. Over.
Err, Birmingham, about that insertion, can we, erm, delay it? Over.
Insertion is confirmed for 07:00 hours. Send co-ordinates. Over.
Well, erm, errrr, there's a slight issue Birmingham. We're um... Not in orbit yet. There must be a bit of wiggle room on the insertion time? Or maybe even the day? Over.
Insertion cannot be delayed. Ground forces have been deployed and are awaiting orbital support. What's your projected time of arrival. Over.
It's the funniest thing really. We were all ready to go, engines warmed, gyros extended, yada yada, and then Pete, our health and safety officer, being the stickler for detail that he is noticed that all our evacuation guides had typos! So of course we had to send out for a re-print, which we received last week, but then Pete, who really is a top guy, reported that half the red alert bulbs were the wrong colour if you'd believe it! They were Mellow Cherry rather than the Bruised Rhubarb they should be. So, we're still waiting for the new bulbs, and expect to leave shortlyish. Well, of course that's if Pete doesn't find anything else which breaches regulations! He really is an asset, that Pete. So, we'll be with you soon? I would think. Soonish. Soonish plus a couple of jiffies. Over and out.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Burnt Ends Taste Yummy

The more you know...

Menhit /ˈmɛnˌhɪt/ (also spelt Menchit) was originally a Nubian war goddess in Egyptian mythology. Her name depicts a warrior status, as it means (she who) massacres. (from Wikipedia)

The whipping boy, the punch bag, the gimp.

All examples of the various ways you could describe the Menchit as it currently stands. Even after its points were dropped and the flamer it carried got an extra boost to it's range, the Menchit still did not sit comfortably in a list. Compared to its similarly grouped siblings the Phobos (the clearly favoured child called golden bollocks by the other two behind its back) and the Ares (angry middle child), the Menchit could not sit in a squad and have something to do every turn. It sat, it slouched and it sulked, as its longer ranged siblings did the good stuff.