Sunday, 29 June 2014

Myth Busters: UCM have no Demolisher

PHR wedding in Vegas?

There is a theory, that if you want a building removed, you need PHR or Scourge with their abundance of high energy demolisher (D) weapons. People have been lining the streets and shouting from the rooftops for UCM to have some form of D weapon so that they too, can contribute to the urban renewal......

........but why? UCM have everything they need (and shhh don't tell anyone, but they do it better than PHR and Scourge).

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Unloved Army

Praetorian Snipers new combat gear?

A while back, Edchop did an article on unloved UCM units. These are units that have fallen out of favour or perhaps never really in favour (Scimitars, I'm looking at you!).
I decided to put together an army of "unloved" as I was playing against a newbie. The newbie in question is a long time wargamer called Alex. He has had a couple of games of Dropzone and this was to be his first proper 1500 point game.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

It's A Load Of Old Rubble, Really.

I hope they were insured...
If your games tend to be anything like ours, the local cradle world building contractors look on them with greedy eyes. The average loss of buildings in our 1500 point games tends to be about three, though if Sgt Slaughter is using his PHR this always at least doubles!

Now, this post isn't about building demolition; I think the rule is fine, and is a viable tactic. Unless you're using six Katanas and an Eagle, in which case you can just bugger off. No, this post is in regards to what is meant to be left on the battlefield after the building is removed: Rubble!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Critical Engagement 2014: Rules Pack and Mission Booklet

The picture above is fairly self-explanatory, but for those of you who are a little slow of mind...

We have finally finished tweaking the details, and the rules pack and mission booklet for Critical Engagement 2014 are ready for you guys to enjoy! All details for the tourney are included in the Rules Pack, and the three unique missions which will be being played are in the Mission Booklet. Simply click on the links below to view:

We would like as much feedback as possible regarding the missions, so please feel free to comment below. If you have any questions in regards to the missions, or the tournament in general, you can email Dan or Mike at

It is also worth noting that there are only 20 spaces available, so act fast!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Critical Engagement 2014 - 1500 point tournament

Frequenters of our blog, we are excited to announce our very first Dropzone Commander tournament! It will be a one day, 1500 point singles event, on Saturday 19th July, and will have three awards to win; Master Commander, Best Painted Army, and Best Sportsman. We are also happy to announce that the lovely chaps at Hawk Wargames will be backing us with prize support!

For the event we have penned three brand new missions, based for the most part on the rule book missions. The event itself will be hosted in Tolworth, London, and all entries will be £10. All money raised from the tournament will be donated to charity.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Getting Started: Shaltari Deployment Part 2

It's deployment time.
Heeelllooooooooooo! Time for more Shaltari goodness. Prepare to be inundated with information which will you fill your mind chasm's with deploymental goodness! Let's get it on...