Monday, 30 May 2016

Permission To Speak Freely (Podcast Q&A) And Podcast With Hawk Wargames

I love comments. Comments are great, and really form the life's blood which flows through the body of the OB blog. Frankly, without all your glorious comments I'm not sure we would still be going! There is however only so much you can type and respond to in a comment without it becoming bloated; it is a comment after all, and not a post of it's own.

This sometimes leaves us feeling a little distant from you beautiful people, and we want to feel closer to you all. Much closer. Intimately close. Restraining order close. So how are we going to achieve this without ascending and hiding in trees outside your homes? With the next best thing; a new Q&A section on our podcast!

If you have any questions (DzC related would be mostly preferred but others may be answered) that you would like the collective of OB to answer on the podcast, simply tweet us at @OBDZC or pop over an email to

So if you've ever wondered about list building for your race, what the actual deal with the Taranis is, or if Joe's Cyclone still haunts Tech Boy's dreams, just send us a message and we will do our best to answer you on the air!

Talking about Cyclones, we will be attending this the UK Games Expo this year, so if you spot us be sure to say hi! We also should (should, touch wood *taps groin*) be recording a podcast in Birmingham, and will joined by Hawk Wargames! I have no idea which team members will be joining us yet, but if you have any questions for Hawk please pop those over too!

Friday, 27 May 2016

More new stuff. Spoiler alert, we're (mostly) happy!

Welcome back friends, to another installment of "Mike and Dan review the new stuff", as you will see we like it. Even better news is that I have even played with one of the new releases already! Now you're excited!

So without further ado, I bring you the Menchit A2, the Firebird and the Corruptor. Dust off your worms people, they are coming back!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hawk Wargames vs Orbital Bombardment at Firestorm Games

OB are going on a mini road trip - At Call to arms II - Cardiff. What the fuck has happened to our faces!!!!
Hawk Wargames have challenged team OB to a battle of the best.
Its a 2 day tournament hosted by Firestorm Games.

Tickets are £15.00 and i think there is still space if you fancy some battle.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Relive Your Best Moments

The great depressors of life would have us believe that awesome things happen to other people, but I know that's not always the case. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I've had just as many awesome things happen in my games of Dropzone as my opponents have suffered upon me.

For the amount of grumbling we (both OB and as a community) have done recently, I think it's about time that we look at the quite excellent game that we play and share our most fantastic plays, wins, and failures! Got any stories of a single Starsprite Drone shooting down a Raven loaded up with Legionnaires holding an objective (that's a real life example, Mike and his bloody drones...)? Or perhaps had a run of going low and rolling double 1's with a certain unit in a tournament? I'd want to hear about it in the comments of this post!

Alternatively, I would encourage you to talk about what you like most about Dropzone and why you got into the game. Personally I was a Goat Whisperers refugee, and the timing of the Dropzone release fell perfectly for me and the majority of the OB chaps. The streamlined mechanics and activation system grabbed me by the Proud and Jollys, and now I'm well and truly married to the game.

There may be issues that are and were worth dissecting, but let's be honest, what in life is perfect? As the fluff would have it, the cruel gloom of the not so distant future may consist of hiding in sewers and fighting your sisters and brothers.

The reality is that these days of Dropzone Commander are bright, and we should celebrate it.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Are the Resistance going to run out of vehicles ?

The way I keep losing Gun Wagons probably!!!...

Jokes aside.

I think this is more me, asking you zoners if you are having the same thoughts I'm having. The latest pictures and new experimental units/rules are all variants of other units. I know Hawk has done this across the board with every faction. I feel they are now limited to how much they can expand the Resistance race.

They are probably laughing at me, saying I have no idea and are going to impress the shit out of me.
That's if they read these, they best do. About a year and a half ago David did want to make infantry a bigger part of the game. I believe that would come naturally for the resistance, and it fits in well with the fluff behind them. I'd say that mission is accomplished. I have this feeling the designers are going to have to dig deep into their imagination to bring us something new that fits in.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Critical Engagement 2016

It's happening again. But this time a little differently.

First Founding Games Club and Orbital Bombardment present 
Critical Engagement 2016 - 9th July in Chessington, Surrey

This will be a 1000 point 4 game Dropzone Commander tournament 

The cost will be £15 
Payment is required via Paypal to

With Prize support from the lovely chaps at Hawk Wargames and the wonderful Steve Perry at Dark Ops, check out their DzC scenery here

The rules pack and missions for the event are here:

Facebook event link;

You will need a 1000 point clash army.
The only limitation will be that you can only have 1 of each rare choice.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Woah Man, That's Heavy

Let's go back. Way back. Way, way back. Back to the time when Coyotes strode the land, proud and alert, and Sabre's slunk behind each other in conga lines of death, articulated rail guns raising up and down like a Giraffe's neck. This was a time when the Heavy choice was a dangerous one, and if an adversaries army fielded one of these units it had to the potential to radically adjust your game plan. You see, the Gladius used to be a hefty elephant of war, and if an Odin dropped near, well, pretty much anything, it was brown trousers time.

These two units are a great example of how the game has developed over the last year and a half, for either better or worse. Both embody the characteristics of what you would believe make up a heavy unit; they both pack dangerous weaponry, can take a bit of a kicking, but are as slow as a paraplegic turtle. You would use them as a hammer blow on a back to back activation, drop last and activate first next turn, and the results could be devastating!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The support of the crutch is unshakable

This post was supposed to be a report of a recent tournament I attended, Coastal Assault at Dice Saloon in Brighton.
The UCM Ferrum Drone base Mk2
It wasn't going to be my normal report because my intended list for the event was going to be Ferrum-less, but, due to a mix up when sending lists the week before, and me not realising until the day before, I took the wrong list. It had a Ferrum in it and I came 2nd overall.

The Ferrum (and subsequently, double Ferrum) has been taking a lot of stick recently.
"it's OP"
"it does too much"
"it's too fast"

So I decided that I would prove a point and play a tournament without one. Just to show that UCM are still awesome without it.......I failed to even try the list, and to be brutally honest, I'm kinda glad I had the wrong list.

The Ferrum is a crutch that I (and many other UCM generals) depend on.