Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Advent Calendar So Far

Christmas is within touching distance people, and do you how I can be sure? It's got nothing to do with the incessant terrible holiday adverts on TV (according to Coca Cola holidays are coming?), or the mass of stressed shoppers lining our streets, running about like a scared herd of deer. No, it is because we are halfway though the Hawk advent calendar!

We have been treated to something a little different this year, in the form of exclusive artwork of various infantry from four races. If you have missed any of the pictures so far, I have compiled a list below for your eyes pleasure.







It's great stuff, and Patrice is really showing off his talents once more. I feel it has a bit of an old school eighties vibe to the style. My favourite? The Razorworm, love those critters!

In addition to this we have been treated to two of what appear to be famous commander upgrades, namely Warchief Isis, The Clairvoyant, Lieutenant-General Luciana M.Cato and Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy.

Warchief Isis, The Clairvoyant

Lieutenant-General Luciana M.Cato
Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy
The Ferrum has two custom pieces by the look of things, the bridge and end of flight ramp, and the Caiman has a custom turret complete with a rooster headdress similar to the Coyote. I'm not sure about the Hellhog as yet, but I think that the front is a little different. If the Ferrum and Caiman were also the new 2nd command choices to be released in Feb I would disappointed, as it is an area I feel needs a brand new model to liven it up. It is probably worth pointing out that the Alexander and Thunderstorm are the Resistance's two command option, and that they are (obviously) different models. Furthermore only one of the four Resistance special characters uses a command choice – Salakahn uses an Alexander, Folly a Hellhog, Jessie a drill and Gunnarr rides to battle on the bodies of his victims. Oh no wait, I misread; I mean a Lifthawk.

What am I tying to say? Using the power of deduction, I think we can look forward to new command unit models come Feb!

What are your thoughts so far?


  1. Love the color pictures. Hope they offer them as posters sometime in the future.

    Isis' Caiman scares the hell out of me. I hope none of the local muppets decide to pick that up when it comes out.

    Definitely gonna get Cato's Ferrum as my second Ferrum, eventually.

    The one I really want out of what's been released so far is Foley's Hellhog. Looking forward to running it and Foleys Fearless in bigger games with my Resistance!

    I think Big Bertha is going to be a much bigger Drill, since it will allow Jacksons and Wagons to pass thru it.

    Marcus' Hades is also something I'm waiting anxiously to see, as well as Lacista's Type 4 walker!

    And lest I forget, Wade's Broadsword...

    Oh, my poor wallet!... LOL! :-)

  2. I'd be surprised if did a whole new mould for the drill, though I guess as it is mainly one big piece of resin they might have too. Same thoughts for the Broadsword, could just be a Gladius turret upgrade? Or maybe a kit that fits over a Gladius body. Sadly I have no idea though!

    It's a shame they weren't all pre-Xmas really, potential presents may have saved you a little money by the sounds of it!

  3. I'm really looking forward to see the Lifthawk to that crazy dude, whatever his name is...

    I was surprised that they did a new Ferrum just for Cato so I think that we are going to see a new drill too.

    As for the Broadsword I really think that they are going to do a whole new tank for it. I think it will be longer than a Gladius due to that it can have a condor as transport. The arc of fire is F and Side so I think that the railgun are going to be within the hull so it will not have any turret...