Monday, 13 July 2015

I'm Running Free (Yeeaaahh)

No amount of road waste can stop us!
One of the reasons I chose the Resistance to be my next army was for the sheer amount of conversion opportunities available. The scrappy and characterful units already ooze charm, like oil leaking from a faulty engine, but the desire to put my own stamp on the army has taken over. You see, I need an army to be unmistakeably me. With Shaltari and Scourge I painted them bright and fairly obnoxious colours, as the finite nature of the sculpts didn't leave an opportunity to be constructively creative.

Resistance however, give me a much larger range to play with. The units aren't polished which means I can bolt things on and cut pieces away, much like an aggressive resistance mechanic. Instead of a blowtorch and spanner though my tools will be a craft knife and super glue!

The plan for the future is to have chained rigging across my Thunderstorm, and flags flying high declaring a worthy death for my opponent on a number of my other units. To start with though, I have gone for something a little simpler; base conversions for my Freeriders. Using plasticard, n-scale cars and lampposts, and bits of paperclip I have created a more vivid roadscape for my nippy scouts to be gunning down.

I'm super happy with the result, and positioning the bikes was very easy. The bottom of the model is thick enough to pin to the infantry base, and with enough superglue they are sure not to fall off (when I build things, I build them to last). These conversions were so easy, and really give the models an energetic boost.

As for playing the game and my lists, I have tweaked things a little since my last game. Two battle busses are just too slow and un-manoeuvrable, so in go some Jacksons in a Lifthawk. One aspect I don't want to drop though is having at least two squads of Occupation Veterans; they're just so good! I'm also adding a little spice to the list with some MFR's. These chaps will not only give me a light dropship to speed up my infantry, but also pack a mean punch in combat. I'll be trying this list tomorrow, so we'll so how it goes!


  1. Those Free Riders are stunning, mate. They will look amazing when painted.

  2. Nice work and list indeed.

  3. Free riders are looking sweet, can't wait to see them finished.
    I am, however, concerned a little with your list.
    I'm not sure about Vets in Jacksons, it really stops them doing what they need to. Also there are a couple of really light battle-groups - the Alex-storm will pack a punch though

  4. The Free Riders are indeed really cool.
    I have the same concern as MM with the list though.

  5. Sweet!!

    Love it :)

    Greetz - Ljevid

  6. Thanks for the feedback on the bikes all!

    Fair points on the list. It will all change I'm sure, this is only my 3rd draft. I may end up swapping the MFR's for Vets in Battlebusses.

    It is tricky to fit decent BG's in, because of the size of the command BG. If only I could have two command BG's...

  7. Just drop that Alexander... it's sub-par compared to the Thunderstorm. If you want more anti-tank command, just take a second Thunderstorm.

    1. It's been suggested, I just don't have a spare £45 to try it out... Unless the Alex becomes cheaper or better I may end up going that way though.

    2. Very tough for maneuvering other units around the 2 thunderstorms. They take up a lot of space.
      I have one and Joe has one, so you can always borrow to see if you like it

    3. When you're right you're right, and baby you're right. I'll have to give it a whiz at some point!

  8. Iron Maiden? Nice.


  9. Mediocre!

    No serious, they are the best infantry I have seen and they aren't even painted yet!

  10. Very cool conversions, Dan! Well done, and inspirational...