Monday, 12 October 2015

OB Podcast Episode 10: Postvasion and Chill

Join us faithful listeners, for an evening stuffed full of war stories, general moaning and maybe even some casual chill.

That's right, it's the next instalment in our Podcast series, and we are chatting and analysing Invasion Autumn 2015!

0:0:10 - Intro
Zombie introduces everyone - obviously

0:1:30 - News

  • Orbital Bombardment: the Miniatures Game KickStarter will be starting soon, the game is going to be out of this world!
  • Hawk won the ‘Best Business For Marketing and Social Media’ award in the Croydon Business Excellence Awards 2015. 
  • Hawk also co-sponsoring the UK Games Expo along with Mayfair games.
  • Upcoming Dropzone tournaments 

0:13:00 - Discussion Zone

War Stories of each OB member from Invasion, and general discussion about the event

0:18:50 - 1st Round
0:27:40 - 2nd Round
0:41:50 - 3rd Round
1:03:20 - 4th Round
1:24:20 - 5th Round
1:47:54 - Round up

2:06:20 - The Obies

Over to MegaMike, to shame our prediction skills and arrogance levels.

The OBies - for the non-listener

So here they are, the final standings of the OBies plus some pictures of the guys with their prizes, look how happy everyone is

6th place award and the famous Turkey Baster goes to Dan

Graciously accepting Sgt. Slaughters 5th place award of Mickey Mouse hand soap is Joe!

4th place are some "one size fits all" ear muffs

3rd place are some children's  (Thomas the Tank Engine) multi vitamins... choo choo, open wide

2nd place, now Joe will understand his own body a little better!

Alex is mystified by the free hotdogs. What a champ 

All sounds effects used in the Orbital Bombardment Podcast are from


  1. Hot dogs in a jar? Ewww... :-P

    Will break out the headphones and start listening; this might take > 1 session...

    But, Yay! A Podcast!!! 8^D

  2. Yay! I got my shout-out for the error in the Limited Edition hardback! Thanks, Dan. (8^P to Mike for trying to deny me!). And thanks for pronouncing my last name correctly, too.

    Got most of the way thru the podcast, but had to stop with 30' to go, gotta get up sorta early to make my missus happy, and it's 2:00 AM. But thanks again for the podcast, and the shout-out.

    One of these days I'll make it to Invasion... one of these days... 8^D

  3. But you missed the best part... The OBies!! Also how else would you pronounce your surname?

    1. Don't worry, I'll finish it up, maybe tonight even.

      Many people pronounce my name "Welsh". It's annoying, but what are you going to do?...

  4. But you missed the best part... The OBies!! Also how else would you pronounce your surname?

    1. Oh, and I'm going to have to re-listen to the last two games' report outs, cuz I was so tired I can't really remember what was said, but I knew it was good, which is why I didn't want to stop listening in the first place. LOL.

      Didn't get up when I was supposed to, so the wife was pissed, but whatever...

  5. I just listened 10 min but it's damn right that Sweden also have a tournament in October! October 31, one day tournament, October Fist!

  6. 45 minutes in today before work.
    Thx 4 the shout out on my DEMO Sirs.


  7. My reason for shooting the building with the weapon hack were that it were in the arch of fire and nothing else were.
    And to get around having to find out if I could play the 2nd card on the unit I did play it on the other unit, in the squad

    Scotland for ever

    1. Sorry, Laddie, but "Each squad can only be Targeted once per turn per player" (v1.1 Core Rulebook, page 38, "Target").

      So the second card on the other Unit in the same squad was illegal.

      You'll have to surrender your kilt and bagpipes... 8^P

  8. I can't remember if we did call that one ourself or if we had Simon call it, we had him call the "pick half a squad" of Mercury's to challenge for one of the bunkers.
    I'll concerned the card in that case, and I a glad Ed did not have it pointing to something more virtal
    Scotland for ever - but I am as Scottish as a Taco dish

  9. I am still quite speechless about my winning prize. Should you wish to take a closer look, it is on show here:

    1. I reiterate: Hot dogs in a jar? Ewwwww... :-P

    2. It is the most amazing prize EVER!
      I'm gonna have to win the OBies one day, just so I have a chance of hotdogs in a jar

  10. Dan just make sure you only have sexs at the end of januari beginning week of februari and you could make it happen on Halloween. Then you have a chance.
    But dont tell her you have a mancrush on me. Because you know you love me. Then she'll probleby go to a spermbank instead.

    Cheers, Thunder