Thursday, 21 April 2016

Major unit update, plus Reconquest 1.1

Looks like the Hawk team have been beavering away to bring us some updates to the experimental rules that are currently available, all in advance of the upcoming Reconquest Phase 2 book that is rumoured to be June time. I have taken it upon myself to read all the updates, and provide to you, my loyal readership, all the changes that have been made.

As an added bonus I have also gone through the Reconquest Phase 1, 1.1 rulebook that I picked up at Salute and highlighted the changes, all collaborated below.

I'll chuck in some thoughts too - you can ignore them if you choose, but do so knowing that, much like walking on the cracks in paving slabs, a bear will eat your mum!!

Lets start with the experimental rules:


Down to 30 points from 35 and can take Valkyries too - I think this is a good thing. 30pts is very reasonable for a flame transport.

Triton X
Can only target Medusa it belongs to - very sensible, and stops double healing.....I'm looking at you TechBoy!!

10 shots per base as opposed to 15 (RW-2 instead of 3 respectively) - Another sensible reduction. They were a bit too powerful, and were the best solution for Medusa's. Maybe not so anymore.


Gain Infiltrate-18 (1st turn demo now available) - Interesting, I completely agree with it fluff wise. It gives the Sappers a definite turn 1 shot. They can be deadly, or sometimes a bit meh - I think that is a good thing. I wonder if some players would consider no transport at all?

Scout ATV's
Up to 40 points per base, 24" range (from 36") - Not sure they warrant the points increase, but the range decrease is perfect. Means the Resistance players may need to use a Kraken for them or wait a turn or 2 before using them. Maybe utilise a drill?

Thunder Wagon
Down 3 pts to 22. E11 demo 2 instead of E10 demo D3+1 - The changes certainly make the unit different to the Storm Wagon. E11 blast is going to be nasty. I like them more as they have their own role in the army, but I don't like them enough to class them as a decent unit. Certainly a lot more useful though.


Now hit on 2+ rather than 3+ - just what was needed, 2+ to hit means they have a much better chance to kill the units that they were intended for. I think these will be appearing in a lot of lists, I will be trying them out very soon, along with the Corrupter and oodles of Worms.

10 points rather than 14 - Should have been 10 from the start, I can see these being added a lot more now, makes them a lot more usable. With a very decent Mf of 9" a couple of these attached to a Marauder can spring a few surprises.


Horde special rule added, 2 dice for searching or +1 to intel rolls when 3 bases+ - ding ding ding ding! we have our winners, I doubt we will see a Shaltari list without them now, bonus search rolls are very, very good and for a measly 2 points more than Braves. Add to this a butt-load of shots for units lining windows or those evasive ladies and bikers and we have a well rounded infantry choice. Shaltari will be the kings of objective missions once again usurping the PHR and Resistance.

Lightning Reflexes instead of Alpha Strike - another sensible addition. The Alpha Strike rule didn't sit right with a lot of us. I much prefer the Lightning Reflex rule. I think they will be a lot more usable now. I even think that they are a bit deadlier with it, which is ok with me.

Now on to the Reconquest 1.1 reprint. I'm not sure why an errata hasn't been sent out beforehand. Would have been a more sensible idea, especially as not everyone will replace their books. I hope the errata is out soon. I will only cover what is not in the previous errata here.

Unit Special rules

a new rule that lets a unit direct deploy even if the mission doesn't allow it

Lightning Reflexes
has moved from the Totem Warspire to this section, meaning more units could potentially get it........cough Ronin


Praetorian Snipers
gain Infiltrate-18, E+2 and lose Digital Ghillies

has some text stating that his Condor is part of his cost


points down to 40 from 45


Apollo B and Erebos B
RX-13 manslayer slug now has 4 shots and strafe, the manslayer airbursting has 4 shots and flame (there is a MAJOR typo here though, as the airbursting is supposed to hit on a 6+ but it is 2+ in the book!! There's always 1 Hawk.....always).


Firstly no Shaltari gate fluff - yay winner!!

spider launchers are now only 5pts

is up 20 points to 205

Mv is reduced to 12" from 16" and their Mf is now 9" from 12"

Raven A/S
now has full weapon profiles and can have missile pods for 8 points


  1. Thank you Mega Mike!

  2. the Rec. Errata is up since yesterday too, just hard to find... it is linked with the old errata, whereas under the new button is only the PHR Type 3 weapon stats.

    1. Awesome cheers, I'll add a link to the post

  3. No thoughts on the phase 1, 1.1 changes?

  4. I agree that these changes feel good, atleast on paper. You might have missed an update to the erebos though. hint hint

  5. I thought about this change

    - Erebos changes its S+C to '2 Standard' and replace the EM Disruption Field Generator special rule with the following
    “This device severely disrupts the targeting devices and optics of enemy units in close proximity to the Erebos. All enemy weapons within 12” of the Erebos suffer a +1Ac modifier, a +2AC modifier if within 6” and a 3+Ac modifier if within 3” (to a maximum of 6+). Measure this distance as you would weapon range. This effect is cumulative if multiple Ereboses are in range. In order for the EM Disruption Field generator to take effect, the Erebos must NOT be embarked on a Transport.”

    1. This has always been has it not?
      Is the change that it has been clarified that you need to be on the table. If so, that's how I've always played it

    2. I might actually remember it incorrectly, but is it not a change that it is cumulative?

    3. No, I remember correctly after a quick check on the old experimental rules. The effect is now cumulative with several erebos meaning that you actually get +2 at 12 inch range, +4 at 6. The squad size changes from 1-6 to 2.

    4. Yeah, the ECM fields becoming cumulative was the big change with the Erebos. Might actually see them on the table now.

  6. I'm calling it, next race; Pungari.

    All Infantry, all totally hapless, all completely awesome.

  7. I will test a list on sunday with sappers and only a bus. Or maybe I get rid of the bus and get some Spiders for the Jacksons. I will also try out a squad of Thunder Wagons.

  8. I will protest at the snide aside though here. As I suggested the rules change to Simon that the Triton X be limited to its own medusa.

    1. You and every other English speaker in the world!

  9. Great changes, very sensible. Can't wait to try some units with updated rules out, like Vampires and Erebos.

  10. "Jacksons
    spider launchers are now only 5pts"

    Is this only in the book and not the errata text? Or am I unable to find it?

    1. Apparently just in the book but they are 5 points in FFoR now. :P

    2. You have the book? Or can anybody who has the book confirm this?

      greetings Leopold

    3. It's on the book, I have the book

    4. So Hawk forgot that one in the errate *sighs*