Friday, 24 June 2016

OB Podcast Episode 15: Hilton Hobby Holidays

Oooooooh it's only that time again! It's that time of the year when you need to change your socks, because they're dirty and they hum. literally, they are actually humming. Is humming the opposite of whistling?

Well all of that yes, but more importantly it's time again for a new pod! We all met up last week to regale you of tales from the UK Games Expo and Summer Invasion, as well as run through all the new news. That's like regular news, but newer.

So sit back, get your paints out (or whatever gives you your jollys to the pod) and let our grating voices flow over you like a cheesegrater! Oh, and if you're our Top Hat listener on Soundcloud prepare for a shock.

Also, now we're past the jump break there's another thing. There's no interview with Hawk. Because I'm a failure... I regret nothing!

0;00;00 - Introductions
0;02;30 - News
0;54;20 - What Are You Playing At?!

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  1. Your Dutch is pretty good for a ginger...


  2. Are gingers better or worse at Dutch than normal people? I need some context!

  3. Nice episode.
    Funny how irritated people get when you smile at them broadly and they don't realize you listen to sth. funny.

    +Remember kids:
    Clean your fleshlights regularly or there will be razorworms growing inside.


    - Ljevid