Friday, 5 August 2016

Dropfleet Commander at GenCon2016 and Reconquest: Phase 2 release

Fleet Carrier Croydon this is Battleship Birmingham. We are anchored in the orbit of Celstion IX. Provide co-ordinates on your location to align commencement of insertion. Over.
Err, Birmingham, about that insertion, can we, erm, delay it? Over.
Insertion is confirmed for 07:00 hours. Send co-ordinates. Over.
Well, erm, errrr, there's a slight issue Birmingham. We're um... Not in orbit yet. There must be a bit of wiggle room on the insertion time? Or maybe even the day? Over.
Insertion cannot be delayed. Ground forces have been deployed and are awaiting orbital support. What's your projected time of arrival. Over.
It's the funniest thing really. We were all ready to go, engines warmed, gyros extended, yada yada, and then Pete, our health and safety officer, being the stickler for detail that he is noticed that all our evacuation guides had typos! So of course we had to send out for a re-print, which we received last week, but then Pete, who really is a top guy, reported that half the red alert bulbs were the wrong colour if you'd believe it! They were Mellow Cherry rather than the Bruised Rhubarb they should be. So, we're still waiting for the new bulbs, and expect to leave shortlyish. Well, of course that's if Pete doesn't find anything else which breaches regulations! He really is an asset, that Pete. So, we'll be with you soon? I would think. Soonish. Soonish plus a couple of jiffies. Over and out.

You know what they say, it's all fun and games until someone fails to deliver on a Kickstarter promise (that said I quite enjoyed writing that intro, silver linings and all). We've stumbled into August and we're all still without toys! Hawk have issued a pseudo-statement through a dedicated Talon (Mr Donald Roach Jr) in a Sauron's Mouth-esque way;

Quick update on the KS (look for an official post from Hawk soon):

Hawk is just waiting on a few printed items but are currently packing pledges to the best of their ability until they arrive. 

The Scourge space station add-ons will be shipped at a later date from the rest of the pledges (just those kits) due to those falling a bit behind schedule. Hawk didn't want to hold the rest of the backers pledges for this one item. 

Look, here's the thing. It's late, and that's annoying, but I would rather have a complete package than a rulebook laden with errors; typos aside, of course. The only thing that concerns me is the event at Cardiff on the 20th August, as that's really only two weeks away. I guess we shall see.

All evidence from Gencon shows that the models are ready though, and not ready in a 'rushed too soon, primordial soup' way but rather a 'peak of evolution, freaking gorgeous' way; for example, the difference between Joe and I. You don't have to take my word for it, Sauron's Mouth aka Hawk Bothan aka Donald took lots of not-so-secret pictures which you can see below! Unfortunately much like a Bothan, Donald was lost in the line of duty, trampled into human bloodstard (that's bloody custard) by the GenCon hoards (not hordes).

On top of all this, what I'm most excited about, more over Dropfleet, is here! It's finally here! It's over a year late BUT IT'S HERE! Reconquest: Phase 2 hit the Hawk Wargames store yesterday, so go buy a copy or six. And if you are lucky enough to be at GenCon and have the book, take pics of the Scourge units rules and email them to me ( Hawk didn't grace us with a review copy. I'm kind of joking, but not really.

Enjoy the piccies!


  1. You just described the Battle of Coronel, kind of. BB Canopus not being present for cause of a deranged martinet in the engine room.

    1. See, that's what you get here at OB, light and heavy hearted banter, tactical advice, and accidental history lessons!

  2. Oh, no! The Favoured Sons of Croydon didn't receive an advance copy of Reconquest: Phase 2? The Orbital Bombardiers were left out of the loop??? Clearly, someone was asleep at the wheel (no doubt Louis). Ha!

    Alas, if only I could have gotten to GenCon this year! I could've told you e-v-e-r-y-thing you want to know... Two days ago... But, tragically, it was not to be... Curse my former employers (bastards), and my future son-in-law for proposing when he did, and the airlines for their inflated prices, and all the other external factors that conspired to keep me from GenCon this year! (Clearly, I had no part to play in this tragedy!...).


    But, in the end, it all worked out. For me, at least. How, you ask? I will be blogging about it tomorrow on my personal blog, The Road To Valhalla, the link to which can be found in the right sidebar of this august and amazing blog. No, no, you'll just have to wait...

    But finally, Hawk have put the last wave of models up on their website, so I can spend some of the Talon points I've been hoarding (not horde-ing) and at least get R:P2, some Thor Bombards, some ever-loving Menchit A2's (saw those in action today and they are AmAziNg!!!) and some Falcon B's. Oh, and a Njord, because, well,... Njord!

    And, Thank You, Dan, for getting off your skinny ginger arse, erm, I mean, for taking the time and effort to steal, ummm, I mean, copy, yeah, that's it, copy Don's pictures [that have been plastered all over Facebook for three days now] and putting up this amazing post! (Actually, the opening bit was quite funny, and I especially appreciate you putting up fresh material for our enjoyment, although I will indulge in a little self-delusion and thoroughly believe that you did it just [to shut me up] for me! Although, to be frank, it will take a lot more than that to shut me up... Ha!)



    (And I like pandas, too. They're especially good with garlic and ginger, and bamboo shoots. 8^O )

    1. Yeh, they've been up for 3 days (copied with his permission!), but when your blog starts producing 2 posts a week and over 100 a year we can start talking about 'freshness' ;)

      Luckily one of our club lads got RP2 delivered on Friday, so I had the Overseer rules for club night! It could be a game changer, I sneezed at a Thunderstorm and it turned into a wreck!

    2. Yeah, yeah, I deserved that. LOL. 8^D

      And I said I'd put up a blog post about last night's final tournament result, but so far haven't had the energy to do so. But it's only 4:50 PM, so there's still time. And there's always tomorrow... 8^P

      Glad you got the book Friday and could use it. I've been looking forward to hearing how the Overseer would do. I think it's a great addition for Scourge.

      I also think that the Corruptors and Monitors are good additions. I played a game vs them Friday night, and while a squad of Rapiers handled two squads of Monitors pretty easily, I did lose a Katana to them, but it could've been worse -- his dice rolls weren't great, and my Rapiers were champs.

      The Corruptor was another story. He played two of them, each in a separate battlegroup, and they can be annoying! They certainly make Razorworms viable again, and they were a big help to him in yesterday's tournament, especially in "Arizona Recon" and our version of your Military Complex. The only saving grace as an opponent is that they die like hookers to falling masonry, and the Corruptor is L-3, so I feel like it's a balanced unit that provides more options to Scourge and revitalized Razorworms' usefulness, so a win-win.

      I've been having fun with my UCM, and have been waiting to get my hands on some Falcon B's, but with all of the goodies that PHR got I might have to abandon my "UCM experiment" for a while and try out some new PHR stuff...

  3. Love the Intro!

    Thanks-that made me smile (as a German... That would be a hearty laugh from a Brit) :)