Friday, 16 September 2016

Invasion 2016: The Lists

Like a sneaky, slippery Scourge, Invasion has crept up on us once again, and is bigger than ever! Tomorrow the Croydon Conference Centre will be packed to the brim with Zoners battling each other for the greatest of all prizes; a picture on the OB blog! Oh, and there's this trophy thing too. The six of us will all be down for the weekend, and I can't wait to meet up with old friends and hopefully make some new ones.

In order to wet your lips in anticipation of things to come, here are the lists we will be using over the weekend. Well, all lists except Tech Boys that is, apparently he couldn't find the two minutes to send one over to me, something to do with being 'busy at work'. Rubbish, if you ask me.

So, in alphabetical order;


After Coastal Assault didn't go quite as planned for Alex, he has tweaked his list slightly and dropped down from five to four squads of Infantry, opting instead for a unit of three Hunters. This will give him a little more staying power, not to mention an extra squad, to help secure focal points and critical locations. It also adds in a small boost to any demolition shenanigans he might decide to get up to.

Oh, and that Despoiler squad? Get used to seeing those all weekend, trust.


I am still rocking my Jelly's and haven't really changed my list that much from the beginning of the year. I have added a unit of each of the new toys to the list, and stripped back on two units of Minders (as the Overseer does a very similar job) and the Desolator (farewell, old friend. Well, less friend, more removed cousin). So far I've found the Reavers under the Overeseer to be okay but not great, although this may be me just getting used to King Prolapse. They still add that extra dimension of danger to my list (especially with an 18" shot when boosted) so hope to cause havoc with them.

And also, before people begin to complain about the Overseer this weekend (which will 100% happen), I have toiled through two years of Scourge impotency waiting for this unit; my Scourge deserve to be erect and potent! 


This isn't Joe's first competitive outing with the Hogs, but it is his biggest, and I'm very interested to see how he gets on. I am however slightly disappointed at how safe this list is! I was expecting a Leopard Brick, or at least something wazzy, but all we're getting is a normal list plus a Panther; apparently he didn't want to let the team down with something experimental. Boo Joe, boo, I expect more from you!. 


Mr Bandwagon is bringing along his Scourge, in what he is incorrectly calling a Double O list (whereas the actual name is an Oppreseer list, of course). As with Despoiler squads I would expect to see a lot of this type of list over the weekend, and you should start planning on how to deal with this much AT now! At the risk of sounding like a toy soldier snob, I don't like the idea of this list. There is something about it that doesn't sit right with me, it feels too gamey...

That said, it'll win games. It's good at holding FP and CLs, and the Oppressor is finally in a position where it doesn't have to fear Infantry any more. Did I mention the AT? This list has all of it!


I have a small disclaimer to begin with, this isn't actually Pete's list. I won't get that until the day, as Sgt Slaughter hails from the era of message via Raven. Judging on his past armies and personality though, I'm pretty sure this is close though. Maybe it needs more Odins?

So that's that! If you spot us be sure to come and say hi!


  1. Pete's PHR list is something definitely worth trying :D

  2. What is Ed bringing? PHR? Shame we can't see his and Pete's real lists. I was looking forward to those PHR lists. Please be sure to post them after the event, OK? I know you'll be tired and you'll forget, so I'll be sure to bug you until you do. OK? :-D

    Have fun, everyone!


  3. Also, do I see a bit of the dreaded netlisting going on with those Scourge lists? Man, I hope things haven't come to that! Simon has a somewhat different list for Scourge, but I don't think it's much more effective... Please say it ain't so! I know that Egge's list is almost the same as these, if not the same, based on his video... >.<

    1. Not really net listing, but the overseer is so crazy good that there is really only one way to build a scourge list at the moment, and that is to build it around the overseer. Scourge in 1St 3Rd and 4th goes to show that the overseer is not right atm. It's a little bit too good. Needs toning down a touch

    2. I disagree a little with that. I think there is more data to consider. Firstly the top 4 are all extremely good players. We need to see the spread of all the armies from 1 to 70 to get a better indication of which factions have moved up or down in "winability". I also think that new units need a longer period of meta integration before the nerf bat is brought out. The game needs to have a evolving meta, otherwise we will get to the "1 best list stage". In dropzone the meta can only change with new units or new missions. If new units are changed to the point that existing lists continue to succeed then getting new units becomes ultimately pointless. The overseer might well change the way people build lists, which in turn will change the way scourge players build lists ( rinse and repeat). The new units haven't been out long before the tournament which I think is also a issue that needs to be considered/ altered.

    3. I'd hate to see the nerf bat brought out too soon, too, and the top placers certainly are consistent performers at these events. It's just a bit disturbing to see so many Scourge lists that are virtually the same...

    4. I disagree that they are all the same.
      For instance I had Overseer and Oppressor with hunters reapers in a despoiler
      Simon had Overseer, drive on hunters, slayers in marauder and annihilator
      Dan had similar to me, but no Oppressor and extra hunters

      Can't remember what Erik had in his list, them Swedes don't blog anymore......... ;)

      So, fundamentally I disagree that the lists are all the same.

    5. "Netlisting?" The OB guys would be the ones making the net-lists in the first place! It's like accusing the author of copyright infringement of their own work ;)
      -Major Awesome-

    6. Actually, Andrew, I saw a bunch of lists on the Forum that were almost identical to these before this post.

      And Mike, as I just said, maybe your lists aren't ~identical~, but c'mon -- Alex and Dan's lists only vary by one squad (and CV), and, yeah, you took an Oppressor instead of Eviscerators, big whoop. Simon's was the only list that I saw that looked somewhat significantly different, but I know from Erik's drunken video the night before that he had the same core that y'all have here:

      - Overseer
      - 6 Hunters + 3 Reapers in a Despoiler
      - At least 2 squads of Warriors
      - Destroyers
      - Corruptor

      It's the same core list, with minor variations, sometimes ~very~ minor.

      So just going by what you had here in this post, they were all veeerrry similar. The most similarity across so many lists (here and on the Forum) that I've seen in a while...

      Granted, Scourge ~needed~ the Overseer, and Corruptors add a unique dimension to the game. But you can't say that they're dissimilar... 8^P

    7. You may be right in terms of invasion, but I think part of that is how close to invasion the units/ Phase 2 was released to Invasion. 6 hunters is the most obvious way to go. If you don't have much chance to play or test then that was the sensible choice. I think all factions have a core set of picks. Mostly because of standard choices. I think the biggest problem is that the desolator has been made obsolete.

      By the by I went 3 stalkers, 6 slayers in despoiler 3 warriors and evis

    8. Whilst I agree that Scourge lists have a similar feel to them (this is down to how good the Overseer makes them. You have to take it, and that kind of forms the list you take around it) what I completely refute and was a little annoyed/disgruntled about is that you think that we would copy other peoples ideas (netlisting). I hate the term netlisting, and all it's connotations from 40k.

      We (at OB) have been looking at Overseer lists since the Talons had access to the rules for it. In the run up to a competition we are not going to publicly show our lists or how we intend to play. We need to keep/maintain our edge.

      Back on to the Overseer, you can't not take it. You simply cannot play Scourge in the current meta without it. This means that you only take units which use plasma. That in itself limits choices to such a degree that lists start to feel the same. They all play the same way too - this may be a factor in the downfall of the scourge, once players figure out how to regularly beat them, they can apply it to any Scourge list.

      I am in 2 minds as to whether the Overseer is a good thing or not.

    9. Sorry, Mike, didn't mean to offend... I associate "netlisting" with Magic more than 40K, but in both cases it leaves a sour taste in one's mouth. Didn't mean to offend.

      It's not you or anyone else that's netlisting -- as you say, to win you really must take the Overseer, and that means maxing out on plasma weapons. In some ways that last part is a good thing, the maxing out on plasma weapons, cuz I think Slayers have been under-appreciated in general, and basic Troops often take a backseat to Exotics in a lot of factions (witness Valkyries vs Immortals). Point being, plasma weapons are part of the Scourge's shtick, and them getting a boost is a good thing, IMHO, but... Dunno, haven't played against an Overseer, so I can't make an informed decision, just like with the Panther...

      Any way, didn't mean to offend, buddy... 8^D

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    1. this was meant for Major Awesome's post....... looks like I fubar'd

  5. Hi guys,
    are you going to do an after action report? I'm really looking forward to your insights and a summary of the event from your point of view.

    That would be great!

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    3. Frick and frack, had to delete those two...

      Anyway, Yup, yup, me too, me too, would love to hear your thoughts/after action reports.

      Also, would love to see Ed's list, and Pete's actual list, since Ed placed lower than I'd expected for him, and Pete did rather well. (No offense intended to either of you.)

    4. My insights are up.
      Overseer is a bit naughty. Maybe too naughty