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Warfare 2016 - The Army Lists

It's that time of year again. The days are short and dark, the trains forget how to keep time, and the cold is determined to slip into all my special places. That's right, it's November, and that means complete bleakness for the next four months in the UK, although politically England has been in a state of November for number of months now, so at least we're prepared for it this year.

A lighthouse in this Mist of Misery however is Warfare 2016! For those unaware the Warfare exhibition is traditionally a historical event (ranging from anywhere between WW2 to Ancient Egypt, and maybe even further back in time; Dinosaur War-Simulator [8.76mm]), and the horde (not hoard) of tournaments for these systems go to show that they are very much live and kicking! Starting from last year though a TO had managed to squeeze in something a little newer (although at a very familiar scale), all of our favourite Sci-Fi game; Dropzone Commander! The tourney is a two day affair with five games, set at 1500 points.

Much like last year all the boys are off to it except me, which gives me the joy of critiquing all of their lists; let the criticism begin!

Bethany Ruprecht Randall, The Underlord of Ewell - Scourge

Alex had his best ever tournament showing at the last Invasion, with 3 wins and 2 loses. Could it finally be that he began to actually listen to our advice, that our constant berating of his actions and choices helped? Nah, he was using an Overseer.

I kid of course for the most part, but the Overseer does continue to be the important and influential unit we know it to be. This is shown slightly in Alex's list by his lack of dedicated AT units, with only six Hunters (and the Despoiler) filling the slot. Is it enough? Probably, to be honest. Rather than use spare points to add some Reavers or Slayers to the mix Alex has decided to go with a now underused unit, the Scraider. Pairing a Screamer with a unit of Destroyers and / or Eviscerators makes them an incredibly dangerous proposition, and our Betty is likely to win the majority of Infantry battles if he deploys sensibly. He should also keep his fingers crossed that they play Defence Line!

Overview: This building is mine, your Infantry are redundant! Unless you shoot it. Please don't shoot it, kay?

Eddard Never-Stubborn, The Rainbow Sorcerer - PHR

Our Techboy 2000 has new toys and he's not going to let anyone stop him from using them! I'll give you a minute to let the dread sink in after seeing that Heavy battlegroup. Feeling all helpless and goosebumply? That's the natural response, so don't worry.

The first wave of Ed's AT in this list is ferocious, and sports eight E11 and four E10 shots from one BG which is no laughing matter (unless you're Ed of course). On top of this his Heras will do well at sniping exposed squads or units from afar. There is an issue however, and that is how long it takes that wave to get down and shooting. For all its pro's the Njord's con is that it is terribly slow, and I think taking one may even be a sexy, violent trap! Ed won't be looking to drop until turn 3 in some games, and that could very well be too late.

Luckily his Infantry are far more mobile than all that armour and his Valkyries will bounce merrily around the field. Another strength is the amount and variation of AA, and Ed will feel well positioned to nail pretty much any air craft.

Although I don't feel this list is 'optimised' it should be a lot of fun to play with, and if Ed can deploy a Burnt Earth policy to each of his opponents he should do pretty well!

Overview: Lads-Lads-Lads on tour! Who are ya?! Who are ya?!

Joanathan Whodunnit, Squeeky Clean Snuggle Boy

Judging by the amount of AA in Joe's list, you would have thought there is still a looming threat wobbling about in the sky... The smattering of the AA over the BG's is nice, and a squad of each dedicated unit forms the perfect 'trifecta' of air control. This showing of flak actually follows a current curve in the meta, with commanders choosing to take more AA than previously.

Shaltari AA is expensive though, and Joe's AT has unfortunately suffered for it. Caimans will do what they do, and the Ghariel can be clutch in close up situations, but his Tarantulas are unlikely to get much board time (as is the case with most Shaltari lists, dead activation shenanigans). I'm actually surprised and a little disappointed for such a common Hog build from Joe, as I was hoping for something a little more left field; Firebirds, multiple Totems, Jaguar's, etc. The list build is good, but just boring, you can do better Jojo!

Joe will be fine though. He's a good gamer, and Shaltari will win games just because shenanigans!

Overview: Those magnificent squids in their flying machines, ehy? We'll show them just how magnificent they really are.

Nickel Butch, The Fake Deal - Scourge

I'm both happy and sad with Mike's list. I'm happy because I think it's great and uses a much maligned heavy choice in the Slayer. I'm sad because I can't really troll him about being power gamer with it. Booo!

Anyway, the list. It has lots of guns, and with the Overseer exuding its battery boosting static across the battlefield those guns become double the trouble. Literally, in fact. A singular Reaver should never be discounted, and although it will lack the punch to take squads head on it performs mopping up duty very well. I touched upon the Slayers, and their inclusion in the list is very welcome. I still don't value the tank but Mike is very good at making the most out of small, 'specialist' units.

The Achilles heel in this list is Infantry, with only a single squad of Destroyers to lead the charge. Mike has played with UCM for long enough to know how to avoid CQB though, and of course the Corruptor will help him worm out of any trouble he gets in!

Overview: There may be double ahead, but while there's plasma, and hosts, and Scourge, and romance, just use the prolapse and laugh.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the chap's lists, and how you think they will perform this weekend!

Interesting fact about Warfare this year - precisely 0 UCM players are attending. Read into that what you will.

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  1. Great review, Dan, thanks!

    So, how'd it go? Seems that Nickel faced Drcox of forum fame in the final round. Looking forward to results...