Thursday, 12 January 2017

Rise of the Phoenix

Title and pic is a bit overly dramatic

Basically, I'm playing UCM again, and I'm taking them to Invasion at the end of this month. Mainly because there is not a lot of love for them, they are the perennial underdog.

I'm not sure in the current meta (do I even know what it is at the moment??) that the UCM are that effective, hey ho, I'm taking them anyway. I'm going in.....

Normally I'm really excited about Invasion, this time I'm a little less enthused. Literally NOTHING has changed since last Invasion in Sep '16. No errata/FAQ, no new units, nothing.

Actually I lie, something has happened (touched on by Erik's superb post), the DzC community has dwindled. From my perspective, fewer people are playing the game. I attribute this to a couple of reasons
  • Lack of solid DzC support in 2016
  • Mismanagement of DfC Kickstarter
Let me elaborate. DzC had some unit releases last year, we covered them some were great, some were ok and some were really not good. I feel that the releases were rushed and possibly not play-tested just so they could go into a book (which was way overdue). After Phase 2 dropped, nothing, radio silence. No updates, tweaks or anything. Hawk this is your main game! You have been supporting it and the community since 2012, why stop now.......? Well, we all know; DfC.

This has affected DzC a hell of a lot more than it was supposed to. Players in the community are turning away from Hawk because of how it has been handled. This means games are not being played, or seen by potential new players.

I'm sorry I digress. This was not meant to be a moany post. I wanted to bring some positively back. I think I failed. 

I am looking forward to playing some games and seeing everyone again. I'm playing my first DzC game since mid-November this Friday, I think that is the longest I have gone without playing DzC since I first bought into it. 

So what do I want to achieve at Invasion. Simply - to rekindle my DzC fire and have fun. I have zero aspirations for top spot or even top 5 or so. If I can have fun with my army I'll be happy.

What will I need and what do I want in my army? Well, I presume critical locations will be a thing, so some early game speed and then late game staying power. There will be a lot of Scourge still, so decent mobile AA and some blasts and for good measure a Ferrum or 2? Nah just one........maybe 2...

Well this is horrible. Not very versatile, a little one-dimensional. Looks like tones of fun to play though

Certainly a more rounded list, I think I'll use it this Friday - see how it goes. It does mean I need to get painting. I'll need to finish my Broadsword and 4 bases of Flak Legionnaires. 

I'll certainly report back next week on my findings

Mike out


  1. Our Bay Area DzC meta has dwindled to pretty much just me and maybe two other guys who can play once a month, if they are lucky. You hit the nail on the head: things like the Panther and the lack of tweaks have been very disheartening here. I hope they can turn this feeling around quick!

    That said, I organized a DfC meetup last Saturday that went really well! We had 11 players show up, we all learned a lot, and fun was had by all! Really like that game! Event post linked here...

    1. 3 units in particular need an overhaul or reworking, the Panther, Overseer and Typhoon.

      Glad you got a decent turnout for DfC, I'm just not feeling it. I find a few things too much in the game. Maybe it's because I delved straight in with Shaltari. They seem a bit over powered and need toning down. They seem to break core game rules a lot, I guess that's the same as DzC though.

    2. Yeah, them being Daves fave is really starting to show. We didn't have any Shaltari fleets show up. Probably just as well. It is a great change from DzC, though. I enjoy DfC without it being as intense for me as a game of DzC sometimes is. Plus the models are amazingly detailed for the scale.

    3. Hey, just saw this post -- been kinda busy, and frankly gave up on your blog, Mike, for a while.

      We've had the opposite effect here -- we've added a new Dropzone player, the usual suspects are still in it (we had an eight player DzC tournament yesterday, our largest in almost 2 years), and we've got a whole new crop of Dropfleet players, and that's just in the East Valley -- there more DfC players in the West Valley, too. Of course, getting a new FLGS in the East Valley, one that is highly pro-Hawk products, has helped considerably, I'm sure!

      But, yeah, Shaltari do break the basic rules of DfC, but it's no different than Dropzone, same kinda way, and it makes for some very interesting variety. I wouldn't say they're broken, just that Voidgates need to be toned down a little... That will come, I'm sure, but the game is only about three months old, afterall...

      And I've had the opposite reaction to Dropfleet than Rich -- the games I've played have been at least as intense as my Dropzone recollections, if not more, and I LOVE it! I don't play games to relax, I play to be mentally challenged and stimulated in ways I can't get anywhere else, and DzC and DfC are just my kinda drug! 8^D

      And we've gotten the much-needed FAQ and Errata for Dropzone, too, probably right after you dropped this blog post, Mike. The Panther has been appropriately toned down, as has the Overseer, although who knows if that's enough, as no one here uses one yet. So, hopefully, you'll have a ball at Invasion, and get back into the swing of things!

  2. I think you should go with list. Because only 1 Ferrum. I thnk you will have a much better time playing a bit more relaxed without the double Ferrum. It will decrease your chances to win - but the games will be more interesting.

    Thank for the support on my blog as well.


  3. With the star sprite now focus 3 any thoughts?

    1. I'm a little disappointed by that change. Think they should have lost scout, rather than a drop in energy. UCM are hitting with boxing gloves rather than bare knuckles these days.

    2. Padded gloves lined with shock absorbing material i say. :p

  4. I have to say that I'm really enjoying dropfleet, but I am playing the hogs. I haven't played enough to know if they are broken, but voidgates do seem very good value for the points.....

    I share the frustrations over the kick starter and dropzone inactivity but I am hoping hawk will get back on track when they finish shipping. I also wonder how much hawk Simon's absence is hurting them-he seemed to do a lot of the PR and rules queries. I still don't understand why he left?


  5. Glad to see you're going with UCM again, Mike, and I like the second list a helluva lot better than the first one.

    Best of luck!

    (Meanwhile, I have the LVO the weekend after Invasion, and I'll be playing my PHR again, bu that's just me. I will make a point to post up on my blog with my list, but as there's no cutoff date for list submission, I'm not sure I'm secure enough to do so prior to the event...)

    BTW, the LVO will be where the first ever Hawk-sponsored Dropfleet tournament in the world takes place, not UK Games Day -- just sayin'... 8^D