Friday, 28 April 2017

New Mission: Forward Air Base V2

Took me a couple of goes to understand this one #brainpower
As the great Sun Tzu (great name, great hair, and just generally a great attitude) once said, back in the 80's I think, "No plan survives contact with the enemy". He was of course chatting about war, but this is a philosophy that you can attribute to a large number of different items too, for instance; No fruit survives contact with the work fruit-bowl, No toothpaste survives contact with my teeth, No Tory promise survives contact with reality, and this is true as well with missions design; No mission design survives contact with your friends, they will gut it and ruin it and deform your vision into something completely obtuse and repugnant. It's okay really, they haven't been too bad, and actually although I wouldn't like to admit it to them, they've been quite useful!

We are ready to roll out the second version of both our new missions, and I have for you today Forward Air Base V2!

In essence this mission hasn't changed tremendously, with the units able to score remaining as only Vehicles and Aircraft. What has changed is the location of the Flight Zones, which have been pushed out into the 'neutral' corners of the board which makes it that little more difficult to reach them and requires more commitment, and also how the Flight Zones score. Rather than scoring 2 VPs for owning a Flight Zone on turns three and six, you will instead earn 1 VP on turn three for ownership and none for contesting. On turn six normal Focal Point rules apply, with 2 VPs going to the owner and 1 VP awarded for contesting.

Having them only dish out a single victory point on the third turn makes it worth while to consolidate on a Flight Zone early on, but not catastrophic in the event that one player would not be able to contest, as they will only be marginally behind in points. Bringing the scoring back to 2/1 on the sixth turn encourages players to commit more firepower to these areas and lay down effective AA coverage.

Having played this at 1000 points and having a real good game against Tech Boy (even with no objectives being found until turn five!) I will enthusiastically give it the '1500 point seal of approval'! You can see the new mission details below, and download the PDF through the following link. Let me know how you find it!


  1. I like this version much better! Making it harder to run away with the game is key to these non-standard missions. I also LOVE that you have illustrated the mission with a "normal" (tournament pack) number of buildings on the sheet. Well done!

    1. It's only non-standard for now, you wait until it turns up in a Hawk document under a different name... ;)

      Glad you like it chap, let me know how it plays for you!

  2. I like this version better, too. Looking forward to trying it out!