Friday, 26 May 2017

Critical Engagement 17: Missions and Prizes

Greetings valued readership

As I mentioned in a previous post about our annual tournament Critical Engagement '17, I have put together the missions pack.

Also we have locked in some of the finest event sponsors for prize support.... exciting times!

We are pleased to announce that DarkOps, wargaming terrain producers of the highest order, will be supporting Critical Engagement for the second year running, with some prize support and a gift for each attendee.

Go check out their range of DarkZone 10mm scale buildings plus other amazing scenery.

Our next sponsor  are creators and purveyors of some of the most gorgeous gaming mats on the market. Their Dropzone and Dropfleet range are some of the best looking and most extensive that I have found. Some really beautiful creations. Take a look for yourselves - you'll be impressed!!

Deepcut will be supplying a beautiful night-scape dropzone mat which we will use for table 1 and be giving away as a prize for the champion of critical Engagement '17

Hawk Wargames (bless their cotton socks) will also be in attendance and supplying prize support. We have some more details about this coming at a later date with something extra we will be doing...... but that is for another post, another time.

So on to the meat and gravy of Critical Engagement, the missions.
They can be downloaded from our Google drive here

We are introducing 2 new missions, bringing back a favourite and adding a standard Hawk mission with a tweek.

Mission 1 - Bunker Assault
Standard Bunker Assault but we have added the bonus of an extra victory point if you control the Bunker closest to the enemies deployment zone.

Mission 2 - Civilian Extraction
A brand new mission, which we debuted on the blog last month. It has been revised after some play-testing and we think it is a great fun mission to play.

Mission 3 - Forward Air Base
Another new mission, allowing aircraft and vehicles to hold flight zones whilst the infantry search for the elusive objectives. Another fun and interesting mission to play

Mission 4 - Military Complex (WMD version)
This mission was first seen at Critical Engagement 2016. It is standard Military Complex, but the central objective is a nuclear warhead and needs extracting off the opponents - to deliver a WMD into the heart of the opponents main force.

Well, that wraps up what we will be playing on the day, if you are interested - don't hesitate. Come on down and join us

Tickets are £15 (paypal to
1000 points clash, with a limit of 1 rare squad per rare choice (instead of 2)

Let us know what you think of the missions in the comments


  1. Are any of you guys coming to the dropzone/dropfleet tourneys at the UK games Expo?

    1. Indeed, TechBoy and the Gimp will be donning their starships and aiming to not come last
      Bethany and I are playing.......(whispers very quietly)........Infinity. But we will be there from Thursday to Sunday, come say hi if you see us

  2. Best of luck with Critty-E!