Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Space Samurai and Bikes

Infinity, Infinity, Infinity........ where do I start?
The beginning would probably be the best idea.

I have known about the game for a while, when I say "known about" what I mean is, I was aware that there was a game called Infinity. I have always been predominantly a 'one game' kind of guy, as in, I will play one game as my main game to the detriment of all others. I dabble with the odd casual game in and around my main game too. I started with 40k back in 1995! I played that until the end/half way through 6th edition when my interest in it was really waning, I then picked up Dropzone Commander and have played that pretty religiously from the end of 2012 until now(ish).

Alex (over at the Epitude Rusk blog) is a massive fan boy of Infinity. He has a butt-load of models and even more scenery. He bullied me into gave me an intro a long while ago maybe early 2015 or late 2014ish. I really didn't enjoy it. In fact I'd go so far as to say I hated it.

The main reason was critical hits or crits as they are more commonly known. I also couldn't get my head around needing a higher number than your opponent when you both require different numbers.
Back to the crit thing, let me give you an example; I had 4 shots needing a 13 or lower on each dice, the model I was shooting has 1 shot back needing a 6 or lower (on a D20 - Infinity is a D20 system). I get 4 hits, my opponent rolls a 6 (which is a crit) which negates all my hits. Bullshit. That one situation put me off even looking at the game for a long time.

Fast forward to December 2016 and I find myself looking through the infinity rulebook online (quick shout out to Corvus Belli the creators of Infinity; their online resource support of the game is utterly tremendous. From free rules, tokens, templates and FAQ to their Army builder and tournament organisation system - it is above and beyond), and ogling the lurvly models (mainly the models from the Japanese Sectorial Army - JSA. Rule of cool, right?). I found myself a bargain and bought a model. It was Yojimbo. If nothing else, I would enjoy painting him. He is a Samurai on a bike!
I had another demo with Alex, but this time I was prepared. I had read through the rules and actually had an understanding and a desire to play. I really enjoyed it. I went out and bought the JSA starter set. Alex then sorted me out with a load of Yu Jing models that he had kicking around and I quickly found myself with over 300 points worth - in Infinity terms, an army.

2017 for me has been a year of Infinity. I have been playing it and enjoying it more and more. Slowly but surely it is becoming my main game. This is a little difficult for me to admit as I still have a hell of a lot of love for Dropzone Commander, but a massive transition for Hawk Wargames and lack of support for over a year makes players start to look elsewhere.

So here we are now. I have 1100 points worth of JSA and a further 450 of Yu Jing, I have played in a tournament (UK Games Expo) and I even won a game at the tournament too! As I now have a fair few games of Infinity under my belt (30+) I feel I am beginning to understand it more. There is still a lot I don't know and I learn new things each and every game. Infinity is a DEEP ruleset, there is so much going on. Playing the game is very cinematic. You get moments of sheer joy and absolute torture. Obviously luck comes into any dice based game, but more and more I feel that I can put myself in decent situations to help mitigate the lucky dice, or at the very least have the odds stacked heavily in my favour.
I love the puzzle of Infinity, trying to work out the best tools for the job. I like how you design lists for specific missions, like you are sending in a team to get a job done. The mission is key.

I am attending my second tournament this weekend - the St.Albans Smackdown. The good news is, all the OB boys are coming too. Yay road trip!!!!

Alex playing Nomads
Dan playing Haqqislam
Ed playing Steel Phalanx (Aleph sectorial)
Joe playing Combined Army
Me with JSA (Yu Jing sectorial)

I have even finished painting my army for it so below are some pictures of the models I am taking (apologies for the photos - camera phone in poor light conditions)

Neko - badass Samurai

The new Shikami model, one of the best looking sculpts
Yuriko Oda and her Yao Zao - a decent Engineer!

Keisotsu Fire team with a missile launcher and a Kempetai to boss them about

Doctor and her Yao Zao worker bot

Raiden with Heavy Rocket Launcher
Crit-bot 2000 - HMG wielding total reaction REM

Shinobu, she be nasty

Ninja killer hacker - I have recently come to appreciate her more and more

My HVT - not an Infinity model, she is from the Clan Ito Bushido range 

The deadly Rui Shi, one of my absolute favourite models

Aragoto with Spitfire, can be outrageous if played correctly

O-Yoroi TAG. He is a big nasty bastard!

My first Infinity model, Yojimbo, also my most recently finished Infinity model - only took a year!

The whole family that I am taking to Smackdown

Well that is all for me for now, I will come back after the tournament to let you know how I have done. My expectation are set to low. If I win a game and be competitive in the other 2 I'll be happy!

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  1. Look at all those beauties :) Good luck! For honour! For death!