Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Critical Engagement 2014: Rules Pack and Mission Booklet

The picture above is fairly self-explanatory, but for those of you who are a little slow of mind...

We have finally finished tweaking the details, and the rules pack and mission booklet for Critical Engagement 2014 are ready for you guys to enjoy! All details for the tourney are included in the Rules Pack, and the three unique missions which will be being played are in the Mission Booklet. Simply click on the links below to view:

We would like as much feedback as possible regarding the missions, so please feel free to comment below. If you have any questions in regards to the missions, or the tournament in general, you can email Dan or Mike at

It is also worth noting that there are only 20 spaces available, so act fast!


  1. Looking forward to this. Missions are great fun to play too

  2. Damn it looks good! A competitor-blog will soon give the feedback on his blog! :-) It really gives some fresh perspective on the missions.

  3. Feel free to try them out and let us know what you think - we have given them a testing and really enjoyed the missions and how they play.

  4. One thing though, I think sportsmanship always should go the player with the lowest position when tied. I am the kind of guy that thinks it is very hard to be a nice player when I roll bad and make stupid mistakes. I find it much easier to be nice when everything is going my way. Also, using the lowest tiered player when a draw also mean the lower ranked payers will be able to get home with some award.

    1. We've been running tournaments for a little while, and have found that it is normally harder to get a vote if you are hammering your opponent, and as such are a genuine 'good sport'.

      Not to say your way is wrong of course, but for us 'if it isn't broken don't fix it' :)

    2. In sweden there is about 50-50 in opinion in this matter. So there are many opinions about it either way. In discussions on the swedish 40k forum it basically goes down like this:

      1. Winner should get the sportsmanship. It is harder to make the opponent enjoy the game when you smash them to bits. Also it encourage players to still be a bit competitive and is a good way of showing people the possibility of being a good general as well as a decent bloke. It is also a good way to show that the game can be competitive and still enjoyable.

      2. looser should get the sportsmanship. It is harder to make the opponent enjoy the game when you being crushed and still make the game a fun one for the opponent. Also you will get a better spread on the prices instead of the risk that one player goes home with several prizes. This is based on a theory that more people will play in the tournament if there are more different prize-winners.

      So I fully understand your reasoning. My opinion is based on the (again, theory) experience I have that people tend to vote on buddies and people they know. These people usually know each other because of playing in tournaments. That means they have a tendency to play more tournaments and thus will end up in a higher position. So we have a group that will place higher as well as ignore people they don't know. Now my theory is that if you have the lowest ranking player when tied the players that "buddy"-vote will not be as effective as often as if you had the highest ranking player as a tie-breaker. As always a TO should always go with they like - that is the most important rule.