Saturday, 21 June 2014

It's A Load Of Old Rubble, Really.

I hope they were insured...
If your games tend to be anything like ours, the local cradle world building contractors look on them with greedy eyes. The average loss of buildings in our 1500 point games tends to be about three, though if Sgt Slaughter is using his PHR this always at least doubles!

Now, this post isn't about building demolition; I think the rule is fine, and is a viable tactic. Unless you're using six Katanas and an Eagle, in which case you can just bugger off. No, this post is in regards to what is meant to be left on the battlefield after the building is removed: Rubble!

Possibly due to his prolificacy in building demo, Sgt Slaughter has put together a box of rubble for us to use in games. Having this done, or even a template to represent a patch of rubble, can be very interesting in your games. It provides an impassable area for all vehicles which is an inch high. This still hides the standard tank, but for taller units like Jaguars and Hades, it provides an avenue for them to be shot and targeted in return.

I would fully suggest either making some, or at least testing it out in your games if you don't do so already. Even if the rules don't come into affect, it makes your battlefield tell a story (or forge a narrative possibly?..) which can make battles that little more memorable!

The below 'mounds', have been made from stacked foam board which has been cut to shape. Plastic girders have been added, and they are topped with a mixture of sands. I have taken a couple of large brushes and dry-brushed the hell out of them, and then used a couple of weathering powders to finish.  


  1. Those look really nice, good job.

    I'd quite like a nice printable 'Building rubble template' just because I'm lazy and really like that my dropzone terrain all fits in a nice small flat box. If anyone has seen one let me know ;-)

  2. Very nice. I plan to make the same.

  3. I love things like this - they add a lot of character, and also, give more meaning to things like Walkers and Articulation.