Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Welcome to the new world...

Mind = Blown

We told you something was coming, so the hot news off the press from Orbital Bombardment is.......drum roll please........

We have ventured into the extremely murky and desolate wasteland of PODCASTS. 
Our first podcast has been recorded and edited, ready for your ears delectation (you should have heard some of the cutting room floor stuff - talk about off topic!!).

As it's our first one, it's called Introductions and blatherings - I know, I know really imaginative. 

We talk about: 

  • News - News from the world of Hawk
  • What are you playing at!? - Our current hobby projects 
  • Discussionzone - Fast Movers and Forward Air Observors
  • Character Building - Playing with Famous Commander lists
RSS FEED for those that need it:

Now available Via Feedburner, Subscribe there to get us on Itunes.

Download Link now available on Soundcloud.

For ZombieState and I, it is the first time we have ever done a podcast (Edchopp is an old pro). Zombie is personally responsible for all jingles - please don't blame the rest of us!

Let us know what you thought in the comments (be kind), also let us know if there is anything that you think urgently needs discussing and we'll probably think about it.


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  1. Replies

  2. bUMMER, I prefer to read

    1. Don't worry buddy, we will be continuing the blog as normal. The podcast is a secondary avenue for us, to discuss topics which are tricky to write about.

  3. Looking forward to listening but can you put up a direct download link?

  4. Edchopp is working on it, apparently there are problems with Soundcloud and iTunes playing nicely together. Ed said it will be sorted out this evening. I'll get him to post up here once he has.

  5. Golf Wisky is a swearword. Pay the pot guy's ;)
    Fun to listen to will painting, but you missed the news from Spiel( which means: Game)

    1. Sadly the post was made three days after we recorded. We'll mention it in the next pod, some people may not have read it. And the Spiel thing, good to know!

  6. I only came through about a third until the phone quit. I really liked it though. Some thoughts:

    1. I prefer 1 hour episodes released more often. You don't have to release a full episode every month. I strongly think 45 minutes episodes (i e 1 episode split in half) released more often will do a lot. You can record one episode and then split it for full effect.
    2. Really want that download. I'm driving 1 hour 10 minutes each day and it sucks all the internet out of my phone. But if I can download it beforehand through my wifi.
    3. I like a more detailed description of the episode. "News (starts at 0:00:00): We talk about the new HQ releases and what we know about them." Not much really but a time and just a tiny bit more explanation of what you will talk about make it looks a little more like "pro".
    4. Above points are really just bitching about details. The part I listened to really got me hooked! Great job and a wonderful thing to do! I just hope we swedes get our starting soon.

    1. 1. We won't record that often. But I may suggest breaking down podcasts or recording multiple subjects in one session to the group. Editing it together later will be nice and easy.
      2. Download link added to soundcloud now dude hope it all works for you. Also you can use the widget in the top right corner to subscribe through itunes.
      3. Will definitely try to add more detail contents wise in the descriptions. Always trying to get more professional.
      4. No worries dude, we're going through some teething things until we get into the swing of it. Thanks for listening.

  7. Hey guys, Download link added to the Soundcloud player. Or you can subscribe in Itunes using the Widget in the top right corner of the Blog page.

  8. Nice cast.
    Agree too long
    Need "show notes" like these guys:

    But all in all a good listen.

    I'll be back,

  9. Finally listen through it. I do feel that recording such an episode but release it as a two parter would make it a bit smoother. Download worked great on android BTW. The Apollo list sounds really, really cool! Look forward to next one /Egge

    1. That's our plan for the next one. We will be recording and splitting it into 2. The first one will be out beginning of Dec, then a mini-sode a couple of weeks after
      Glad you enjoyed it

  10. Great work guys, a really solid podcast. A great way to pop your audio cherry. It did end a bit abruptly though. Could have done with a 'Next time on Orbital Bombardment ......' section. Still being your first one I appreciate you probably aren't that planned up (I know I wasn't for mine). Anyway still a fantastic way to distract myself from the hell that is assembling jags ;)

    Static_Geek (aka Ade)

    1. Thanks for your feedback! It ended like that as my missus came home, and we had severely over-run...

      Planning that far ahead in advance is tricky, but with our new format we should be able to do something along those lines; definite food for thought!