Monday, 3 November 2014

There's something big coming...........

Team Orbital Bombardment have been working on something. Something big. Something scary. Something wonderful..................

On Wed 5th November, we will be able to share it with everyone............until then, you will have to be content with a quick synopses of how Critical Engagement: Assault on Atlantia went.

We ran 3 events over the weekend of the 1st-2nd November 1 day Dropzone, 2day 40k and 1 day X-Wing. Unfortunately this hampered attendance for Dropzone, apparently there is still a pull for 40k!
We still soldiered on with 6 of us battling it out.

It was probably the closest tournament I have ever partaken in with bottom to top separated by only 19 points and only 1 point separating 1st to 3rd.

Here are the results:
1st Joe (SkullSword) Resistance 38
2nd Ed (Edchopp) PHR 38
3rd Mike (MegaMike) UCM 37
4th Pete PHR  29
5th Rob Scourge 19
6th Stephen UCM 19

I finished with 2 wins and a loss to Joe in the last game, which was gutting as I went into the game with a 5 point lead overall. If it wasn't for my flamers leaving 1 MFR alive in a building and that lone MFR finding an objective on a 6 it would have been a different story all together. I still came away with best sport........lucky I'm not bitter or anything


  1. Hey. Any comment on Resistance winning the tournament? I suppose SkullSword is a very good player but maybe the "new army" which no one knows really was helping out?
    I am looking forward for tomorrow!

  2. I played him in the last game with a "non-optimal" UCM list (it had Scimitars in it!!!). I played the game almost exactly how I wanted to, I focused on stopping his troops (2 squads of MFR, 2 squads of Res Fighters and a squad of Freeriders) getting his home objective and was in perfect position to stop him getting the middle objective, but my flamers left 1 mfr alive in the building (some bad rolling on my part), he rolled a 6 on his 1 and only objective search in the entire game and extracted the objective.
    I take nothing away from Joe, he played very well and deserved his tournament win, but you can't legislate for freak luck.