Wednesday, 7 January 2015

OB Podcast Episode 3: Vive Le Resistance

We know the French is wrong, we may just have realised to late to change it...

Happy New Year fellow Zoners! We are delighted to bring you Episode 3 in our new podcast series! In this episode we cover the lack of news and our latest hobby projects. We have also included 1500 point Resistance lists based on how we think the Resistance will play.

Again we have split our topics and will be releasing an Episode 3.5 in a fortnight or so. This is a discussion about the gun ships in the current meta, so keep your ears to the ground for that!

Running times

Introduction: 00:00 - Introduction of the team talking this week: Dan (ZombieState), Ed (Edchopp), and Mike (Mega Mike).

News: 02:10 A distinct lack of News
Where's Joe?
Advent Calender round up

What Are You Playing At?!: 20:03 - The boys all chat hobby, with their latest game shenanigans. Dan talks Scourge winning and losing - apparently he doesn't like the Desolator, Ed chats about more PHR hardships and a spanky new airbrush, Mike still can't decide on a paint scheme for Shaltari! and his Christmas gifts. 
We all moan about Joe being a spawny w**ker when it comes to dice rolling!

Game Changers - The Resistance: 45:00 - We all have a go at making a Resistance list; Dan goes allied whilst Ed and I go feral. Interesting patterns emerge as to how our lists are created. Lists will be up on the blog soon for the readers. We talk about how Resistance are going to play, what are essential units, what's hot and what's not.

We hope you enjoy listening, and please leave any comments and feedback you have below!

Edit: Hello chaps, just to let you know we have a subscription service available by doing the following.

This way you'll get the podcasts sent straight to you, and in some cases earlier than we put them on the blog. (EdChopp)

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  1. Great Pod! And thanks for mentioning the Swedish blog! :)
    I'm just curious how you would build a 1500 point list with a Leviathan in it? :P

    1. Personally, I wouldn't. I think they are too cumbersome on the tabletop, plus I'm not really fond of the weapons. If you go with the AA, what goes inside? More Gun Wagons.
      Filling the Leviathan is tricky as it only takes 2 squads or 1 massive squad. I think if I had to I would have 2 squads of 12 rocket technical inside it. I think a drill is a better way to deploy them though

    2. My toughts extacly... But it's a cool model. But it would be fun too see how you guys would build a list if you were forced to have one. :)

  2. Nice podcast. It would be really good, if you post the army lists on the blog as well.
    I played my first DzC game yesterday with the Resistance battlebox + Drill against Shaltari. It was great fun, although I lost.
    The infantery in Jackson + Lifthawk are really in a disadvantage when taking objectives. It is hard to split up for the search. Nevertheless, the drill really helped me in recovering one objective already in turn 3. Woaaahh... this thing is so good.

    1. Lists will be up either over the weekend or on Monday. Glad you liked the podcast.
      The drill is so good, it really shakes up the game. Look into getting some choppers and free riders and an Alexander (command choice) next

    2. I already ordered the stuff 2 month ago, but they are not delivering.
      One idea for improvement: If you talk about army lists on the podcast, it would be much easier for the audience, when you first just read the whole list and afterwards discuss why you took choice XY. In the recent pod, I ended up being confused what actually was in the individual lists. ;-)

  3. Really great podcast. Entertaining and great content about the game, just like the others.

  4. In the first list,did you mention you put missiles on the mfr raven??
    I only ask because my book doesnt give that option

    1. I used FFOR and it has an option for missiles on the Raven which, as has been pointed out to me, they actually can't have. It will get amended when we post the lists!

    2. I think they can. The guy that make the FFoR are in contact with Dave and Simon when he does it and he have said that the Raven can have it...

  5. It's been clarified on the forum in Rules section. They can take missiles.