Wednesday, 21 January 2015

OB Podcast Episode 3.5: Black Falcon Down

We have been at it once more, and happily bring you episode 3.5 of our continuing podcast series! This time round we talk about gunships, both big and small, and run through the finer points of all of the aerial daredevils.

Running time:

Introduction: 00:00 – Mike ruins my introduction of the episode, but we get round to it in the end.

Light Gunships: 02:45 - Opinions on how they currently stand, and ways we think certain units could be improved.
Heavy Dropships: 20:40 – Our thoughts on the larger dropships available.

Also, bonus points for the first listener who can tell us the time of the editing error... (all this proves is that Edchopp is human, I suppose.)

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Do any of you have any differing thoughts to ours on the gunships? Or maybe ways in which you would change them to make them more competitive, or just more balanced. I demand your comments!

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  1. Great podcast guys, PHR have Apollo for the light dropship role. They do me fine, the only issue is everything can fire at them...

  2. Best podcast to date! Well done, sir (s). Though I do not agree with some of your conclusions ;-)

    A response have been posted on the swedish blog.


  3. Hey, about subscribing to your podcasts, I use an iPad for most of my browsing time on the interwebs, but when I click on the iTunes option in the Subscribe To Podcasts section, I get an error saying that Safari can't open the page because the address is bad. Is there something that needs to be fixed on your end? Or is there an alternative way to get notifications of new OB podcasts via iTunes?

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Bit chaotic, but fun to hear.
    I do not like the falcon, but on fluff reasons. Same reason I don't like wolverine A's. It has gattle cannons and only 1 shot? Give it E7 6shots and focus 1 and that will fit in with the fluff.

    But comming back to how I would use it. I would par 2 with a condor carring bears fully loaded. Hide both behind a building on turn 1. Then turn 2 move directly at AA unit. My opponent now must reaction fire or get shot up. This will let my condor move freely. Either he destroys my gunships and he can't fire at my condor or they blok line of sight to my condor.

    1. I'm gonna take chaotic as a compliment....
      I agree with the multiple shot weapon system and a cheaper price. Maybe in version 2 of the rules!

    2. Aircraft don't block line of sight of other aircrafts... ;)

    3. Snolb Are you sure? Everything was true line of sight i thoughed. But maybe i overlooked it...
      @Mega Mike: it is semi. Its fun to listen to but sometimes a bit hard to follow when I'm doing stuff.

    4. Nevermind, got it in the rulebook. p25. Atleast we have been consistent with making this mistake. Thanks for pointing it out Snolb


  5. Finally got to listen to it.

    UCM falcon? I've used one to moderate success rushing forward @ 2" away from AA to hit something in the back field (ferrum, ocelot, commander w/ AA cover). Its a sniper unit. Of course I don't have any eagles, If I did = I'd never use a falcon. Needs to be 40pts and/or come w/ 2 range 12 shots.

    Shamtari Lt GS = junk. I've seen 4 used, great if you can make 5+ saves all day. I think this is were the high cost come from for both the GS and their FM.

    edit-Firedrake, what can say take 2 for aux gate/board control. Fly them in and hover over enemy unit and blast the ones not under you. Go ahead an shoot me out of the sky = 50% to do S10 hit to eveythin under the large template (late game move of course).

    Scourge GS = Rocks

    Resistance Lt/Hv GS = have not used yet (just started painting my resistance)

    PHR, its called a trition A2? Mercury drone carrier, quite usefull to fire some AT shots OoLoS. L-2 and expensive.

    Keep them coming.

  6. Yeah, just got a chance to listen, first time, great stuff.

    When my regular opponent plays UCM he sometimes takes Falcons, but only in higher points games (which is what we usually play). The last time he used them he was very canny with them, keeping them On The Deck behind some medium buildings until he had taken out all my Phobis, then the damn things pounced and started taking chunks out of my offensive with impunity. Sure, it meant they didn't do much for 3 or even 4 turns, but they kept me from getting too many points worth of my stuff near the the remaining focal point in his half of the table in a Surging Strike mission, which contributed to him winning the game (IIRC). So in that way, they can be very effective, but you have to be patient with them and wait to pounce. But in a 1,500 point list, nah, wouldn't touch em.

    No one I know uses the Thunderbird, and there's plenty of Shaltari players in my meta. Nuff said.

    I absolutely hate facing Reavers, which is why I'm looking forward to playing them in my new Scourge army!

    Cyclones absolutely ROCK! They're one of the primary reasons I started a Resistance army. I have 4 built, with another 2 blisters of them waiting in the wings (remember, I like larger points games). Agree that they're great in the Heavy/Rusted Fist battle groups, but also very doable in the HQ BG, and like you said, when teamed up with Freeriders, you've got really good synergy in that BG.

    I haven't played much with my UCM, but I think the Ragle is great, but I agree that it deserves one more DP, and then it would be just ~that~ much more survivable. But I have only played it vs PHR, so if I can reach out and touch him with my Eagle's railguns, his Phobos can probably touch back, so I need to try my UCM against other armies, like Scourge, or Resistance.

    We hatessss the Firedrakes! Shaltari is the one army I don't currently own, and yes, every Shaltari player always brings one, so I think it is a 1+, as you said. It is always a target priority for my AA, and (hint) I've had pretty good success with Gun Wagons in a Kraken. With a little luck, 3 can take out a Firedrake in one round of shooting, which makes the Shaltari player a very sad panda.

    Haven't gotten around to playing my Resistance as Ferral, still exploring my Allied side, but it's on my list of things to get eventually. It already has a nice area of foam reserved for it in my Resistance bag.

    The Hellhog was the other big seller for me on the Resistance, after the Cyclones. I like using it with the extra ammo, but need to give it a try with the AA missiles one of these days. Still working on my tactics with how best to use it with the extra ammo. But very much looking forward to getting Karl Foley's custom ride, and another Hellhog to go with the one I already have to take advantage of Foley's special rule for them.

    Harbingers: Hate them when I face them, so like the Reavers, looking forward to using mine...

    Good stuff, guys, thanks!

  7. Awesome podcast guy, some solid content there. I had already had a few thoughts about the thunderbird. Maybe allowing full movement out of gates and to shoot the turn they materialise. Get some more shenanigans going on, and allow them to hit weak spots better. Either that or give them scout status for those cheeky gate cards. As the gun is stuck as it is as you mentioned, I don't think you can change that so it's either Dp and points or special rules.