Tuesday, 15 September 2015

OB Podcast Episode 9: Prevasion: The Return

So it’s been a while again. Damn life for being so lifey, and full of nonsense!
Invasion is approaching fast and we are all excited for the pinnacle of the tournament year.
We had a few interruptions whilst recording the pod including Sgt. Slaughters first bumbling appearance on our sacred sound-waves. Also there was an England match on the telly (my fault!). I might have also been eating fried chicken too.

I know, I know - very unprofessional.......

INTRO: 0:00:00

NEWS: 0:02:30
Dropfleet Commander (aka Chambers In Space now to be known as Orbital Bombardment: The Miniatures Game). Round up of what we know and what we have seen.

Dropzone Commander - we talk new releases, units and book. Also the errata.

Invasion 2015! Will we see any exclusives there? OB team issues (damn you Hawk). We do a live (pre-recorded live) team split for Invasion.

We want your suggestions for team names!


General hobby run down for each of us

Tournaments attended: Woking and Brighton

Lists for Invasion (see below for what we are all taking)


New units:
Resistance - Attack ATVs
PHR - Medusa and Triton X, Valkyries
Scourge - Screamer and Raider, Vampires
Shaltari - Pungari Auxiliaries, Samurai
UCM - Heavy Hazard Suits, Legionnaire Flak Teams

OUTRO: 1:58:30

See you in the warzone… I mean Croydon… no, I was right the first time.

But who went to Bolton?!

Invasion Lists
Below are the six lists we are taking to Invasion, 4 of which we discussed on the Pod.

Alex's (aka Epitude Rusk) first Scourge list

Mega Mikes UCM ....ooo naughty
Dans evil do-ers

Ed's double Medusa......you sick mo' fo'

Joe's bike or death list
Interesting from Pete, something a bit more mobile?

The OBies - New and Improved

Team OB are doing the OBies again this year. Just a bit of fun trying to predict where we come etc etc, I've added a "fantasy Invasion" into it too. It seems like most of us expect Joe to do very well this year - no pressure then!

The scoring is simple if you are correct you get 3 points, if you are close (1 player away or within 2 points of scores) you get 1 point.

In the fantasy Invasion I will add up all the points for the players selected. Whoever has the highest gets 6 points, 2nd gets 5 and so on and so forth.

The whole OBies is out of 30, going on my previous attempt, I doubt I will be scoring very high!!!!

Good luck to all those who are coming to Invasion, yes, even you!

If you have any suggestions for our team names leave them in the comments TTFN

All sounds effects used in the Orbital Bombardment Podcast are from http://www.freesfx.co.uk


  1. I'll have to listen later. I like the army lists.
    LB store for awards like last year, or are you just recycling the "turkey baster"?


    1. BTW-Pulling for Ed and Joe, I know it is like 50:1 odds, but got to love the under dogs.

    2. All new prizes this time, I'm keeping my turkey baster!
      I have a sneaky feeling if Joe gets a bit of luck he could be very near the top. Also since the release of the Medusa and Valkyries the PHR could do well, Ed has a great shout too.
      It will be tough, every year the tournament grows, as does the experience of the players.

    3. 56min in for today and time for work :(

      Team 1= OBi
      Team 2= OBii

  2. Great podcast, lads! A bit long (would prefer more frequently and somewhat shorter, if I can state my preference), and I only understood about 1/3 of what Sgt. Slaughter said, although I've got the rest of you lot down pretty well, only lost about 7% in translation, I think, between accents and colloquialisms.

    As for team names you could go with OB:Prime and OB:Whatever. (Sorry, Ed!)

    Ed: "I like Pete and Alex... Just not on my team..."


    I'll have to read thru the Limited Edition Hardback and look for those typos, would love to get a shout-out. But here's one for you that you might have missed: On pg 127 (PHR weapons) they have the wrong pictures for the RXp-57 "Dragon" Autosensing Personal Weapon and the RXp-14 "Longreach" Autosensing Anti-Materiel Rifle. They've switched the pictures between the two. This is verified by consulting pg 134, where they have the correct weapon next to its fluff text for both weapons. That's fubar, eh? Do I get a shout-out for catching that one? 8^D

    Anyway, have a blast at Invasion, and don't spend too much money on all the new shiny stuff they'll undoubtedly have there (I know you will). Say "Hi!" To Dave, Simon and Louis for me, and watch out for those pesky Germans! I have a feeling they're all gunning for your top spots, especially Darios (Markus) and Lorn (Leopold).

    Oh, and great lists, too, very interesting. I've copied Ed's PHR list, but swapped out the Zeus/Odin/Neptune for a Nemesis, which means I either have to take a squad of Sirens in place of the second Medusa (not terrible, but not at the heart of Ed's list, either, I know) or drop the Triton X off the second Medusa and give the Valkyries some Twin Stealth Missile Systems for their Tirtons, which isn't terrible, as it will be good to have a Medusa hang back to heal up my Nemesis from the damage he will undoubtedly take, and be a counter-punch unit. I might even run that list tomorrow vs Resistance! Glad to see Pete taking a Nemesis; will be interesting to see how many of those turn up, and how well those lists do...

    I'm going to copy Joe's list, too, as I've got the Freeriders to do it. :-o I like your lists, too, Mike & Dan, but I don't have the Hazard Teams built up yet, or enough Minders to run Dan's list. Looking forward to hearing how you do...

    Anyway, ta!

    1. Oops, my bad! Instead of dropping the second Triton X, I stepped the Lonreach Sniper Team down to regular old Immortals. Yeah, not too happy with those guys so far, but maybe having 2 Valkyrie Teams will give me enough CQB presence (needed in our meta). But as I think Ed or someone said in the closing minutes of this podcast, the Snipers can simply be avoided. Plus, I like the AA capability of regular old Immortals... Then I also upgraded one of the Valks' Tritons with missiles... That put me at 1,499 pts...

    2. Have you been talking to Dave? He told us about that one too.... you gotta find your own typos!!!!
      We are all really looking forward to Invasion. We had our last practice games last night. We rolled randomly to see who we would play and it ended u pas OB team 1 vs OB team 2 (OB team 1 beat team 2 2-1 with Joe letting us down vs Ed)

      Regarding Pete, no-one really understands him! That's his charm........

      I really like the majority of the lists we are taking. I think that the field is a lot more balanced nowadays too. Really anyone has a chance of winning, not just a good player with Shaltari.
      I have a feeling that the Germans really want to come and dominate Invasion, I might be wrong, just get that impression. There are going to be some really tough games.

      Only 3 days to go!!! We will try to have a blog post going with some updates and the new stuff with lots of pictures too.

    3. No, I found that error right away and reported it to Dave, who said "Yeah, we know" somewhat sheepishly. So, what, no credit for that one? Gyp! :-P

      Looking forward to whatever you can blog about! Best of luck! 8^D

  3. Like Ed I did end with 2 Medusas, but I am not giving up my 2 type 4s - we have to see how that go


  4. Well somebody metnioned "Germans" and "Domination" and my name so i guess that is some kind of summoning... *appearsinasmokecloud"
    I'm not entirely sure where anyone would get that impression from us jolly chaps planning such a evil military take over ^^. We wouldn't dare comin over by plain to conquer some nice island... would we? Nah never...

    But yup. We are really looking forward to this and we actually try to get into the top placement and with Team OB claiming to win it again (doesn't that get boring for you guys?) i probably have to say: "Challenge accepted"

    1. It's not so much that we expect to win, rather that it would be demotivating to bet against ourselves. The meta clash this year is going to be spectacular!

    2. Oh definately! Guess that might be intended by Hawk for "surveillance and evaluation"... ;-)

    3. We will make sure we arrive in our team Spitfires ;)

  5. OK so names for your teams:

    Orbital Bombardment : Ticklers
    Orbital Bombardment : Bandits

  6. Where is the best place to find out about upcoming tournaments? You talked about Woking and Brighton. I hadn't heard about those before.

    1. I would say either the Hawk Forum (under the tournament section) or in the Dropzone Commander Community page on Facebook. They will all male their way to ome of these at some point!

  7. I'm the guy un-known guy who played Joe in the third round at Brighton, with the desolator that nuked half my army (the half the freeriders didn't kill).

    It was my third ever game of DZC and really fun. I'd lost my first game, then sort of worked out what I was doing, had a bit of luck and had a decent plan and beat the Shaltari in my second game and then... got completely taken apart! A classic example of how someone who really knows what they're doing can totally dominate!

    I wish I'd been able to make it to Invasion, but sadly it clashed with something else. Hoping I can make it to Reading and then the February Invasion next year...

    It was a great day and really nice to meet you all!