Friday, 11 September 2015

UCM hobby update; it flies

You may or may not remember from my post a few weeks ago where I was showing off my new Praetorians, that I mentioned a little project that involved a couple of Neptune's and a Ferrum.

Well I have finally finished that little project so you can the fruits of my labour below.

It's a new Ferrum Helicarrier. I have to give credit to TechBoy as he suggested doing the 2-tone paint job, not too dissimilar to the Cato Ferrum (which, I believe, was wonderfully painted by Gary Connell).
I think it has turned out pretty well, even with my limited painting ability.
It is hovering on it's base too (not that you can see from the photo), if only it moved fast enough to gain the skimmer bonus!

The galling thing though, is that I spent a long, long time working on my Praetorians, making a little diorama of their bases, and now they are not even in the army. That is completely Hawks fault for making such lovely models and rules for the Hazard Teams.
So, I have also finished my Hazard Suits as you can see in the following pictures. I was playing around with their bases and doing some rust and corrosion on the cars too. The suits themselves are inspired by Master-Chief from the Halo series. (Apologies for the not so good pictures.)

I might just bring my Praetorians to Invasion and use them as Legionnaires. It would be a shame not to use them

Here is a shot of my whole army too, just because
Still a few things left to paint. The blue stuff is squads I bought off SkullSword, he started a UCM force, but as soon as the Resistance came out he ditched it like yesterdays pants. 

That's all for now folks, Podcast is coming on Monday, for all you lovely listeners


  1. Nice! We likes conversions, we do!...

    So, you like the Hazard Suits so much that you're willing to forgo any decent chances in CQB? Cuz Praetorians aren't terrible in CQB, really, they just need a squad of Legionnaires to back them up and give them the extra dice plus make the enemy squad have to divide their dice amongst the two squads' bases... But you probably already know that...

    Yeah, as I said in a previous comment, it's really the problem with making a 1,500 point list, isn't it? You just can't fit everything you want into it, so you need to make tough choices, and take things like Hazard Teams for their good AT abilities over better (but not fantastic) CQB capabilities, and then stay the hell out of CQB every game if at all possible. Right?

    Well, I'm looking forward to your army list for Invasion. Looking at Erik's over on the Swedish blog I'm really surprised at how few units he actually gets to take at 1,500... I've been having the same problem with my PHR and all the new shinys that we've gotten. Although I'm not terribly excited about Sniper Teams, to be honest. If you take an Archangel then the Snipers are great, but then you want them in a structure ASAP, don't you? But then, I think I've said this all before... Yeah, it's late, I really should turn in...

    Anyways, have a great time at Invasion! Wish I could be there! If you know anyone who wants to sponsor an earnest, likable Yank to fly over to Croydon, I'd even show up in February for that kind of a deal! 8^D

    1. Thanks for the nice comment JD, I hope to see you at an Invasion one day too. If anyone wants to sponsor us to fly over to America, we'd definitely come.
      Regarding Hazard suits, my thinking is thus; The main reason for infantry is their ability to find and extract objectives. Hazard Suits do it better than any other UCM infantry as they can sit in a building and soak falling masonry as well as a Destroyer. Yes I will suffer in CQB, it means I have to be very canny with squad placement. I also have a semi-decent amount of building demo which can help against enemy infantry. Ideally I woulf have 1 squad of Legionnaires, 2 squads of Hazard suits and 1 squad of Praetorians, all I'd have to do is drop 1 Falcon but it screws over my battle-groups leaving me with only 5! and with fast movers that is not acceptable.
      I'll be posting my list with the pod on Monday, so you can rip it to shreds then.

    2. *g* sounds interesting! How about the rest of Team OB? I second your stance on the Hazards, but given our meta i'll never leave house without 2 squads of CQB exotics... will see how it goes for you!

    3. We will publish all our lists on Monday, but we have 2 PHR, 2 Scourge, 1 Resistance and my UCM.
      I may live to regret not taking any Praetorians, but we'll see. Just need to deal with CQB specialists a different way

    4. No Shaltari from Team OB, eh? Interesting... (But not surprising...)


    5. I know, it's almost like their no fun to play... Joe is planning on starting the Spacehogs soon I think, so maybe he'll bring them in Feb

  2. Well that looks great this is away i could like the ferrum. Have a good weekend and looking forward to the podcast!
    Cheers, Thunder

  3. "I thought I'd try shooting my way out. Mix it up a little."
    -unnamed Hazard Suit pilot

    You know you're going to have to play the Avengers theme whenever that thing deploys, right? Anyway, all jokes aside, these look amazing! You should make some homebrew rules for that thing.

  4. Nice "Doom Sled" conversion Sir.


  5. Mike... You need to do a infantry base with the Avengers team!

    1. Hazard suit for Iron Man, siren for black widow, eviserator for hulk, cap as an immortal, valkyrie for falcon, praetorian for hawkeye - that's 2 bases of 3! I'm doing it!!!!

    2. Crap, forgot about thor! How could I do that!
      Toughie for thor though probably an immortal too but with some conversion work actually the Longreach have capes already!

    3. Berzerker as Thor?