Friday, 15 January 2016

First tournament of the year....

Wow you lucky devils - 2 posts in 2 days! 

The lovely people who frequent the Sussex UK Dropzone Commander group decided to have a bit of Invasion practice in the form of a one-day tournament. Obviously it would be rude not to go.....right?

Tilgate Tactical Dropzone Commander Tournament - 17/01/2016

I haven't actually played a game of DzC this year (yes, I know it's only a couple of weeks old) and I've had only one game since Christmas. This, then grants me the perfect opportunity to carry on my UCM 6 troop list idea.

I've had 3 games with my original list (which you can view here). I enjoyed using it, but the main thing that stuck out was the Kodiak. I just find it too inefficient and I still keep missing with the laser blast of doom. What is it with 1's and a Kodiak?!?!?

I find the Phoenix so much more useful. It has turn 1 threat, building demo, high powered shots, AA, blasts, last turn focal point grabbing, and move & fire. It is the whole package, and personally I think it's probably the best command unit in the game (although you pay through the nose for it - but you get what you pay for!). 

I really like the dearth of infantry squads available to me within the list too. Utilising only the "versatile" infantry means they all fill multi-roles. They can search or fire (some even do both!). 1 point of note is that I am really seeing the usefulness of having a unit of Mortars in a Bear. It is very cheap, coming in at 88 points and the Bear is excellent for handing objectives off to. Sometimes it can even collect a few before trundling off the board. The tactic was lifted from Lorn (last invasion winner). During our game he used his call for extraction cards to get a lone Juno just for this purpose. It worked, and it is working for me too.  

On to the new evolution of the list; with the basis that I want need the Phoenix, and I still want 6 infantry squads, with as much utility as I can within them, some re-working needs to be done. 
Tilgate Tactical (tournament name) has revealed it's missions already; we are playing Surging Strike (5 Focal Points), Military Complex (5 Objectives, A8 buildings) and Ground Control. 
Normally I would design my list around these missions, but as it's Invasion practice I need to bring a list that will be able to cope with any mission thrown at me.

I have 2 versions of "essentially" the same list
Version 1:

Yeah I know I know - double Ferrum. It's a bit tasty though! There is a lot of AA, but not much reactionary AA. This list will play more aggressively for sure. Plus there is no E7 AA weapons at all.

Version 2: Here I trade 1 Ferrum for a squad of Rapiers in Condor (only 1pt difference). I have moved the groups round too, putting the Rapiers in with the Mortars (my thinking is mainly for Freeriders, ATV's and Medusa - this group will do serious damage to them) and the Longbow with the Katanas. I think this list is probably the more sensible choice to take, but I can't help drifting back to the first one..........there's just something about it.

I'm definitely taking Version 1 to Tilgate Tactical, and using it for my game against ZombieStates Resistance on Friday (if we get our game on). I guess we will see how it goes as to which list I take to Invasion.......if any......maybe I'll just take my Air Supremacy list....


  1. Double Ferrum is going to be nasty! But I can't help suspect you will make hawk doing something about it if you win.

    I think going with many infantry squads is a win for the UCM. I like the Hazard suits as Hawk have really done exactly as intended with them (infantry shooting from buildings) but you don't feel that they are not searching fast enough or are you using a squad of them to go into a "neutral" building to shoot from?

    The Mortar team idea is interesting. It will be interesting to see how they fare.

    Overall I think list 2 is way more powerful but think there will be much nerd rage of the Ferrum if you win. At the same time I think it is time for a skill full player to show how the double ferrum fares and either cause nerd rage or shut people up.


    1. And I meant that it was list 1 (2 ferrums) that I think is the better list.

      Ghaaa! Language skills... I blame that numbers work different in sweden...

  2. If you have another converted Ferrum...

  3. I like list 2 better. As i love the rapiers. Have fun today and let us know how it went!
    Cheers, Thunder

  4. List two is more rounded with that capability against Free Riders, Medusae, etc plus reaction fire. But it has only one Ferrum and not much airforce to back that up, so the drone swarm will get the focus of enemy AA. This will reduce your AT in the list a lot as the drones will get shot down.

    List one is deadly. I've faced double Ferrum. Two Ferrums just put so much pressure on enemy AA. The list is a really interesting combination of units and I love the large amount of infantry in it.

    Very tough! Keen to read your experiences with it.

  5. Nasty, evil lists (both of them). I fear Double Fs cups over the single F cup.

  6. Double Ferrum list will put a lot of pressure on your opponent. I find I don't shoot much, if any, reaction fire, but that probably has more to do with what I run. Still, I'd rather go with the Double Ferrum, as a set of Rapier can be worked around whereas it's hard to out maneuver cleverly placed drone swarms.