Friday, 8 January 2016

Walking the Grid

Come here Often?
So after much promising and false starts here's a post with more pics of my Tron PHR. Some things have changed since I last posted about these guys, some techniques have altered a little. I also started the practice of having my command units in the MCP (Red bad-guy) colours to differentiate them and give a nice variation to the army. I also used the red scheme to make my two Medusa look different. The only thing in the MCP colour scheme I changed was the red power lines which really are closer to oranges than red. I kept the coal black highlight on the body the same which I think looks really nice and gives great contrast to the model.

Anyway I also wanted to use a better technique for taking pictures of my models hence why it took so long as I had to research how to 'Focus Stack' while not perfect I think I managed to get some good images. But mainly to my eyes it shows up where I've skipped a little in the rush to get the job done!

Anyway hope you enjoy!

I like scenic bases but the other OB guys efforts have been really astounding props to them!

The Nemesis being a little special I decided to make him a scenic base to stand on

My next big project is to convert my Marcus Barros into a biped walker like the great conversion done on the forums. Which will look badass.

I'd love to see any cool hobby projects you guys have on the go. Comment with a link below and I'll do my best to have a look!

Cheers guys! Edchopp (Aka Techboy) Out!


  1. Looking good TechBoy 2000 - but where o where are the Valkyries. They are awesome!!!

    1. They are a seperate article all by themselves haha

  2. Wow great colour scheme, love the Medusa!

  3. super awesome. to get the star effect on the black, did u flick paint? if so, what technique exactly? or dirty airbrush pin/happy accident?

    longreach team is awesome, love scenic bases. do they fit together to form a bigger scene when b2b? I want to see that pic.

    1. Happy accident haha. Some of the airbrush mixture wasn't quite right and ended up splattering a bit.

      They dont fit together to form a bigger scene unfortunately but I feel they look cool without. :-) Megamikes and Zombiestates are an evolution of the idea and look far better!

  4. Well done Sir, what with your lovely photographs you do spoil us. A shame that Hawk doesn't release a PHR version of Free Riders so that your army can be truly Tron like with the iconic bikes.

    1. I wouldnt put it past them. Personally I'd love to see some sirens on bikes!

  5. *wipes drool from mouth* I hope my Ironman scheme comes off a quarter as well as this.

  6. Wow. Awesome paint job. You turned your "green/blue" power lines more into real blue,did you?
    Also rye "dark Tron" red scheme for your commanders is astonishing.

    Could you please tell us the colors you were using on this?


  7. It's great to finally get a good look at these, they look amazing.
    Both my girlfriend and i like the theme as well as the execution a lot.

    Would be nice to see them in person some day if i can make it to an Invasion.

    As for my own projects, i'm pretty proud with how my UCM are coming along. I don't really have a coherent presentation so i scraped together some photos from dropbox:

    And there's also the contest entry for my Kodiak, which is currently the highlight of the army:

  8. Aaah, finally. Including the promised Nemesis. :3

    These look amazing!