Monday, 11 July 2016

Critical Engagement - The Results

Well, we all had an absolute blast

24 gamers turned up to play 4 games of Dropzone Commander - it was a hard fought battle, but in the end the Resistance were victorious.

Full results are below along with a faction breakdown.
I will be doing a full post on the tournament with pictures of the winners and more photos

The factions were really evenly split as you can see.
PHR - 6
Resistance - 4
Scourge - 4
Shaltari - 4
UCM - 6

Mostly there is a good range of factions in the final standings - apart from Shaltari. All 4 finishing in the top 8......... Make of that what you will (I put it down to the Pungari being a bit on the cheap side now that they get 2 search rolls for 72 points!!)

Ta ta for now


  1. Bah I've been telling everyone I came 6th!

    Was a great day well organised Mike. Easily as much fun as invasion. All the missions seems pretty solid and a good variety to.

    - Tim

  2. Actually can I just not count Dan? Is that a thing

    1. You do whatever you need to feel better, number 7.

  3. Well done with the tournament! 24! I'm so envious! We are just lucky we could get in a 5 game tournament here...

    Regarding the Shaltari it seems to be a trend that they are pretty strong still. I do think the points are where they are supposed to be but they still need a clearer drawback. They do feel their limits now with less models on table but I do think they need some clearer drawbacks or at least remove some of the stupid things (getting into the middle building turn 1 is really boring...). I still voice an opinion that (1) no army should be able to make dead activations with units not starting or ending on the table and (2) shaltari should have the limit that they must activate a flying gate each activation until there are no more (but it might warden a point change but I'm not sure) in all turns. No risk to transported units, extreme disembark movements and flexibility in usage of gates are still the best flexibility in the game by far.

    Still they are in a much better place than a year ago. /Egge

    The Scourge still seems to bad.

    1. You've never played Shaltari have you? No. Just no.


  4. I actually felt during no game did I get the... ah crap I'm scourge feeling.

    Pretty proud of 3rd best kill point difference with my jellys to!

  5. I had a really fantastic time. I think it was my fourth tournament, and possibly my favourite.

    Not just (or at all really), because I actually managed to win a couple of games and move off the bottom of the rankings. (Although it was a nice funny feeling to find myself playing on the sort of middle tables.)

    But because despite a pretty disastrous first game, losing 19-1, I felt that I was sort of geting the hang of the game enough to understand what some of my mistakes were and to begin to grasp some of the more subtle rules and tactics. (Gosh was it a surprise to discover what the rules are for having your infantry in buildings being flamed, damned Menchits...)

    And it was a really nice feeling to be able to give a little back, and to be able help teach some of the basics of the game, and some of the basic tactics, to someone less experienced than me.

    Now I just need to get cracking with the painting.

    1. Oh, I also really liked the variety of the missions. Good job OB team!

    2. HEy AD glad you had fun. I think the missions went really well. A good variety means you need to cover everything with your list
      Hope to see you at the next one

  6. Great tournament, 1,000 pts was even more fun than I had hoped

    Did the Shaltari even use pungari? I know I didn't (although not for lack of trying, if they were painted I would have used them!).

    I think some missions particularly favoured the mobile ground heavy shaltari, in particular missions 1 and 3. UCM seemed to come off worst, and I don't think that's unexpected with the high cost and low mobility of a ferrum in 1000.

    1. You were the only Shaltari player without Pungari. Shaltari are still very good at tournaments, as their list design is very easily adaptable. They are just a very versatile race within the game