Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Reconquest: Phase 2 - out end of July!

My new favourite image. I'd love a poster of this in my war-room
Wow, what a day yesterday.
Tons of new info about Phase 2 of the Reconquest. If you are not up to date then you can take a look at the video here

I'm gonna go through some of my favourite bits from the 42 minute video, so if you can't be arsed to watch it (shame on you first of all) then you can get the highlights from me below.

I'm going to start with the new units that no-one was aware of, the special commander vehicles from Phase 1 that have become production line models for Phase 2. The Broadsword for UCM, the Hera for PHR, the Crocodile for Shaltari and the Skulltaker Bezerker transport for Feral Resistance.

I love the fact that Dropzone Commander is not a static timeline, that the story and units progress, starting as prototypes and then based on successful missions become mainstays in the army. I have to feel a bit for the Scourge, but they are getting the Overseer which will really change things up.

Broadsword - (Super?) Heavy tank 

Skulltaker - such a pretty model

Hera - I wonder if you can still have a retinue with the standard choice, and will it be Command?

The Overseer, just so Scourge don't feel left out

The Crocodile, skimming Ocelot bleugh!! But at least it has some limitations
As Dave eluded to in the video, I can't wait to field a couple of Broadswords, I hope they are not too expensive though, they do only have 1 shot. I'm expecting E11 or 12 and Dev-2. Also probably 4-5dp and A10. I'm thinking 80 points? Maybe 90?

The Hera is a very interesting option. It means that the PHR can be fully fast if it is still a Command choice, add a retinue in too and it will pack a punch.

Now, the skimming Ocelot. Sounds broken doesn't it!? Yep! But if you want the skimmer bonus, you won't be getting an E13 shot, it goes down to E10. I like that, I like it a lot.

Finally the Skulltaker. This sounds and looks the most fun of all new ones here. I really want a special Lifthawk and fill it with raging psychopaths.

My next favourite bits from the video are the images of the new Famous Fabulous Commanders. Patrice has done an amazing job on the artwork.

First up is Craine. He looks really Feral but is a bit of both. He lets you play the full Resistance deck (Allied and Feral together) I wonder if you can choose units from both sides in the army?

Next up is Liam Neeson Sam 'Icepack' Elbem, he flies around in a modified version of the Phoenix called the 'Red Vengeance!' he has a set of skills.......
I think this means that I have an excuse to get me a second Phoenix and paint it red. We all know red ones go faster!

Seti the Kinslayer, when I first watched the video, I thought Dave said King-slayer, and I was surprised the hedgehog didn't have a golden hand....
For all you players that were hoping for a Firedrake in their UCM or Scourge army, well...... you got it!! So this means I can have the Red Vengeance AND a firedrake mwaaa ha ha ha ha ha
Really cool idea about a mercenary Shaltai can't wait to read more about him/her/it

This bad-ass chick is the Jungle Devil, she rides around in a modified version of the Oppressor, an AA version. That sounds awesome!! She's based on a jungle world in the fluff, I hope we see one of these modified Oppressors, maybe called the Suppressor? in the future.

Who ordered the top dog for the PHR? Anyone?..... enter Aurelia Felix, she flies onto the battlefield in a modified version of Poseidon with 2 massive railguns that take up all the transport capacity. I love mobile command aircraft. Oh and she's CV7! yes seven!

Idris Elba (Luther) Rodriguez is on a little old place you may have heard of, Earth. New York in fact. He was a UCM Marine Force Recon. So a double hard bastard. Looking forward to seeing what he can do. AAAAALICCCE!!!!

So now onto the gorgeous artwork from the new book. I think we can all see that Patrice has progressed and become an absolutely phenomenal artist.

Some lovely stuff. I really can't wait for the book.
There was a lot of talk about the environmental effects coming in Phase 2. 12-14 pages of rules for it. Not much detail or rules discussed, only hints. I guess we will have to wait. There was mention of sandstorms and falling space debris (think destroyed Dropfleet ships)
I'm hoping for things like jungle fighting, deserts etc.

There will also be 'creatures' which will come as a scenery pack. This is a really interesting idea and will add a random element into casual games, for a bit of a difference and for a bit of fun.

Well that's it from me. I'm properly excited, how about you?


  1. There is so much cool stuff! I really love the Skulltaker and I'm starting to think if I will field it at Invasion...

    And I want a hedgehog with rabies!

  2. As a PHR player I really hope the Hera gets a retinue - it'll free up one of those precious support slots I fill with Apollo's!

    And a CV7 commander - yowsers

  3. Dave states the Heara will be a command choice in the vid at one point.

    1. I must have missed that, thanks for confirming

  4. The new book has got me excited for the game again. The artwork is simply stunning as well.

  5. Yea it is great to get these tibits. Realy get's the shinny sydrom started...

  6. This is SO exciting! I can't wait!

    The video did say a little more about terrain rules i.e. that they would include sand storms and blizzards (and I think we can assume jungle terrain too).

    The talk about different ways of playing makes me wonder if some terrain will require different army selection rules or some such. Eg. If you're playing in the jungle, you're limited to 500 point armies with greater dispersal of forces, etc.?

    The new special characters sound awesome - with probably cool new models and great expansions to the storyline.

    I hope that Set won't fight for the Scourge though. I can see her hanging out with others to fight against awesome opponents, but I can't see the Scourge allying with her rather than fighting her.

    One big question I'm left with is will we actually see more 'friendly' gaming? I've played in a few DZC tournaments now, because that seems to be the way to get games and meet players - and they've been a lot of fun. But I get the impression that tournament games are all that people play, which is kind of odd given the scope for narrative games in the setting, the hints and suggestions included in the Reconquest book and given the awesome special characters.

    I wonder if the gaming culture around the game will diversify over time?

    1. We play casual games all the time, although we like our tournaments, too. Most of our games are 1,500 point 1:1 affairs, but not always. And folks have taken to devising their own missions, with different twists.

      We usually play 1,500's cuz it's a nice size game to get it done in an evening, plus several of us are trying out and tuning new lists in preparation for major events like the LVO, which we can drive to. So 1,500 point games serve several purposes (and it's really challenging to write lists that size, since there's so many great units that you'd like to take but can't fit into a 1,500er). But we have been known to bust out 2,500 point lists, or play 3-ways and 4-ways, too...

      We've been talking about a campaign for over a year now, but I've been super busy with looking for a new job, and then working my ass off in that new job, and we've been kinda waiting for the much-promised campaign materials from Hawk. Also, our player base fluctuated a bit, with some guys getting distracted by other systems, and having to shift to a new LGS after our usual place closed.

      So I think you hear about the tournament scene a lot, because they're publicized and can draw a fair number of people, but I don't think they're the dominant environment for most games that end up getting played. It's like the forum, or the Internet in general -- you hear from a small subset of regular voices on a regular basis, but that doesn't make them the majority, just the most vocal.

    2. That is more on your group and less on Hawk. I've had no shortage of friendly, sometimes narrative, games. I'm interested to see if the new rules add much more to Rural games, as they are fun and very different.

    3. Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining about tournaments. I've been really enjoying them, and I do like games with proper, tournament-friendly rules and I'm loving the sense of community I get at the events I've been to.

      It's more an observation.

      Sadly, I don't have a gaming group, although to be honest I don't have a lot of time for playing games between tournaments anyway.

      I would just be interested to see / read more about people doing different things with the game.


    All the new units are great, I'm digging the new Famous Commanders, the artwork is stunning, can't wait to get the book to look at it up close. But I'm really, really looking forward to all the new fluff and to see how Dave has progressed the story line over the "last 250 days of the Reconquest"! I love that this game is evolving as we live it!

    1. (On a down note, I am definitely going to have to upgrade my army transportation capabilities, and leave even more room for future growth beyond Reconquest: Phase 2. But wouldn't it be nice if all of my "problems" were like that?...).


  8. Good one. Thank you. I missed the one regarding the skimmer-Ocelot. Having a choice to boost the gun but then actually take a downside that makes a difference is a good drawback that is very hard to get balanced. Most of the special rule-advantages are "This obvious advantage and then you get this drawback that works when we have a solar eclipse in South Africa". But that unit is a interesting and positive surprise.