Monday, 19 December 2016

Weekends Advent Calendar

3 more days of previews to pour over
One I like, one I love and one that I don't like at all......

I wonder if you'll be able to guess which is which.

Can you hear the sleigh bells? Santa's coming......

Over the snowy tundras something appears on the horizon. It's Christmas time so surely it's Santa on his merry rounds across the colonies.
But what's that you hear? a deafening voice shouting NO CAPES!!!
It can only be Aurelia Felix in her modified Po-sleigh-don. I really am not sure about the guns mounted on the rails. I would much prefer to see them incorporated into the hull somehow. It is still a terrifyingly imposing ship and should make for some fun games.

Out from the frog-spawn the tadpole emerged.... The Glass really fits the whole Shaltari fleet scheme, I look forward to adding a few of these to my space hedgehogs - I just wish they weren't so damn costly in points. 
I have used the Cloud Fliers to pretty decent effect so far, but have been only running them in 2's. I think that 3 or 4 would be a better amount to have but at 36 points each for 1 hull it's too much investment. I guess we'll see when the errata finally comes out.

The jewel in the crown, this is a seriously cool model. It almost makes me want to get a UCM fleet. I think this is my favourite ship yet (out of ALL of them) I am actually rally looking forward to seeing what the PHR ones will look like. I would think they will be coming on Tuesday (20th) 

Happy gaming everyone


  1. Thanks, Mike!

    Keep em coming... 8^D

  2. I have to say, the entirety of the UCM range has really caught my eye, the ships are all just gorgeous!

    Very rarely do the "human" faction get the finest looking ships.

  3. I love both of those ships. I'm also not a fan of the PHR special...

  4. Are you guys OK? It's been over three weeks since you posted anything... #worried

    1. What's happened to blog about? DzC is stale right now, Hawk have been to preoccupied sorting out DfC.

    2. Doesn't mean we've all stopped hobbying. Have you?

      And what about Dropfleet? Has it not taken root there in gloomy old London? It's all the rage here in sunny, swanky Phoenix! Although we are shifting back to playing a bit more Dropzone, getting ready for the LVO. Aren't you all getting ready for Invasion? What's on your hobby table? What army are you going to bring?

      But, thanks for the reply. I know YOU'RE alive and kicking -- I keep getting your "emo" pictures on Instagram. Ha! Is this the year you go a full 365 days without smiling? Hope not...


    3. Nothing emo about my instagram, they are some of the happiest pictures of my life! There's been a few games being played at club, but honestly we've all been dipping our wicks elsewhere. For me personally the game needs some love and I'm not really bothered with playing it until it does. The boys are going to invasion, but I'm not.

      As for DfC, I will be tactical and say it's not the game I was hoping for.

    4. How many games of DfC have you played, and at what points level(s)? I've gotten at least a dozen in so far, and each one has literally been better than the last, and my last one, last Friday, was simply the best game of any system that I've had in a long time!

      It's kinda rough at Starter Set size, gets interesting at 999 points, and really rocks at 1,500, IMO, but it does take a while to get the length of the game (time) down to a reasonable level. Last two games we were able to get to Turn 6, and it took 3 hours. Prior to that it was pretty standard to just get to Turn 4 in that timeframe, or longer -- it's just the learning curve, but I'm sure we'll be able to keep it at 3 hours or less now that we've hit that milestone. 2.5 would be nice -- there's a lot of thinking involved, which I like, so I don't mind it taking up to 3 hours, but I'm concerned about tournament times.

      But, if it's not your cup of tea, it's not. I'd just suggest that you not give up on it quite yet, tho...

    5. Ah, I see you were at the Dropflert tournament in Woking in December. You didn't look very happy in Bethany's picture on his blog. (And you didn't know he was snapping the pic, so didn't have time to affect your emo stare into the camera...) So I reckon you've had at least a few games, at least at 999points (or was it 1,000? can't recall...)

      Sorry to hear you're not digging it, bro. Hopefully it'll grow on you with time, and as more folks in your club get more familiar with it...


    6. It was 999 points, and I've had about 6 games. I get how the game works, came joint first in the tourney (got the same points as Mike, although funnily he won it and organised the scoring system...), there are some issues at a core level that irk me and I'm not invested enough to wait for them to be fixed (which frankly, I don't think they will be). I'm not getting into that now though.

      Glad your enjoying it though, chap!

    7. So write a blog post about those "issues at a core level that irk" you! It'll give you something to write, and us something to read! :-P

      Had another epic game of Dropfleet tonight. With any luck I'll get a game of Dropzone on Monday (MLKing Day). #gearingupforvegasbaby

    8. As Superman once said, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all."

      If things continue the way they are I will, but for now go read Eric's thoughts on the Swedish blog, he's pretty much bang on the money.

    9. Hmmm... I wonder why we're having such a vastly different experience here? We're seeing great enthusiasm for Dropfleet, and renewed interest in Dropzone. Our FLGS has been able to stock both games, and as of a few weeks ago was the #1 seller of DFC on the West Coast. Sure, it's hard to get stock, but we're used to that, our distributors suck big time.

      I read Eric's post. Did you read my comments? Hell, I should copy-&-paste those and use them for a blog post on my own damn blog! Ha!

      Hope life gets better for you, bro... 8^D

    10. People play fleet at our club, as a 'squad' we don't really though. Ed enjoys it, Mike and I agree that it needs a major overhaul to begin to achieve what they set out to do.

      Life isn't bad for me, I have other systems...

  5. I'm still alive, I'm looking forward to Invasion. I'll do a post about it.
    The problem for me is that nothing has happened with the game (DZC) since the last invasion - that's a huge problem

    Hoping Invasion rekindles my fire.....