Thursday, 13 February 2014

Invasion 2013 - one day of almost glory

Who's gonna clean up all the mess?

Hi, I'm Mike (MegaMike on the Hawk Forum). This is me venturing into the murky world of blogging about Dropzone Commander. 
My first post is a write up of the Invasion 2013 tournament (the first official DzC tournament run by Hawk). I did this last year, but thought it might be handy to revisit so the evolution of my UCM can be seen. 

So my first Dropzone tourney has been and gone, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Here is a quickish write up of my battles and thoughts on my army.

First things first, my list: 

Kodiak (CV4 Captain)
Wolverine B (x8)

Sabre (x3)
Rapier (x3) Condor

Legionaire (x2) Raven A
Legionaire (x2) Raven A

Legionaire (x2) Raven A
Rapier (x3) Condor

Gladius (x2)
Falcon x4

Archangel (x1)
Archangel (x1)

That's 1498 pts

Game 1 - Targets of Opportunity 

Opponent - Tobias Wolf, PHR

Tobias came all the way from Germany for this event (and some sightseeing in fair old London Town) he had an uber squad of doom, 5 odins and a Zeus in a Poseidon, 2 units of Phobos, some Janus an Athena and 3 squads of troops plus a CV 5 commander

To start off I rolled a 6 for my reserves on the first turn, then so did
I went ahead and destroyed his troops when they went in buildings - falling masonry ruins everyone!
My Arcangels had real trouble with a super cruising Athena, didn't do 1 point of damage to it, in hindsight I should have probably gone for other targets. My Kodiak has an innate ability to roll 1s and did nothing all game, I also failed miserably with my Falcons. I thought I had them in a good position then he used an extra move card on his Phobos and ruined me.
By turn 4 there were no troops on either side, but I had managed to find an objective and take it out a building where it remained. On turn 5 my wolverines were close to the objective, he played Drive hack and I couldn't move, he then destroyed the building I was up against and took out 5 of the wolvies, leaving 2. On my 6th I left them till last for activation and moved them 11" (+2 for the road) and got the objective, Tobias had an Athena to go, he rolled a 1 for his attack run!!! Game over and a win for me

Game 2 - Land Grab

Opponent - Andrew (eventual winner), PHR

More PHR, different though, Andrew had Zeus with hyperions, some odins, Phobos, enyos, Janus, taranis and 3 squads of troops plus a CV 5 commander. Direct deployment in this mission, which is great for me as I have a lot of drive on. I set up my Kodiak, gladius sabres and wolverines. I started destroying buildings, firstly for line of sight and to make the focal points smaller, they were all in buildings. Andrew had no Athena, bonus! My Arcangels came turn 2, so I had a plan to destroy his AA early, my Arcangels took out a fully loaded triton with Janus in on turn 2, this worried him, and he kept back some Phobos to protect himself from it happening again. I got my 4 falcons in a tremendous position to take out the other squad of Phobos. The reaction fire did nothing, so I had 4 E11 shots at 2 A9 walkers, I did nothing AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHH!! With some other Janus and the Phobos my falcon died. Again!
My destruction of buildings was to my own detriment, as I didn't realise he wanted them destroyed so he could use his hyperions. By turn 4 he had killed my boss in his Kodiak, that put me on CV1 for the rest of the game.
Although I had been on the rails, I had 3 focal points to his 1 with one in the middle uncontested on turn 5, with my wolverines within range to grab the centre one, I chose to wait till turn 6 for that move.
Andrew had a lucky shot from his Phobos on my 2 troop Ravens, he was literally a millimetre in range to hit them, the troops were ok, but in the open next to a focal point.
Turn 6 the troops were wiped, so that left me with 2 FPs and him 1, he did a lovely redeployment of his Odins into a Neptune and out again to take the centre FP, I never saw that move coming. So all I had to do was move my wolverines to the centre FP to win the game, nothing left to shoot, Andrew plays Drive Hack NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
So we draw on VPs he takes me on kill points 867 to 530

Game 3 - Battle Royale

Opponent - Xavier, PHR again

No odins was the big surprise, 2 Zeus though. Also 4 Ares, 1 unit Phobos, 2 Janus squads, Athena, 4 squads of immortals, CV3 commander
I'll start with the fact that I really don't like this mission, it has no place in DzC. I prefer objective based missions.
I got my Arcangels on turn 1 again. Wolvies on first for me, shot a small building in his quarter, down to 5 dps left, he sets up his only Phobos squad with one next to the building. I took full advantage Gladius rolled on and boom went the building and 1 Phobos, happy days! Arcangels took out 1 Janus. Only 3 Janus and an Athena left in the AA department for him at the end if turn 1.
Turn 2 my Kodiak kills the remaining Phobos with its space laser of doooom, my archangels take out the Athena, now I own the skies. Time to go nuts with my Falcons, they start on the Junos.
After a devastating start from the UCM there was no way back for Xavier, I was picking my targets. The Ares went over the next few turns, it took me 3 turns to kill 1 Janus with wolverines, Arcangels and 2 sabres!!!
He killed my 5/6 rapiers and 3 falcons (with some very nice shooting from his 2 remaining Janus). But it was too little too late. I won with 986 kps to 496


My army worked well, my dice on the other hand didn't.
I think I may look at dropping 2 or all of my falcons. They die too easily, or maybe I'm too reckless with them. I could get 3 sabres and another squad of legionnaires in a raven for less points. I loved my Arcangels but they are unreliable and I could get 3 rapiers instead for the same points.
Really would have liked to play a variety of armies, there is such a thing as too much PHR. I placed 5th overall and won best sport, which landed me a new Seraphim, which I'm eager to try out.

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