Monday, 17 February 2014

The Squidmen cometh...

Brutal, and squishy

While I sit here, amidst the chaos of my painting desk and the eating of my peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches (which are the god damn bomb) I can't help but think of one thing; my newest project, and with it the urge to claim host to all with my slimy larvae!

No I'm not going to Amsterdam, I am instead starting a Scourge army! In fact both Mike and I have started at more or less the same time so you may end up with double the Scourge love on the blog (ooOoo I hear you say. Damn right ooOoo, it's going to be electric!).

At Invasion 2014 I bought a premium starter pack and was lucky enough to win a starter kit and a couple of blisters, so my beginning invasion force is as looking like this:

6 x Maruders (pack and kit)
The beginnings of Jellygeddon!!

6 x Slayers (pack and kit)
6 x Hunters (pack and kit)
3 x Warrior squads (pack)
4 x Invaders (pack and kit)
1 x Despoiler (blister)
2 x Reavers (blister)

A gamer with a keen eye may notice that I have left out 3 squads of warriors from the starter kit, and this is due to the fact I really don't like the sculpts. The metal warriors in the pack are beautifully sculpted, but the plastic ones in the kit are featureless and thin, a little like the manikins from Doctor Who who tried to molest Billie Piper (this is the one and only Dr Who reference you will hear from me, unfortunately I missed that particular ship). As such these men will be used for bodies on bases (along with the UCM gents you also get in the starter kit), which is fairly apt given just how squishy warriors are. Every other plastic model is only marginally worse the resin sculpt however, and are great! Call me what you will, I just want all my models to look as good as each other and the plastic troops simply don't cut it for me.

The unexpected pillaging from Invasion has beefed up my initial army and I have a good base to go on from here. The only models which I won't be using however are the Invaders. They look like awesome evil alien snails and in big ways they are similar, but sadly it is all the worst ways; speed, grace, and survivability. Instead I will be looking to field 4 troops (including any exotic choices) in Intruders for their excellent speed.

The army I am currently aiming towards is as follows:

Desolator w/ Overlord (CV5)
Reaper squad x 3, Marauder

Hunter squad x 3, Marauder
Reaper squad x 3, Marauder

Warrior Horde (2 bases), Intruder
Warrior Horde (2 bases), Intruder

Warrior Horde (2 bases), Intruder
Warrior Horde (2 bases), Intruder

Occupation Patrol
Prowlers x 8, Intruder x 2

Occupation Patrol
Prowlers x 8, Intruder x 2
Reavers x 3


Although I don't get any Destroyers, which totally sucks as they rock by the way, and I don't have quite the hammer blow unit I would like this forms a reasonably balanced list and enables me to have 16 of my favourite models; Prowlers!
Man I love Prowlers, but every Scourge army I played at Invasion only had 8, which in my opinion is too few. I view prowlers like I view my sandwiches; go hard, or go home. 16 with a CV 5 boss should mean I will be getting the jump (literally) on my opponent come turn 3, along with the Reavers which with 6 E10 guns and 3 E9 guns will be blowing chunks out of the good/bad/ruddy mysterious guys! This is all subject to change though, and all feedback is welcome!

I will leave you with the picture below of two of my new objective markers (WiP), and hopefully the sign of things to come to those fleshy sacks that I plan to get all up in!


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  1. Very nice... I'm looking forward to your Tactica on Scourge;)