Friday, 22 May 2015

OB Podcast Episode 7 - Tournamentitis

There is something sweeping through the OB offices and its hit all of us hard; even those of a human-cyborg Spherish persuasion. It’s been clouding our thoughts, and keeping us tossing and turning all night long, muttering random words squakishly in our sleep like 'Recon’, ‘Targets Of Opportunity’ and ‘Spamtari’. What’s the plague that has fallen upon us?


Podcast episode 7 is live and feverish as we give a little more insider info on the new units due for release, talk our hobby and run over our thoughts on tournaments.

Call for the medic, because this is sick!

Introductions and Welcomes - 0;00;00

News - 0;04;08: We talk about what we heard at Salute and also have some interesting tit bits about the new releases.

What Are you Playing at!? - 0;23;10: - The team recount their hobby progression since the last episode and what projects they have been working on.

Discussion Zone - 1;10;30: This episode we talk tournament scoring systems and how important scenario selection is to a successful and fair tournament.

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  1. My god what an interesting discussion! Expect a blog response soon! Especially on the recon as well as targets of opportunities have much larger tendencies to give a statistical strange result where recon is much more effected by who have searched the most. Without need rage though. It is time to stop with that for a while. If I do offend anyone remember...apparently that is the offended's problem (works very differently in Sweden, offend someone here and you should apologise even if you didn't mean to offend). We swedes have a hard time keeping up on the world's way of handling things.

    I really liked this podcast. It is a very very interesting discussion which in the end will just be about a matter of each TO's taste. Well done, sirs. Well done indeed!

    you split your casts right? Perhaps I missed it but would like to get a teaser on what is up next.


    1. Glad you liked it fella! There won't be an 8.5 episode, but instead the OB lounge which will likely be sometime on the week commencing 1st June.

  2. two issues i have w/ Recon/Search
    1-Shaltari (moving on)
    2-the mission gives players no reason to commit to anything. It's almost like playing two games at once. In targets you can roll a bunch of 1s, and that sucks, but at least you can reinforce the area and you get another chance to look. In Recon/Search there is no reason to do that. You throw an infantry unit over there, roll the die, and then move on. No need for anything else to commit to that area unless your opponent is too.

  3. Finally finished while painting so technical/busses. Great PC as always. Keep them com'n.

  4. I haven't heard the podcast yet, but I have some ideas on missions.

    I reckon any missions that are too random for tournament play can be tweaked while maintaining the main concept of the mission. Recon and Search could have less counters which are placed towards the centre of the table.

    This makes it a fight in the middle as well as a mobility based "grab and run" game. Mobility still plays a part but so does firepower and resilience.

    Fewer counters means less randomness in Search. You could even ensure there is one real objective in each quarter. Anyway, I'll download the podcast now.