Monday, 2 November 2015

Dropfleet Commander: Scourge

Apparently there is a Dropfleet Kickstarter campaign? Anyone heard about this?....You'd think I'd know about it or something...


Nope, I cannot continue this ruse for any longer. I am balls deep into pledge-land (wow, where did that come from, sounds like something Zombie would have said). Dropfleet funded within 4 minutes (according to Hawk James). I am so glad they removed the limited amount of UCMF Battlecruisers, otherwise I think there may have been a few disgruntled pledgers out there. 
Shaltari and PHR unlocked over the weekend too. Probably a lot quicker than Hawk expected. Can't wait to see the first images of the PHR fleet. 
It will have to be something extra special though, to tear me away from what I want to discuss.

I want to take a closer look at the Scourge, easily the best looking ships of ANY ship based game....EVER (I'm including sea and space/atmospheric here).

I will start with the naming. Perfect. I love that they are named after mythological animals. It evokes images of great flying beasts and their murderous intent. 

The paint job is stunning too, how will I ever be able to replicate it..... I really want to do these lovely models justice, not sure if I have the skill. I hope there is a paint guide, or tutorial video. That would be really interesting to see.

The Scourge frigates look suitably evil and seriously fast. With 1 sprue able to build 4 of them I wonder if variety will be the way to go, or will it quickly become apparent which ones are needed and for what purpose. 

Personal favourites are the Djinn and the Gargoyle. If you look closely, the thrusters at the back look great. Man I really want my stuff, June can bloody well hurry up!

These are the ships I love the most. They are truly awesome. The sleek lines and curves. I'm salivating like Hooch!

One thing that is going to be difficult is figuring out the weapons. On the UCMF ships that is quite a simple task. They are definitely weapon looking, but these Scourge ships have a lack of long barreled gun-like armaments. With the fins/tentacles they are going to be quite difficult to tell apart too. I guess it all comes down to familiarity. I will certainly reevaluate after a few games. 

The Hydra is certainly my favourite. I like the blue on its "mouth" and it flows so well. Major kudos to Dave for the hours he must have putting on the design side. It is not easy to CAD complex curves.

Not much more to say really, certainly awaiting more info on what everything does. The Beast of War videos are an interesting watch. They give a lot more information on the game so far. 

Check them out here

I think I have sorted what I am after from the Kickstarter too. Techboy and I are combining forces on the Captain pledge. Obviously I'm getting the UCM......not really, Scourge all the way!
Techboy will have the Atlantis, and we will add the Scourge Battle-cruiser on the 25th November when it unlocks

With the unlocks so far and the bolt-ons, I think I will have a pretty big starter fleet. I'm definitely adding a map pack, (probably the Alien or Hositle), I'll have the faction dice and acrylic tokens too. 

For those of you who have just crawled out from under your rock, the Kickstarter is here


  1. Do you think we'll be able to add battlecruisers as bolt-ons? I hope so, I've only pledged Commander but I plan to add a fair few bolt-ons.

    1. I think Mike got confused, he'll be having the free Scourge battlecruiser and Ed the UCM one. I doubt the unlockables will change much from now, so we need to hit some high targets to get more cruisers!

  2. Nope, no confusion here. It states on the KS that there is a time based reward

    Timed based Rewards:
    25th November - KS Exclusive Battlecruisers for Scourge, Shaltari and PHR (Bolt-on)

    These will be available as a Bolt-on, so it means every faction gets one. Yippeeee

  3. Seriously excited, I'm just making the "jump" into DzC after some serious humming and hawing, always been interested just didn't have a group to game with.

    I've tossed in for captain and splurged on 4 plastic starters for DzC to get my buddies into it.

    June just won't come fast enough!

    1. Also, love the Blog, keep it up!

      I think I may have to go Scourge as I'm a big fan of balls out aggression in gaming, from Dark Elves to Khorne, I like my battles decisive, bloody and in my opponents back field.

      Plus the ships for the scourge are really selling it for me.

  4. More plastic resin crack to drain the bank account and evil stares from the domestic supervisor aka "the wife".


  5. I have to agree that the Scourge fleet has won me over as well. The frigates in particular, and the two you mentioned specifically. I really hope a heavy frigate fleet for Scourge can be viable.

    It has caused a dilemma for me as I was going to just do Shaltari for narrative purposes, but I typically pick factions based on aesthetics and if I didn't have DZC history and was fresh to the universe I'd go Scourge. Still haven't pledged, every day I teeter between just the Shaltari and F it i'm gettin ever'tang

    1. Go with the rule of cool. Which means Scourge!
      Although might be worth waiting to see more of the Shaltari and what the studio scheme makes them look like.

    2. ya that's def part of it. i didn't love the scourge fleet until i saw painted minis.

      On another note, I'm super glad they put a pic of the new bases up. Those BoW vids scared me in regard to the bases. Still want to see the pegs used, but if they suck i'm ok with the usual methods of damage tracking.

  6. Obviously I can't remember if this is true, but I am reasonably confident I remember seeing on a BoW video Dave saying that the Scourge colour scheme was simple and easy. Probably as easy as spraying silver and using purple and green glazes/washes.

    I think his logic was that he wasn't a great painter and wanted something he could do easily, which tied in to the studio DZC Scourge army and which also looked a bit different too them.

    No doubt we'll find out soon enough.