Monday, 16 November 2015

Scrapbooking Warfare 2015: Video Blog!

The OB team (sans Zombiestate) attended Reading Warfare this year and Spoiler alert! We throughly enjoyed ourselves. While there I decided I would play about with my camera and try and put together some sort of video for the event. I enjoyed the filming so much I ended up making two videos!

After Day 1 we were all tired but feeling pretty good. I wasn't looking forward to playing Joes resistance the next day. Joe and I always have really close games normally pulling out a draw or a close loss/win.

Onto day 2!

Day 2 was great as well the hall was full of gamers playing all sorts of games.  The tournament finished up with the OB Team sweeping the podium.
Mike 1st with 71 points
Joe 2nd with 70 points (1 point in it! So close)
Ed 3rd with 61 points
Throughly enjoyable day was had by all and I'm looking forward to next year.

On a side note I really enjoyed putting the videos together in this kind of scrapbook format gives a nice taster of how our days were. Plus its a lot easier than going full professional format.
If you like these videos subscribe to us on Youtube I'm going to try and make some more videos when I can.

Cheers Dears!


  1. The title card for the second video still says day 1, otherwise nice video :V

    1. Yeah this was pointed out to me by Mike last night. >.<
      But turning it around and reuploading would take nearly an hour So it is what it is lol.

  2. Excellent! More of those please!

    And congrats to the top three! Isn't it time for you guys to move on to another game system like... Age of Sigmar?

    1. Lol that's silly, Age of Sigmar isn't a game system...

    2. Sorry snolb still having too much fun with DZC to move onto a dice fest like AoS.

    3. I hope you know that I was kidding about to switching system and about Age of Sigmar? ;)

  3. I promise, next tournament, I'll use my left hand.
    And CD is right AoS is not a game system it's a model collection.

    Maybe we will be collectively crap at dropfleet....

  4. We are probably be collectively crap at bushido, Dan would have to be camera man on that one!

    Good work techboy. Something like this for invasion would be awesome.

  5. Really nice Ed. I liked the documentary-style of it all. I'm doing something similar but horrendiously very much poorer. Almost a shame putting something on the net when comparing to these. These two videos just kick-ass!

  6. Whoa, UCM took it home. Congratulations!

    1. why thank-you my good anonymous man (or woman). I was the only UCM player too

  7. Great videos, Ed! Really like the format and the editing. The sound was very smooth, too, not choppy even as you cut from clip to clip, the sound remained somewhat contiguous, which was very pleasing. More of these, please!

    Congratulations to the three of you! At some point you're going to have to retire, give someone else in England a chance to win or place. I'd love to get round there to play a bunch of games with all of you, Dan, too, test my mettle. Would be interesting to see... But first, I've got to get ready for the LVO, and then save my pennies for a skip across the pond (although things are looking very good right now in terms of landing a job, should have something solid by the end of this week, fingers crossed...). As much as I'd hoped to make it over there for Fall Invasion 2016, I must admit it just doesn't seem likely to happen, from a cost and an available time off perspective. So, I will set my sights on Fall 2017, and prepare a budget to make it so!

    And what the Hell is Pete saying at the end of all your podcasts and videos? Sounds like "I'll invade your pineapple", or something like that. Please, transcribe what he says into the written word, someone!

    And, yeah, that traffic you were in was the sh!ts. Is it always like that over there? Yuk!

    Anyway, thanks for the videos! 8^D

    1. I just listened to Pete again. "I'm gonna invade your pineapple".

      I swear, that what I heard. Criminey... >.<

    2. Pete came out with it in his first and last appearance on the pod. When we were discussing team names. He was in OB: Raider and he came out with his nugget of "I'm gonna raid you with a pineapple"
      And yes, during rush hour that it England! I guess you get used to it, but watching it back, I seem to suffer from mild road rage!! Although there is a saying over here, if you don't get road rage you're not paying attention. I guess I was paid loads of attention then!!!

      It would be great to see you over on these shores. I'd love to go against your PHR, you have certainly put a lot of time into them.
      Hope the job hunting is a success and you get what you want

    3. Thank you for the translation! I was partially right. Maybe there's hope that I can have an actual conversation with Sgt. Slaughter when I'm over there -- as long as he doesn't do that funny thing where he rubs his sides/boobs like in that picture Dan took of him... Jeez, just the thought of it still creeps me out... LOL!

      You call that road rage? Son, that ain't nuthin'. Come to the States and drive, like in LA or Phoenix, where someone might actually pull a gun on you for cutting them off on the freeway. (Which is probably why ISIS will never stage an attavk here -- you never know who's packin' heat. Hell. The owner and the manager of my LGS have concealed carry permits, and use them daily, and on any given day or night there's at least one guy who is open carrying... You get used to it -- I pity the fool who tries to rob that store! LOL!)

      Yeah, it would be great to make it over there again. Would love to visit my ancestral home of Weedon-Lois, not that I expect there's much to see there, but I've traced relatives from there back to the 17th century, so some cemeteries would be cool to visit, have a pint in the pub and see if anyone there is related to me...

      I'm glad you appreciate my PHR, thanks! I've got a ways to go to paint up 2,500 points for the LVO. Not sure when I'll get the time to work on them again.

      The job hunt just got interesting. I'm currently on a one week assessment assignment in Chicago for a boutique consulting firm that I had hoped to work for, but they chose someone local to Denver about a month ago. Then they came up with this assessment project, and last night I put a bug in the ear of the partner that's out here on this assignment that I was very close to getting an offer from a much larger rival firm. Well, he called his COO last night, and this morning I got an email saying that said COO wants to talk to me at the end of this week about a full time position. We talk this Thursday evening at 5:30 PM CST. I know what salary and bonus the other firm is going to offer me a position at (either this Friday or next Monday, if all works out), so that puts me in a good position to negotiate with this boutique firm. I told the internal recruiter what I was making and what my bonus had been at my previous job, and she indicated that there was no problem with that, so I'll find out Thursday what the COO has to offer.

      Stay tuned!... 8^D

  8. Great videos. Kudos to team OB!

    Just out of curiosity, what is that picture up at the top of the page? It doesn't look like it's DZC, it looks more like Infinity if anything.