Friday, 27 November 2015

OB Podcast Episode 11: OB:TMG

Hello, welcome to Americana. Please make your selection followed by the £

We are back for another thigh-slappingly, shambolically fun episode just for your earholes!

There is a lot of talk on Dropfleet, or should we say OB:TMG (you'll just have to listen to understand that), and some news of new units for Dropzone; that's right, our first love is getting some love! We also stuff in a fair bit of hobby chat.

Welcome to Episode 11!

Intro - 0.00.00
The (i)regulars + Alex (aka Epitude Rusk)!

News - 00.02.40
Dropfleet Commander

Finishes on Thursday 3rd Dec; don't forget!

Q+A synopsis is available on Faeit 212, not us. Part 1 and Part 2

Magaboto interview with Dave Lewis (well worth a listen). The intro is in German, but the interview is in English, for the non-Germanic speakers

OB opinions on:
  • Dials on bases and symbols for spikes and atmosphere levels
  • Burn Through Laser
  • D6 dice for Close action weapons
  • Running of KickStarter campaign
Dropzone Commander
New Units
Sappers & Scout ATVs – 29th Nov; You'll have to listen to find out more

Invasion 2016; 30th & 31st Jan – 5 Games, £30 - Tickets available through Hawk
Mesa, AZ; 12th Dec – 3 games, $10, 1500 pts – Contact JD Welch (on the Hawk forum) for details

WAYPA?! - 0.38.05
Chat hobby hobby hobby!
The boys went to Warfare and cleaned up!

Outro - 1.25.00
There will be an episode 11.5, and we will be discussionzoning Scouts!

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  1. Dan, I'll be willing to give you guys milions and milions of crisps. Would that work out for you?
    Nice pod cast. I skipped WAYPA. Maybe later.

    Cheers, Thunder

    1. I'll happily take millions of crisps, but for what?! You call them crisps in Russia, or where ever you come from?

  2. Ed, I bow to your editing skills. It was good fun to be able to take part in my first ever podcast with you guys. Should anyone be interested my tournament report is here:
    Epitude Rusk's Wargaming Blog.

  3. Hey, guys, thanks for the shout out... (I think...). I couldn't make out what you said exactly, something about the Erebos and "butchering"...? Then later you seemed to think that I would've stopped listening because of that, so now I'm really curious about what it was that was said. Can someone please enlighten me?

    (And thanks, Dan, for pronouncing my name correctly again. There were a few "Welsh"es being thrown around in there... :-(

    1. And in my 1,500 point tournaments we have 2.5 hour rounds... Not sure what everyone else over here does, but I know Scott "piperider361" Simoneau is running (or has already run) a tourney with just 2 hour rounds at 1,500 points, cuz that's what it recommends in the Hawk Tournament Pack, but I think that's madness...

    2. Hey Jd, just tol let you know that section is heavily edited. Nothing insults you at all. But my colleagues make some rather off colour remarks about some other things that I edited to save their blushes later.

      If you notice that we do on occasion wander off the topic and its quite difficult to corral them back to it, its also difficult not to join in on the off topic silliness myself!

    3. Slander! Tech boy is putting a digital muzzle on us! Everything that comes from mine and Mike's mouth is gold.

    4. LOL.

      OK, thanks, guys, and again, thanks for the shout out... 8^D

    5. The mini shout out was for me saying I'm having a butchers at something.
      Butchers is cockney rhyming slang butchers hook, look
      So I was looking at something. I wanted to explain the term to our american audience - but I think it has got a bit lost in translation and the edit

      Techboy really cut out some stuff!!

    6. So, basically, only you four will ever know what was said in that room that night... Interesting...

      I'll need to speak with each of you separately and ask you what you remember about that recording session. Step right this way, Mr. Burch...

      (I've been watching too much police crime drama stuff with the missus while she's been convalescing... LOL...)

  4. You were talking about some sort of kickstarter with buildings that have lights in them? I didn't quite get that, but it did sound interesting. Do you have a name for me?


    1. Joe. The Kickstarter is Laser Terrain Co. - Tabletop Wargames Terrain System. They have 10 days to go and they have not yet reached their goal.

    2. As he said ^^
      It really is very very pretty stuff

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Newton. I do think we went wildly off topic throughout. More fun I guess!!

  6. Always an interesting podcast. Thanks!

    Have you thought about how to do it in the future with 2 games to cover? Double the time? :-)

    1. And that was me! /Egge

    2. That would require planing!!! What do you think we are........organised or something :) :)
      Currently no clue. We shall see

    3. Asking for a longer podcast, when he was moaning about the length of the them before! I don't know, I think you're harder to please than me!

      I think a lot of it will come down to simply how much we like OB:TMG to be honest!

    4. I reserve the right to complain! But I actually were more into that you just need to divide them in 45min-1 hour episodes. It just a logistical thing. In truth I think the optimal time is 33 minutes but that is because I have 35 minutes driving to work so one part to work and one home. :-)

      One could say it is also because my phone feels older than Nokia 3310 so I have some issues starting on the phone (and more importantly finding the same spot again) and lack of technology skill...wait..ahh.... I mean... it is YOUR FAULT! Of course it's your fault. Can't be mine, you know. /Egge

    5. Nah, I like them long like this. Just need them more regularly and frequently...

      (Geez, did I just accidentally describe Techboy's love life?...). 8^P

      (JK, Ed, JK...). 8^D

  7. On another note. Regarding burn-through lasers. It is important to understand that the dice are dependent on another meaning that the chance och succeeding are lower than when you get to roll all die. For instance. To make three hits with a burn through laser on 3+ you have 64 sucessfull rolls (3,4,5 and 6 must be rolled all four times (4x4x4). This can not be removed from the amount of total die rolls (6x6x6=216) because you stop rolling if the first one fail. So you cant take 4/6x4/6x4/6 for a chance of 30%. You need to consider that if the first one fails you don't roll the rest.

    That means each 1 and 2 on all three die (that is 6 of them on three die) gives a result not giving you 3 hits. Since you have 36 combos for each of these 1:s and 2:s you have 36x6 chances to screw up. which is 216.

    So you have 64+216 possible outcomes = 280 outcomes. Not the 6x6x6=216 outcomes. I you will fail damaging as much because you don't get to continue to roll if you fail. Where as the classic (0,67x0,67x0,67) is based you get to roll the last two die if you fail the first.

    So the chance is not 30% to get 3 burn through laser hits on 3+. It is 23%. At this level it doesn't sound so much but to make 7 hits is actually only a third of the chance with this calculation (2%) where "easy calclulations" are at 6%. In contrast if you need 7 hits and you aim for that you are basically playing for a double 6. And to be frank. Playing target's of opportunity and you are playing to need a double six to win - then you will most likely loose.

    Also, burn through lasers extreme luck will most likely not have the same impact of rolling double 6 on searches in buildings in DZC.

    Lots of talk. Most likely I'm making an idiot of me. To sum - yeah I also think that burn-through lasers should be critical on each roll instead of just the first. But it isn't as bad ass as one could first think and even then (as pointed out in the podcast) it assumes the opponent does nothing. If one player plays for extreme luck for burn through then they will most likely loose.

    Sorry for long post!


  8. I'm going NUTS here, guys!!
    The models are already out, but where are the Experimental Rules for the Sappers and Scout ATVs?? I need to be clear - there's no chance of me buying either model in the near future, since I only just got into the game with the Rezzer Starter, and I've got a loooong list of Cyclones, Hannibals and Zhukovs to purchase through first.
    BUT! I'm one of those impatient gits who wants ALL OF THE THINGS! NOW!! ;-)
    Sorry. Thanks. Bye.

    1. We asked Hawk the same question yesterday, we've been told soon but with no fixed date. Possibly after OB:TMG finishes on KS?

  9. Love your podcasts, guys. I'm a bit slow to catch up on them.

    Mike mentioned Shaltari gates are more fragile than Scourge dropships when talking about points changes for Shaltari. But did you know that Shaltari Spirit gates die 37% of the time, and UCM or Scourge light dropships are killed 44% of the time, by an E7 Ac3+ AA shot? Everyone forgets the shield save and just looks at armour.

    Spirits can be used just like a normal dropship then can also teleport, they're shared across the army and are fast. The Spirit has a puny gun and prudent pilot penalty. 43 points looks OK to me.

  10. Only just caught up listening, very slack I know! Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying the inclusion of Alex onto the podcast and I hope it continues, he represents us mere-mortals of the dzc world who struggle to reach the heady heights of the top tables!........& he makes me chuckle, well done that man!

    1. Alex? is that you?
      Stop pretending to be someone else!!!!

      We may well bring him in some more (if he wants to)