Monday, 1 February 2016


For an explanation, you will have to wait for the post-vasion podcast....

Invasion is over and boy was it a good event. I think the epitome of it's epicness was obviously me fighting off 49 other gamers to claim the top prize (after a bit of an awkward prize ceremony).

There was literally a ton of new stuff, not just in render form but actual physical models. this made me so very happy as I feel we have been a bit starved of DzC recently. Below is a bit of a picture dump of new stuff, followed by some info that Ravaner (aka Mr Russell the south coast Talon has put into word form on the forum).

Ed had a busy weekend doing some filming during the day and we also managed to grab a chat with Dave Lewis after the event on Sunday. You will be able to see that very very soon, it is chock full of new information and some exclusives!! I'm already excited.

Most of team OB went out for some food and drinkies with the Swedes and others on Saturday night, it was great meeting you guys again.

The top 5 for Winter Invasion 2016

Mike Burch 75pts UCM
Joe Whiddett 72pts Resistance
David Bonner 72pts Shaltari
Ed Neale-Scullion 70pts PHR
Erik Robertson 68pts (I think) Scourge

Best team was OB: I have a KitKat (seriously - don't ask, it's not worth it)
Dan, Ed, Joe

Best sport with an amazing 5/5 votes was Paul Taylor

Best painted went to a beautiful Scourge army (I'm really sorry I didn't get to meet the owner, if you are a reader, please get in contact - we'd love to show off your work)

Painted raffle (everyone with a painted army goes into a hat) Alex Randall aka Epitude Rusk also part of team OB

Top 3 - Me in the middle, David on the left and Joe on the right
So as promised here are the pictures;

No, Darios, it's not a multi-fleshlight (do not google NSFW)

That's all the renders, I really like the look of the Falcon B and the Typhoon.

Here they are in the real world. really looking forward to their release. As promised here is the info that Ravener got

Corruptor - Razor worm firing gunship/transport the "Projectiles" can cause damage to buildings the worms are fired at like a small boarding torpedo.
Monitor - This is a light anti tank minder. It's weapons are mainly aimed at anti scout but there may have been a mention about it being effective against medusa so it's likely got just a few shots.
Overseer - Desolator variant, Buffs the range of nearby plasma weapons and has a token attack (So not very offensive on its own) the range increase is currently suggested to be 6".

Memhed - This is a demolition tank, it's a heavy unit with blowing up buildings in mind.
Thunder Wagon - Big Explosive missile. Suggested to use the Large blast but also only firing one missile within the squad a turn, naturally one use per vehicle.
Typhoon - Cyclone with something like the Phoenix Chain guns so more direct, powerful AT.

Crossbow - Scimitar grade laser on a static platform. Dropped in by raven like the longbow. This will be a very cheap unit because it can't move but it also will lose the Marksmans touch rule
Falcon B - Missile falcon which "May or may not be AA".
Seraphim Retaliator - All the missiles forever. It's a more anti tank focused variant.

Firebird - Very short range powerful weapon with a focus towards building Demo.
Leopard - Dreamsnare weapons with the shield buffer swapped out for another Anti tank weapon. Very short range think an AT knife fighter. (The Jaguar taken to the extreme in AT)
Panthar - Unlimited range AA, 3 shots, energy 8 (maybe 7) ACC 3+ and -3 to hit when reaction firing. Personal thoughts are this will be a risk/reward unit. The more you expose it the better you get from it but the more vulnerable it becomes.

Thor - Barrage variant of the Taranis. Closer to standard Artillery.
Menchit A2 - swaps the 2 mini guns for 2 skyhammer missiles which can be fired without a mercury.
Njord - Sorry JD, don't know too much about this one beyond it transport 4 vehicles and gets a good number of missile shots off. No AA. I think the fine details here are being mulled over.
Aether (Helios A2) - Skimmer with the Triton - X black nano machine swarm (So IF, no blast)
Angelos A2 - Yep, it's an angelos with a flamer, roast a building, drop troops out, get stuck in."

So a huge thanks to Hawk for a good time. I can't wait till the next one

Look out for the Video, the post-vasion podcast and my tournament write-up all coming soon

Laderlappen is the Swedish for Batman. It's literal translation is Leather patch....seriously


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, an amazing weekend. I can't wait until the next one. Well done to all the OB crew and yes indeed I won best sporting which was a bolt out of the blue. I certinaly didn't think I'd be coming home with a trophy as well as some new Dark Ops buildings! Until next time guys.

  2. Thx for the the updates/info and congratulations to you and team OB.


    1. Thanks FM. Hope you are happy with all the new stuff

  3. Angelos A2... hmm, is it my imagination or is that an Infantry Fighting Vehicle who's weapon actually assists Infantry in their Fighting?

    1. Yup, as imagined my me on a log distant podcast - although Hawk won't acknowledge it!!!

  4. hey, i didn't bring that up!... did i? *g* but i really want to know what went wrong... with the chair of course... and Egge placing 5th (gratz to that!)? *g* Seems like we misssed out on something... damn travelcosts...

    And again Gratz to team OB for winning again. We might need to get serious about you chaps somewhere in time...

    1. There were no large group of Germans there! How hard could it be reach top five then? :-) /Egge

    2. Yeah, you did! You bad man!

  5. Nice seeing you again and nice to finally have a beer and cuddle together.

  6. Mmm...Scourge won best painted again?? I could be very wrong but haven't they won every best painted at Invasion?

    I got beat by Zombiestates Scourge last year (Not that I'm bitter or anything damn it!!)The year before that Scourge won it (lovely green paint job) and now this year too! Not sure if they also won at the autumn invasion's but Scourge are definitely Dave's winter favorites!

    Did Ed's amazing Tron PHR get a look in?

    1. I'm confident that Resistance won it last year, and the year before the green Scourge won a yellow Shaltari army ripped off my scheme... I mean won painted ;)

    2. I'm afraid my Tron never get a look in. :-(
      Much like Moleman.