Friday, 5 February 2016

Invasion 2016 Scrapbook and Best Painted Pics

Sgt Slaughter's giant, gaping face. Just one of the pleasure's you'll
find in our scrapbook!
Greetings and salutations, I am Associate Dan, what seems to be your boogle?

Let's not be silly, I know what your boggle is, you yearn for more video content! Well never fear, Tech Boy has patched us together a rather inviting scrapbook of Invasion 2016, which is full to the brim of fun and naughty words, so here is your NSFW warning. It is likely to be Saturday heavy, as Ed was doing rather well at the end of day 1 so needed to focus on the Sunday.

Also, the best painted winner, a Mr Simon Jones, has sent over a host (get it?) of pictures for his award winning Scourge for your viewing pleasure! I am led to believe he is a commission painter, so get in touch with him if you like his work (I don't want to add his email, just in case he isn't. Just comment on this thread and he'll see it).

Simon Jones' Scourge


  1. Simon, your Scourge are quite magnificent

  2. Great work Simon, love the sponge effect.

  3. Dan... I never drop my models.

  4. Simon Jones/Biff6 February 2016 at 13:01

    Thanks for the kind words folks, was an excellent weekend.
    I do indeed take commissions, feel free to make contact here

  5. It was a great weekend! My first Invasion (as a contestant) and at 47th it's fair to say I have room for improvement next time...

    I think it's also worth reflecting on just how nice and friendly the DZC scene is. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful and despite some really close games (yeah, not many involving me I have to confess), I've not seen anyone in the slightest bit bad tempered.

    I really hope to be able to make the next one!