Friday, 26 February 2016

OB Podcast Episode 12: Postvasion - The News

You could think of Invasion as a mighty, giant uddered cow, who's milk is the very nectar of information and interest. On that same train of thought, you could also say that we at OB have grabbed a teat each and milked that mighty, giant uddered cow for all it's worth. Seriously, the cow is now completely void of the weird milk. Barren.

I promise though, that a full month on from the tournament, we are very nearly done with it! Five of the crew met up to run through all the news, fun, and games from Invasion for the latest instalment in our podcast series.

We may have slightly run over our standard (already lengthy) time however... So, what we have decided to do is split it into two separate podcasts! Yay for more 'free' posts on the blog! I mean, more content for you guys? No, I actually mean more digestible chunks for our audience. Yes, let's go with that one.

So without further ado, please enjoy the news from Invasion! We will be running mainly over all the new units and our thoughts on the proposed rules. Next time around will be chat of the Vasion itself.

Intro - 0.00.00
The regulars + Alex (aka Epitude Rusk)!

News - 00.04.13
Reconquest Phase 2, the App plus new units
  • PHR - 00.11.47
  • Scourge - 00.25.38
  • UCM - 00.36.46
  • Shaltari - 00.43.20 
  • Resistance - 00.50.10
Upcoming tournaments - 00.57.40

Outro - 1.03.37
There will be an episode 12.5, and we will be discussionzoning Invasion - out Monday

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  1. I can't wait till Monday!

    Now, only if Techboy can compress the size of the files for easier downloads!

  2. The bird you are looking for is a peregrine falcon(falcon B)
    Fun podcast keep them comming!

    Cheers, Thunder

    1. My favorite bird.. . You could do the Gyrfalcon

      I am fine with them using A's and B's because it means that they can save names for new models.

  3. We had a player (James, I think) show up with 8 Angelos A1 for the grand incursion day (2500 points) at LVO. That is a whole lot of Demo! The second day had 3 of the 4 (I think) PHR players using 4 Angelos, myself included. I think that we all didn't use transports for the Angelos and just relied on the mobility of the Valks, which worked pretty well.

    1. You are correct, sir, on all counts...

    2. Which missions were playee, out of curiousity?

    3. The 2,500 point scenarios were new, custom jobs that Simon put together. You should be able to find them on the Hawk Forum.

      For 1,500 it was Military Complex, Secure and Control (the new Recon+, but slightly different from what you played at Invasion -- I think you still scored on both a 1 and a 6, which I like; Simin is still tweaking it, I think) and Secure the Flanks. A very nice mix (and no Ground Control or Bunker Assault, which suited my list nicely!). :-P

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Mike. (Love you guys, too, Dan!)

    The Angelos are actually quite mobile. You are correct about them coming into the board 3", but in my third game at the LVO, which was Secure the Flanks, both squads made it to a focal point. I split them up and brought one squad on to the left and the other to the right Turn 1, and they easily made it to their respective FPs, and contributed significantly to the AT efforts after they'd finished with their demo duties.

    Ed is correct, IMHO, that the Njord is going to be a welcome addition to the PHR's options. Very few of us play the Poseidon at 1,500. It is a win-win... Remains to be seen if it'll work at 1,500 but it might get me to take a Zeus-based, 4 Type 2 command squad... Maybe...

    And I agree with Dan, that the Shaltari Panther is total bullshit...

    Adepticon is in Chicago, IL, and Mike is right, 30 March - 2 April. And yes, we know of it "over hear"...

    And please don't mock my tournaments. I post the same material on an Arizona forum as I do the Hawk Forum, and so need to call it "Dropzone Commander Tournament". *pphhhhhbbbbllttt!!!*. (What did you call it, Mike? A "Ron Seal" tournament? Accents, again...)

    Great podcast, lads, as usual. Looking forward to Monday...

    1. Call it "Boarder Invasion", something not politically correct would be better, but can't hurt any ones feelings in the USA anymore. Unless you are running for President.

    2. JD, Ronseal is a make of paint type products, there was a run of adverts on British tele that used the tag "does exactly as it says on the tin"
      Now Ronseal is used as a slang term for something being what it's named for. As in "Dropzone Tournament" being the name of a Dropzone Tournament
      So really, it was a backhanded compliment....... 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. LOL. Thanks for the explanation, Mike!

  5. Nice 'cast as always, fellas! I'm awfully excited for the Overseer and the Corrupter, they fit my eccentric play style. I'm not quite sure about the weird little Monitor. I'll probably still field Minders to support my commanders and deny my enemy.

    On a totally of topic question, which out of the two famous Scourge commanders do you prefer (Cave Breaker or Eden's Dinosaur) and why?

    1. Personally, I prefer Cavebreaker. He's friggin' dangerous and makes prowlers cheaper. 7 point prowlers are awesome!

  6. Great Pod as always! I quite enjoy all the giggling...

    The Rocket Wagons(?) have the same sort of rocket/bomb that the Barrel Bomber have so I just guess that it can be both a tempel shot and a dedicated demolition shot but maybe not that powerful as the Goliath bomb...

    I'm a bit concerned if the Typhons got Focus and strafe. Could they not outperform the Hellhog if they get those things..?