Friday, 13 May 2016

Critical Engagement 2016

It's happening again. But this time a little differently.

First Founding Games Club and Orbital Bombardment present 
Critical Engagement 2016 - 9th July in Chessington, Surrey

This will be a 1000 point 4 game Dropzone Commander tournament 

The cost will be £15 
Payment is required via Paypal to

With Prize support from the lovely chaps at Hawk Wargames and the wonderful Steve Perry at Dark Ops, check out their DzC scenery here

The rules pack and missions for the event are here:

Facebook event link;

You will need a 1000 point clash army.
The only limitation will be that you can only have 1 of each rare choice.

Registration:    09.00-9.30
Game 1:            09.30-11.15
Game 2:            11.30-13.15
Lunch:            13.15-14.00
Game 3:            14.00-15.45
Game 4:            16.00-17.45
Awards & Finish:  18.00

There are 32 places available, and we'd love to fill them, making this the largest non-Hawk run event known to man!

So that's all the info out the way. I want to talk about a couple of things; why we are doing a 1000 point tournament and why we are playing the missions that we have chosen.

Firstly, we at OB have felt that 3 games in one day can sometimes not give a fair reflection of the tournament, especially when you get to having 16+ players. Having 1000 point games that are quicker to play, means that we can get a 4th game in on the day. 

1000 point clash armies are also so much fun to play! There is a lot more to do when designing your list too. Sometimes having 4 or 5 battlegroups is necessary as stretching to a 6th can leave you really spread thin. How many troops will be needed, also ratios of anti-tank and anti-air. It's a complex but fun juggling act. 

We are using the Hawk tournament scoring, but with a slight change to the KP table (which is written for 1500 point games). We have made so that the kill point bonus is not such a huge swing and that doing better on the mission will reward you more. I am hopeful that we wont see many, if any 20-0 scorelines. That's the dream. 

So, the missions. They are standard, without being standard at all. 

We have tried to balance the type of missions played in the day. Objectives, Focal Points and Critical Locations all playing a part, but not too much of each. Also we have tried to ensure that the amount of VP's available in each mission is roughly the same. I think this will help with some disparity in some missions where VP's are too easily available.

Ground Control (corner dep)
Each table quarter is a critical location, scoring VP's in turn 3 and 6 (1 vp for holding a quarter, 0 for contesting) Aircraft can score, infantry in buildings wholly within a quarter score double points
An objective in large hardened building placed centrally.
Maximum VP's available: 10

Take and Extract
The Focal Point is a critical location and scores on turns 2, 4 and 6 (1 vp for most units worth, 0 for contesting).
An objective is placed in a large hardened building in each players half (central and past the quarter line), 
2 objectives are placed either side of the Focal Point in large hardened buildings (along the centreline)
Maximum VP's available: 11

Surging Strike (corner dep)
The 2 neutral Focal Points in large buildings (2 VP for holding, 1 for contesting)
The home and centre Focal Points are in the open (2 VP for holding, 1 for contesting)
Opponents Focal Point is worth an extra VP (3) if you have the most units worth on it
Maximum VP's available: 11

Military Complex
Central objective gives an extra VP for extracting off of the opponents board edge, and gives no bonus for extracting off of your own board edge
Maximum VP's available: 11

We hope players enjoy the missions and we hope to see a good spread of armies do well in each. 
If you have any comments, criticisms or just want to take part let us know

Mike out


  1. I hope I can come to this. I haven't exactly played tons of games, so it's not like I'm desperate to try something new, but this looks very interesting. I was wondering the other day why we don't see more people experimenting and trying different sized games, so it'll be interesting to see how this does on a larger scale.

    1. I'd love to see you there. 1000 points is really fun. Plus I think there will be a few newer players coming too.

    2. Yeah, I'd love to come along. I'll have a look and see where it is / how to get there. Having not played any war games in ages, I'm having a lot of fun playing DZC at these tournaments recently, and joining in the community.

  2. I'm quite tempted... a 1,000pt limit and no real chance of winning does wonders to list-creation creativity.
    Will try to convince friends to come as well, so as not to be scared by all the strangers. ;)

    1. You never know what can happen on the day, some lists will take others by surprise at 1000 points! Hope to see you down!

  3. Not a fan of 1,000 points (but I'm going to try a 1K/4 game event soon anyway), but I'm loving these mission variants! I know you won't mind if I steal one or two (or three) of them for our upcoming June 11th 1,500 point event. Attendance isn't looking great, too many conflicts, new jobs and injuries getting in the way, but hopefully we'll have at least 4 players. Will let you know how the missions are received...

    BTW, have you ever tried our Battlefront scenario? Please do!