Friday, 20 May 2016

Are the Resistance going to run out of vehicles ?

The way I keep losing Gun Wagons probably!!!...

Jokes aside.

I think this is more me, asking you zoners if you are having the same thoughts I'm having. The latest pictures and new experimental units/rules are all variants of other units. I know Hawk has done this across the board with every faction. I feel they are now limited to how much they can expand the Resistance race.

They are probably laughing at me, saying I have no idea and are going to impress the shit out of me.
That's if they read these, they best do. About a year and a half ago David did want to make infantry a bigger part of the game. I believe that would come naturally for the resistance, and it fits in well with the fluff behind them. I'd say that mission is accomplished. I have this feeling the designers are going to have to dig deep into their imagination to bring us something new that fits in.

Here is some of my reasoning, and resistance traits we know, (well what i think)
  • Hovercraft tend to carry light civilian vehicles only - makes sense, is there a weight limit to hovercrafts?. I would like to carry an Alexander into battle on one!!!. 
  • Civilian vehicles, we have cars, vans/wagon, buses, trucks.
  • would like to see some more technicals but I don't think they will bring much to the game. I feel they are slightly lost and not the most desirable units. 
  • Lifthawks carry the heavier loads. 
  • How many more pre-war vehicles could suddenly pop up? Are we stuck with just the Hannibal chasis
  • I think we have enough wagon variants
  • Infantry is in abundance. 
  • I think we have aircraft covered. We have a super vtol jet and helicopters is there room for anymore. Dedicated AA dog fighter maybe? Saying that though, at one of the invasions I had only 1 aircaft in my list. 
I'm having a hard time thinking what other chassis types they can fit with the current transport options. 

I have a few ideas, but its barely a great thought out design or concept.

The new lorry/truck Hawk released in the civilian terrain pack. Now that has potential. You could mount several guns on that chap. It would be great as a flat bed truck. I'm calling it now armour 6 with slightly more hit points than a bus.
Also much more importantly how much does the truck look like Optimus prime? I so want to paint one up. Any of you professional painters out there fancy painting me up one in full Optimus prime glory, feel free and I'll send you a gift of toys back.

The Kraken hovercraft, why is there not a weaponised version. Just like the Barrel Bomber has been retro fitted to take the fight to the scourges face. Even a mini thunderstorm, ha ha that would be crazy. Little generator and a couple of guns. 

I'd also like to see some smaller 3 man assault hovercraft. The ones with the big fans on the back skimming around all over the place. I feel these would be very similar to the Atv's though and would probably be pointless. 

The only way I can see fluff wise that we can get more some more heavy armour in, is later down the line with the allied resistance sided with the UCM. They could produce the newer units off planet, to keep the deal sweet, could this be an option?

I just don't know. 

I guess we will just have to wait and see what joys and wonders Hawk will bring to us. 

Joe out xx


  1. I see the Resistance as having a scavenger/tech cannibals theme. They have taken stuff and made it fit for their purpose. As such there probably is space for a Resistance pimped PHR or shaltari vehicles of some sort (Resistance walkers?)

    1. I could see PHR salvage being in the Resistance much easier than Shaltari vehicles. The way the books describe Shaltari tech is that it's all basically a collapsible circuit that fries everything.

      But I could also see one of the more feral warbands strapping panels of Shaltari vehicles to their tanks and technicals in an effort to fool other warbands into thinking that they had accomplished some mad technological advancement...

    2. Salvaged PHR walkers should be close to impossible since the first PHR short story already described the link between the pilots neural implants and the "ghost in the machine". That's something you can't salvage.

      But I bet the PHR has some sweet goodies for their resistance allies.

      - Ljevid

  2. Re military tech for the resistance.
    If the the tanks we have are designed to be transported by the lifthawks then what military stuff were the Krakens and Leviathans designed to carry? the description for the Kraken says military assault transport, so Im guessing some type of fighting vehicles (surely not the best way to move infantry?)
    Pattern in Holding

  3. There's a great piece of artwork in the book which shows some kind of construction / digging machine, I always thought it would be cool to do new units based on these kind of machines- Wrecking balls for building demo, bulldozers which have crazy high armour to the front and steamroller types which just ram and crush the enemy!! opens up a whole new avenue for unit design.

  4. Below are some ideas that I may of entered in the last design a unit on the forums, if I had found the time.
    -I fancied a trash truck or construction equipment a la Twisted Metal (video game).
    -A kamikaze feral manned rocket, a one time use FM.
    -Adding a MF barrage onto a kraken (organ style)
    -Dogs with trainers
    -mounted outriders, or cowboys as I wanted them. Go the whole way and give them some lasso weapon to use on enemy infantry.
    -a smaller chassis military vehicle that has a small armament that can fit 3 to a lifthawk (new std slot choice?), or borrowing what u said maybe 1 or 2 are light enough for a kraken. In case of the former I was thinking armed Jackson, but in case of the latter something like a humvee, though it would seem very rocket technical like. Could be a cool alternate sculpt.

  5. I would really like to see another standard slot! Maybe some type of Jacksons so you can have a full Lifthawk themed army.

    And as you say, a war rig would be so so so cool!

  6. I agree, a fully airborne list would be great. But i wouldnt want to take an alexander

  7. A blimp commander!

    I think they'd be best adding stuff more stuff in the UCM / PHR allied / Feral style.

  8. I think that going down the "Pick a side" alliance route is probably the best way to go... Allied (UCM), Transhuman (PHR-influenced) and pure Feral (i.e. more bastardized Scourge tech).
    By introducing units through those channels, you give more character to the army construction, rather than making it a choice between command decks.

    1. +1. More speciation within the existing Resser lines would be good. The Salakahn fluff mentions getting cosy with PHR as well, so that opens up the Ferals to get some crazy hybrid PHR tech-enhanced buses, trucks etc.

      And there definitely needs to be more standard slot options. It's nice that Gun Wagon AA is std, and not support, but as Funky Robot mentioned, heavy civil engineering vehicles like bulldozers and dump trucks - modified with more plating and some weapons so that they're approximations of light tanks - would be sweet, and really thematic.

  9. Really good post! I think that a pre-invasion standard choice for a lifthawk would be the best choice. It doesn't have to be that extremely good but just give the option of having an all high tech army.

    Also I think that there should be even more spread between the Feral and Allied or Mad max vs high tech choices. That is some more restriction. It would help further to make the Resistance army feel like two armies.


  10. Great feedback. I am liking the love for the allied/feral split.