Friday, 27 May 2016

More new stuff. Spoiler alert, we're (mostly) happy!

Welcome back friends, to another installment of "Mike and Dan review the new stuff", as you will see we like it. Even better news is that I have even played with one of the new releases already! Now you're excited!

So without further ado, I bring you the Menchit A2, the Firebird and the Corruptor. Dust off your worms people, they are coming back!!

Menchit A2

Well priced, well equipped if a little situational. But all flamers units suffer from being situational. With the Menchit A2 there is some versatility. I love that the Javelin Missiles aren't Alt-1 meaning the A2 can flame you and take out your APC all in one go. I think we will see these in both competitive and casual play. It helps that it is in a support slot as it can be paired with Infantry which is where the original Menchit lacked. Battle-group synergy is a big plus when designing a list. You need squads that work well together within a battlegroup. I could see 4 of these in a Njord supporting 2 squads of Immortals. Very interesting indeed.

The unfortunate downside to the Menchit A2 is that it completely devalues the original. So much so that I doubt it will be seen again.

Dan; Woohooo, the unit that literally nobody was screaming for! Sarcasm A2. Look, no matter how much better the Menchit A2 is than the A1 it won't see the table. PHR don't need flame, and if they really want some all you Cyborg Traitors will be better off having a couple of Flaming Mikelos's. That's not to say I don't like the walker though. Like with the other releases in this wave it errs on the more thematic end of the spectrum; two big fatty rockets = two shots from said big fatty rocket weapon. The rockets also pack a punch demanding of said big fatty rockets, being Devastator 2. 

It's cool! Is cool going to win you games though? Sometimes I suppose (as much as I hate them, the image of Veterans blatting out of a bus is so cool), but in this case not. The A2 has pushed the A1 into an open grave, never to see the light of day again... 
Big fatty rockets are cool though (not too many more though please Dave, the Blunder Wagons are outrageous).


Just what the doctor ordered. This unit is almost perfect. It is delicate with 1dp and A5, but can tank a few shots with E+2 and the standard Shaltari passive save of 5+. This is the type of unit that deserves and should receive the Evasive countermeasures rule (similarly the Falcon) as they are quick nimble aircraft. The weapon seems relatively weak at first glance, but having Devastator 2 really ups it's level. I also really like that it is a proper up-close-and-personal weapon having a range of 6".

It's a perfect hunter of low armoured 2dp units like the Helios/Angelos, Tarantula/Birdeater and Scourge heavies. Even the Screamer will be dealt with in 1 shot on a 4+ to wound!!

I see a lot of potential in this unit, it even makes me consider dusting off my Shaltari to give them a whirl. I think packs of 3-4 will be seen flanking tables near you soon.

Dan; Now this is how you design a 'balanced' unit with an edge! The Thunderbird has always been poor, even after its decent bump to include the E+2 special rule. It's survivable, sure, but it's still a single no thrills E10 shot. Unbelievably I'd rather have a Tomahawk (which are still poor by the way). 

The Firebird, though... Well, boy, this is different. Yes it's only E10 still, and it's 6" range is almost laughable, but it packs Devastator 2 which is all kinds of thrills! These little birds can one shot heavy tanks like Hannibals and Odins on a single 5+ to wound, and all HQ choices will be a little wary of being within 18" of one of these bad boys. Now, they won't turn up in every list, even possibly not in many lists at all due to the cost of everything else within a Shaltari force. There is also a 'gamble' of having them actually influence the game (because of limited shots 3+ Acc shots), but they are a good option, and options is what this game is screaming for to broaden the field of units being played. I'm a fan. More units like this please.


Razorworm, Razorworm, where for art thou Razorworm? Ah I see you, hiding in a womb shaped tube.

This shit just got real!!!
There will be worms everywhere. EVERYWHERE I TELLS YA!!

What do the Scourge struggle with? Focal Points, and ground units in force.
What do they get? More aircraft.........with a difference.

The Corrupter changes everything for Scourge, in an amazing way. First of all it share almost all it's stats with the Reaver, which we all know is a great gunship. Instead of the lances, we get fleshlights Razorworm launchers. The Corrupter can fire 3 bases per game, and the bases have real tangible value. Only a short range which is a great idea, firing worms from a long way is just ridiculous. I love the imagery of a worm pod firing and the worms splatting against the side of a building - it just so happens that this was my first roll for them!!

The potential in the Scourge infantry game is huge now. In games like Targets, Military Complex, Take and Extract,  Secure the Flanks and Recon you can set yourself up for total board control. At the very least it will delay your opponent by a turn while he tries to fight off, or demo his way through the worms. I am glad they made it a Rare choice. It's very sensible. I think if was unlimited it could easily be spammed and could break the game (a little).

The Corrupter will be target for tonight when it is on the board. So make sure you protect it. Minders and/or Ravagers will be very useful. With the Monitors and the Rumours about the Overseer, things are looking up for those of us with a parasite in our brains.

Dan; How strange, how interesting, how very different! The underslung tubes may look like adult pleasure devices, but there would be nothing pleasurable about sticking your Proud And Jolly inside one! 

The Corrupter offers something which is completely unique in DzC at this moment in time; it creates new Infantry for you to use! One of the Scourge's issues for a long while has been contesting focal points in a strong capacity, due to the amount of dropships and aircraft taken and the fragility of ground based units. By having these ditty gunships shoot Razorworms directly into buildings we will be able to contest more or less any focal point we want across the board, which is incredible. 

Unlike flame weapons they are not one trick ponies, and also have their uses in missions types with objectives. In the weirdness of mechanics, Razorworms can sniff out objectives but can't pick them up, so can bring more dice to those important objective rolls but can't run off with them. 
Alternatively just squirt them into a building and become the occupier for a laugh. With the limited amount of worms which can be sprung from their respective cans and the single E9 gun the Corrupter sports, I'm incredibly happy with the balance and unit.


  1. A fair and even review guys. Thank you!
    Cheers Thunder

  2. Nice review as always lads! I'm also very pleased with these new units.

    But as Dario pointed out in the Talon Forum, the corruptor can't inject worms in a building there it already is friendly infantry. Have you guys thought about that..?

    1. Yah, I brought that up, and if you read the last line in the special rules I think you'll be happily surprised...

    2. Ah! I must read the new PDF instead of the old from the Talon Forum! Great and thank you!

  3. Dan, your logic on the A2 makes no sense. You're claiming it's no good and won't see table time... But also is pushing the original Menchit into an open grave. Wouldn't a unit have to actually see game time for it to have a depreciating effect on another unit? If neither Menchit is going to get play time, then the A2 has precisely zero effect on how much the A1 is used... Color me confused.

    1. I'm saying that if I had a choice between a Menchit A1 or 2,it'd definitely be the A2. Whether or not they get played at all is a different topic really.

      At 2k points I might be tempted to take a Menchit, mission depending, and in this case it'd be the A2.

    2. I like Mike's idea of 4 A2s in a Njord. I've seen what a regular Menchit can do to infantry in a building, and four RX-666's will hurt. And with 4 of them, I'm less concerned about their rockets being L-2. Fly them up full Turn 1, disembark them Turn 2 and flame the central buildings Turn 3, then hunker down and shoot any armor that happens to have made it that far, or tries to the rest of the game. They should run out of shots just in time to be bunny-hopped over to a focal point by their Njord. Yeah...

      No, they're not ideal, and may be better suited for higher points games, but it's still a very interesting concept, and not useless.

      However, I am glad now that I've never fully built a Menchit A1... You're right about that, Dan...

  4. Still think the firebird is too good.

    PHR who don't take Helios (me) will get dumpstered by them, and that's a damn shame.

    I guess the problem comes back to PHR AA choices being so limited, but that's still a unit I never want to see, under any circumstances.

    1. I've begun playing with my Athena(s) again, and I must say that the state the game is in now, they are a pretty good choice. They are still High risk/High reward, but the AA-anywhere of them is very useful against units like these (and the Starsprite drones). I used to run 4 Helios and a walk on Phobos. Now I do 2 Helios and an Athena or 4 Helios and no Phobos. Points are tight but if I'm careful with he rest of my army, the Athena SHINES (barring bad Reserve dice, of course).

    2. @Timeless,... Maybe you should take Helios. I understand it's unfortunate to feel like you have to take a unit, but PHR do have the tools for the job. It's hard to be sympathetic when the main reason you don't like an evade unit is that you just don't want to use the right tools to handle it.

  5. Glad to know someone other than me took a look at the Corrupter and thought "Oh look! Fleshlights!"

  6. First prolapse models, now fleshlight guns. I'm growing very worried.

    That said, I dig the corruptor! I think it will be seeing a lot of action with me, especially against the Shaltari and UCM players.

    1. For sure. I absolutely love it. Can't wait to test it out at the expo

  7. I like them all. Good review (well, 5 out of 6 ain't bad...). 8^D