Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Dropfleet Commander Battle Report: PHR vs Shaltari 1000pts

We've taken the liberty of setting Techboy up as a permanent projector, allowing us to share our latest games with all you lovely people out there. His model (the 2000) comes with a tripod for stability, a plug and adaptor (as to not overload the energy supplier, not Techboy; he's the source of all electricity) and even a popcorn machine in the back (just add kernels). We just need to pry his eyes open and jam the content into his data port to begin the projection!

Being shown this week is Mike and Ed taking to the vacuum for their first game of fleeting and dropping in space, Mike with his Shaltari and EN-S with the PHR. Much like the first game this was a 1000 points clash, Take and Hold mission, Column approach.

Since this was recorded we all have a lot more games under our belts, including a three game tournament, and will be recording a special DfC themed pod hopefully* before Christmas!

*Absolutely no promises on this one! It will come, but Santa might not be able to deliver it t your stockings in time


  1. Thx 4 he vbr report, but.....
    Just me, but I prefer to see the game board more (the action) than someone talking directly into the camera. I get enough "talking heads" from the Telly.

    1. For me I think it depends on what you're trying to do and how long you've got. If you're filming the entire game and creating a 2 hour long battle report, then I'd want to see the figures being moved around and all the detail.

      In a ten minute battle report though, the level of detail you'll pick up from a little bit of the board is limited and what makes watching the report interesting (and different to watching any other game) is who is playing it and what they think.

      I would perhaps like to see the talking heads pointing to the different parts of the battlefield so that we can see what they're talking about, but I would like to keep the emphasis on what the players are thinking rather than on the exact positioning of the miniatures.