Wednesday, 11 March 2015

OB Podcast Episode 5: What da FAQ?!

This whole FAQ thing has kicked up quote a sand storm in the desert of the DzC meta, so we decided to take a deeper look into the whole thing! For those who need our thoughts on everything in not only a visual medium (see here!) but an audio one too, this is the podcast for you! Also we have a brand-new-hush-hush-secret to tell you... it might be to do with a show model this year...

We chat both about the general nature of the changes and what we like (and dislike), but also the general implication this could have on our game. In fact it's already having an impact on my game; I now need to find ten points for my Destroyers damnit!

Enjoy, and please like your feedback! Our Motivation Engine runs on your comments after all!

Intro: 0.00.00
Dan actually introduces everyone this time! (ish)

News: 0.02.15
Introduction of FAQ – Nothing too in depth, due to Discussionzone
Actual proper scoop for the OB team, we reveal what this years show only model (available from Salute – Sat April 25th) will be. You'll have to listen to find out

What Are You Playing At?!: 0.14.00
We all talk through current hobby projects. Mike talks his board progress and new additions to his Shaltari, Ed talks about his continuing travails/troubles with PHR. Dan talks new additions to his Scourge and making buildings (ZS edit: The complete and utter frustrations of making certain buildings...)

Discussionzone: 0.53.50
We briefly go over changes for each race; do we like them? is there anything we don’t like? How will this affect the different armies, in both a fluffy and competitive environment?
Flame vs Evasion – This is the change everyone has asked for, but will it really change the amount of flame units played?
Large Units vs Table Edge – The move kind of makes sense, but was it necessary? The units did fit on the board sideways anyway…
Flying Commanders vs Table Quarters and Focal Points – This is huge. Colossal. Gargantuan. MONOLITHIC. That’s a cool word, monolithic. Obviously introduced so people will take the Phoenix and Desolater, is it the right move to make? Will this force us to take more AA in lists, or just adapt with what we have?

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  1. Nice podcast, guys!
    Concerning the big change with Commanders scoring as flyers: I think this might be a hidden boost for fast movers from Hawk as well. Most of them are good against aircraft so they are much more useful now.
    Race specific I see myself using the machine gun battery on the battle buses more frequently.

  2. Good as always! But I'm being confused why you are saying FAQ. Isn't the thread on the Hawk forum a FAQ and the rules updates a Errata? :P

    Anyway, I like the changes but according to the Seraphim I would more have a arc F for the bunker missiles...

    Great to hear about that double decker! But I thought that the special models would be so everyone could use them just like the Escape Pod... But as a Resistance player I really like it and hope to get two if I go to next Invasion.

    1. I'll be honest. We use FAQ because it sounds like f**k. No other reason, we are very childish. You are of course correct it is an errata

  3. Guys, China has a national firewall, you may be deemed anti-revolutionary and therefore blocked.

    1. Viva la revolution!!!
      We need to bust through this firewall. There are a billion people there that need to hear us!

  4. Whahaha Very good as always guy's!
    You are probleby block for the Dan being gay jokes.

    1. Haha thanks, although I'm the Gay one. ;-)

  5. Replies
    1. You're all so greedy! You'll have to wait 2 weeks buddy ;)

    2. I round up. So one week until next release. It is week 11 now so week 12 we will get something from you?

  6. Great pod cast as always, keep'm com'n Sirs.

    I like all the unit/rule changes in the FAQ.
    1st I dig FMs, I aways try to take at least 1.
    2nd-AA I try to take 2.5-3 units of AA, 1/2 unit would be like 1 FM or small scout unit with AA.

    UCM-Rock now, loving the Falcon, tried Scim last night but they got shot off the board before they could fire (3 caimans will do that).
    Scourge-Heavy tanks still suck for the reason you point out (doubled out by S10). As for Corsairs, 4 in 2 squads of 2 for 180pts is the way to go. I'm usually running 6AT + 3AA in a dropship, I love the walker AA but @ 200+ for 3 + transport is soooooo many points. Still taking Destroyers x 2 in a Marauder + APC.

    Shametari- Woo Hoo, they came down from that Crystal Meth high they were on. Warspear 2 DP, what ever, still gets 1 shotted 1/3 time. Totom is th ehidden gem now.

    Resistance-Bike are only really, really good instead of Super.

    PHR-Love the changes, still the static army. I think they can win, but that entails staying in your drop ships for most of the game.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! We'll be chatting PHR problems in the next cast, so keep your eyes peeled!

  7. Great podcast, Guys, thanks!

    I absolutely agree that these changes, while on the surface may seem subtle, really do change the fabric of the game, as Dan said. It will be interesting to see what happens with UCM players, because in my meta there are two guys who are very unsatisfied with the previous potential of their UCM, one guy so much so that he's already sold his army, which is an awful shame. (To be fair, tho, he's selling off a lot of stuff from a lot of different systems to pare down how much he has and to concentrate his hobby (playing) time on X-Wing.) his comment right after the Rules Update came out was that it wasn't enough and that UCM "still suck", in his opinion, but I don't think that's a fair assessment, and it's certainly one that wasn't based on actual list building nor playing. So hopefully he will see an uptick in UCM successes in tournaments, and attitude in online opinions, and come back into the fold, which he has not ruled out.

    I've already crunched up a bunch of PHR and Resistance lists, and in terms of points drops I'm seeing the biggest impact on how much the PHR can now take at 1,500 points. It's actually quite a lot! Resistance will get to see more Veterans, which is as it should be and much needed, again IMHO.

    So, thanks for slaking my thirst for an OB podcast. Looking forward to the next one! (And hoping that a fortnight goes by quickly!...)


    1. Thanks buddy! 2 weeks isn't that long really, hopefully you won't get the shakes.

      Also tell your friend from me that he is a short sighted buffon! UCM are great, and this injection of love makes them so much more viable.