Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beautiful Blotz Buildings Become Board

Hello fellow enthusiasts today I will be showing off my work-in-progress board. The premise behind the board will be for 4 versatile 2'x2' sections. What I mean is, that they can be positioned in multiple ways. This leads me on to my first problem - designing a map, or many maps that will work. The designing of the layout will have to wait though; as I need to buy the roads and lay them out to see where they will go.  
The 4 2'x2' sections will be hardboard with some 20mm thick insulation foam. This will give the board some depth.
A lot of the inspiration has come from GcFlash from the Hawk forum - his board is amazing and you can see it here

For the buildings and roads I will be using Blotz MDF laser cut terrain
If you've listened to the Podcast or use the Facebook Dropzone Commander Community then you've probably heard of Blotz. They are an English company that make a range of things, but what I am most interested in is their 10mm scale terrain. The buildings are really well detailed and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are relatively easy to build and very easy to paint. 

The wonderful thing about Blotz is, if you have an idea for a building they are keen to add to their range, so drop them an email or a Faceache post. 

Below are an array of the buildings I have made and painted so far. 
I need to buy and paint some larger buildings, it's always good to have some variety. 
I have used a card backing for windows as I didn't want to see the inner workings of the structure or to see through it. Some are black and some a shiney bronze colour. 


I used a translucent blue acetate for the hanger roof vents - this gives a nice blue glow inside the hangers

I have also started on the flyovers, Blotz have recently released even more flyover sections and taller stands so I can have multi height flyovers.

Roads will follow, there will be single and double lane sections also some scatter terrain including cars, busses and tress/bushes. Stay tuned to see more progress


  1. Nice info and cool looking Blotz stuff. I'm waiting on my fly overs to arrive from across the pond.

    1. Thanks FM, I really love the flyover bits. They really add another dimension to the game

  2. Looks good! The second picture-building have some kind of weathering-rust feel on the rooftop. I wouldn't mind some info on how you got that effect - I think that gave the best impression (though the rest was also much better than what I ever could produce).

    1. Thanks for the nice comments. The second picture of the grey industrial building is a nice effect and quite a simple procedure. First it was primed, this one was primed in grey from army painter, I painted it Boltgun Metal, washed with Nuln Oil very liberally. Then a very light drybrush of Boltgun metal. For the rusted areas I used Ryza Rust (I think that's its name, it's a GW technical paint) I picked out corner details on the flooring pattern, then used the same paint and drybrushed around the defined areas I had just picked out. Finally used Typhus Corrosion in corners and areas that would be corroded.

      Hope this helps

  3. Looks like a great start!
    I'm going to do a similair project. But with out the foam.
    Will follew your project with interst to see how you do!
    Good luck and have fun!

  4. Hi. These buildings are for 10 mm. Could be useful for 15 mm? Thanks in advance.

    1. I'm not sure they could in honesty, I think they would come up a little small. That said, I'm confident Blotz have a 15mm range!

  5. Thanks for your answer.